This a the La girls the way how dem bleach out met you can never see this young one who is 24 wit 4 kids, 4 fadda without long sleeve her skin is mighty disgusting glad shi lose the weight but why dem hate the color God gi dem suh and this one all shi duh a throw wud on FB how shi pretty and baby father wah her when him nuh stop dun her with mi friend who him deh with good good chin you never see the last son fadda put her up and shi always a fling up him pic damn ediot



12 thoughts on “CAPTION THE LA GIRLS

  1. that’s why in hot hot summer the one name Johvonna always inna long sleeve. This dunce bat gyal stay throwing wud on social media and shi cyaa spell shi a 24 mi hear with 4 pickney and the baby father who shi always a big up tell mi friend seh him 8 hate and a buck up shi breed and seh her body stay real bad fi true that boy stay dissing her to mi good pussy friend

  2. Listen AJ don’t wah dis beating stick gal bare beat him beat her only reason him deh deh a because a roof over him head inna her sister house. See how she post him up fi bday and that nigga don’t ever post he pon social media young and dumb gal real clown big up Chin that’s who have Aj heart

  3. Wtf these bitches UGLYYYYYYYYGG and that one did black as f**k and fat and stay bad well she still stay bad real ugly shit house dem

  4. These things ARE NOT FROM LA, tap tell lie pan LA! Neva see dem in a dance yet or a shop! LA girls are pretty an nuh bleach out or shape suh!

  5. Wendy Williams look better dan di two a dem … omg one a dem look like a botox job gone wrong!! Go check dr miami

  6. By looking at the sight this bitch should thank god for the camera man cuz she don’t look like this in real life I see her many times in party even her make up omg her face come in like when u a melt wax it just a run off the way not hating on her tho but where do that fake fur coat come in… She look like Bigfoot.she need to stay home fa real tho.

  7. La jahv again bitch u need to go on time out yuh pickney dem a south get dem money yet,. Met a from the bitch out yah she stay suh.. Just walk n f**k and as she f**k she breed n fling the pickney dem pon ppl now she dey farrin she worst,only know fi cow dung ppl wid har stay bad self tongue white nuh BC like she have trash..time to be a mother and stop praise the lowlife boy.damn man clown.

  8. Illiterate people stop talking about whose cute and whose ugly. Some of you have no life but to sit a chat peoples business. I feel sorry for you all who do this for a living. We as black women are always putting each other down. Do you see men talking about each? They are only loyal to themselves and their dicks. Wake up why do women keep letting these dogs make a fool out of you? They need to learn manners and respect for women and themselves “Like the song says RESPECT YOURSELF”

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