Suh bobbette gwan from shoplifting to home wrecking now??????….this is one of robbette EX from Jamaica. His wife in was very upset that he drove all the way from philly to come to robbette party…robbette said that the wife is a just a “green card” wife.

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  1. Ok so he drove all the way from Philly to the party ? Sender when did Bobbette date him in Jamaica when she was 10????? Cause bobbette deh America from she very young Facts. Come with something else please cause if he traveled so far it must mean him is interested.. Why that concern you sender??? Stop the lies unnu jump from she being ah scammer an all now dem still ah shop even after unnu talk seh the girl she get things from gone ah jail. I still see them shopping with or without the girl. So now you come with home wrecker cause them ah live dem life. UNNU NEED AH LIFEEEEE WITH UNNU LIES

          1. ____________________________________________ mi nuh know a wha do dem u si dem a talk bout cut check like mi have fi dem kinda check book

    1. Mi agree wid disyah at all, caz at 9..this is a chile..suh it would be that she was molested, even if she was promiscuous then..she was still a chile..nuh agree wid dis at all nuh rite.

  2. all the way,is a bit of a stretch from Philly to BK is like an hour and 15 mins some people drive that every day to work

  3. that probly y she cant get no children. pusci ah mash up from 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

    1. Seet deh!…dem start fuhck from dem yeye deh ah dem knee cap ah mek man sawka sawka out dem vagina til when time dem body start mature, them have all sawta woman problems wid dem vagina, dem womb, dem stomach, etc….mi naah mek nuh bwoy mash up my good good gooood body…no way Jose :hoax2

  4. She was molested by here mad uncle in Jamaica but she f**k other man too. Tricia need fi sen bobbette file out.


    1. if it true she been humping this yute since she a 9 why she posing up with him 2 decades later? she don’t see something wrong with that if he did molest her? our minds no dark. u draws crotches dark and u body odor a sick u man stomach. bitch go bade and wash u dutty draws and come offa ya.

  6. wow….you guys really don’t have a life or a job obviously….ya’ll need to pay Bobbette ‘star girl ” sylvester…this is like a soap opera..she is a movie star and naw get paid. Stop watch her life. nuff a ya’ll used to thief and now all of a sudden ya’ll watching these young women and have shit to say. get a life. now its down to molestation, you guys have nothing else to come with so this is what ya’ll coming with? kmt f**k outta here…she is doing her , go clean ya’ll houses and take care of your children and pay attention to your own messed up lives. met you need fi cut her a check because a she mek your page hot everyday…nuff of ya’ll can’t come to her face with no bull though…she is about that life and nuh back from no gal or boy…straight!!! babs keep shining and keep giving these haters things to talk about…because when them stop that only means you not on….f**k all of ya’ll…team bobbette!!!

  7. @ wow….move yu dutty bloodclot stop give bobbette and batty suck pussy 3sum….Daffy mouth stink like shit. Yes the hate is real for Babbette because she is an infamous criminal and a trouble to society. We hate har and can’t wait for the whole family to be deported . the whole family is consist of nothing but criminal elements!

    1. Dem bombocloth mix up Brooklyn ppl need a f**king life n a job unu lowe out d ppl dem life n d bwoy always look good from him deh ja cz him always a work unu go suck unu madda careless set a ppl

  8. @ met I like that answer….hell carry heat because they are the devil’s advocate. Team Bobette Mi rass. A my friend husband that, my friend gave that guy his green card, she took him out of poverty, because he and his family were living way below poverty level and now batty breath man looking rabbette wants to break up my friend’s home. They were already having problem, so robbette is now adding to the problem. She wants the girl husband to do a 3sum. Poor girl going crazy in philly because we know how wicked and bad rabbette is with the obeah. Rabbette we leaving you to time , you damn homewrecker. Mi did tell Mi friend but she never listen. I know this dreado would be up to no good. Dreado you just proving the people them right. Dreado go home to your wife because you gonna be under surveillance by the FBI.

  9. @bystander….is your shit good? ya’ll all informers and what goes around comes around…a must your batty did a get suck and f**k mek you know so much about her….f**k all of ya’ll. get a life and stay off pink wall….ya’ll stink like shit

  10. Yall need to cut the f**kery why yall bitches wanna brake up people relationship if most of u had a job u wouldnt be trying to f**k people life up thats all u guys do is sit n hate on people life yall never wanna see people doing better unuh always want see people on one level

  11. Only nasty careless life people from Brooklyn keep up this type a f**kery n hate on other people life cuz obviously unuh nuh have a life dah bwoy yah have him things long time so dah sadamite bitch deh weh atalk bout yuh friend take him out a poverty back the f**k up bitch cuz the only reason why u a run off yuh mouth a tru u a look a f**k suck unuh mada n gi di man a brake hatersssss

  12. @bystander you must be a uneducated dark bitch you mad cause I state the truth about Bob’s bitch you mad an hate bobbette so much but hide behind your computer. How u. Know I do. 3sums do you know. Me??? True mi nah cosign with your dark obviously hating ass mi turn lesbian now? You are one of the plp who spread lie you need a 3sum seeing how you love talk bout that ah muss yuh fantasy that. Yes met you need fi pay. Bobs cause unnu deh pon her unnu sad nuh bloodclot cause all unnu do. Is talk bout wah she have from wah she get unnu dark an sad. An. lonely an need. a life.this site just prove how hateful,,grudgeful an badmind PLp can. be met your disclaimer says. No lie but unnu lie everyday. Bob’s liveeeeee the more them talk di better

  13. Bystander look like u ah f**k did Mon cause u really mad boo. Why di wife. Nah talk y u so. Mad? Mine you. nuh vex cause unnu 3sum thing mash up. Cause him want BOB’ you blame Bob’s fi di mon come ah fi har party???? Go blame. Him fi. Leave wife ah yard fi party ah nuh Bob’s fault. Har ting tun up soooooo. An you must. Know Bob’s family is large she have family in places you will never imagine an her. Whole family. Will defend her. So try her. Not. Only her jamaican family har yankee family modd too. Go curse the. Husband for leaving his home low Bob’ mad cause her. Pussy pops n not yourSssssss?!

  14. @whoa the word is bathe an how u know mi crotches darkk??? Yuh muss did ah sniff or go thru mi panty draws. Mi never see ah dark crotch yet so seeing how you know it must be a regular thing going on with you. Go check that out. Unnu heart dark an badmind if Daffy mouth stink y it concern unnu an unnu mussi deh there when she put on the strapon. F**king clowns.

    1. Pussiole a yawd mi come from suh a bade mi sey. bitch go chuck off in a u mumma stretch out battiole and gweh from roun ya u f**kking dirty cunt. roger that mothaf**ka!! facety hoe.

      1. bitch don’t nobody give a flying f***kk about dat teefin ass bum bitch bobby you or her family and friends. Why you so mad though? Dis bitch about to go down and we will laugh out asses off when she does. LOSER!! ha ha DWMFL!!!

  15. @whoa you the mad one up hear venting about a girl that do not know you or even care for you. In Jamaica they speak proper English well the educated ones. An you seem very uneducated cause everything you say has a curse or has something derogatory. I’m gonna tell you this by the way you talk you are a grudgeful unhappy badmind bitch. How you know mi mada batty stretch out ah mussi you stretch it first know seh it stretch. Me nuh deh pon the social media hiding behind computer thuggin what you say don’t make me mad cause you do not know me. So what you say must be only of what you feel of yourself. You praying for someone downfall an you need to pray for yourself cause you badminton an evil boddd just by your typing I see you not that right in the head so I will leave you to GOD or the demons you fight with everyday. Cause no gyal can make me hate them fi no reason like how u hate Bob’s. You lucky hope you have a mother fi suck out wid ah swirly straw

  16. Dread a Bway we love likes robbette look out fits Dat all though u love mind man… dread u should be a shame of ur self u me the gal family demand hate her u is a John crown u left u idiot wife a Philly first come a bobbetteven party only a fool like u would do it…the gal send u you come a foreign and even send for ur jacket pick new we Kim give you MI know that for a fact MI friend Kim talk Dat. .. MI no sorry for the wife she should of never go a Jamaica go married dirty man like you. Dread never had anything a Jamaica except a old Honda aND the China clothes dem… the wife need to find a man weh want her cause MI hear seh she is a nurse why would she worried about dread and bobbette when the two a dem deserve each other cause he love likes and she love to take care of man… nasty dread u should be ashame… the girl family dem sorry for u and u pickney..
    Him hate man like u .. u should a glad if make the wife happy cause weh she do nobody else would do… or is she a dumb bitch

  17. Suck pussy batty man dread love likes him a Dan. Dan nuh stop walk and nyam out the big Oman dem pussy first clothes. Dan mouth cump frat like dawg.

  18. Bitch f**k so much man and yet still cyan have nuh pickney fi are batty man, yes bobby a f**k dread from way back Jamaica days who this long pussy cow tail gyal don’t f**k she have daffy at least him get green card …and tru she want him wife know bout di picture bobby Yuh need fi guh siddung and left suttu husband alone u couldn’t duh nuttn fi do man him woman guh clear a Ja guh married him and bring him a mericka now what more Yuh want bobby Yuh uterus mussi ole or it drop out men u cyaan breed Yuh visit Yuh obhea man suh often why Yuh nuh men him have guh sit over him blood bucket and fix back Yuh uterus suh Yuh can GI daffy di duck a baby fi run up and dung Inna Yuh paradise apartment cause u abs daffy apartment seems to be empty and lack of love notice unno bedroom pic don’t have no fun to it … Yuh 2 nuff now guh sit Yuh rass dung Yuh haffu a mine daffy fi keep him in a Yuh circle , Yuh know how long daffy a look me gimme all number fi call him kmt after me nuh poppy show me love my husband and a week time the money is right when me see him pay check I don’t see eye to eye with non ambitious man like daffy .

  19. Duty opportunist dread from south side him wife name suttu and she’s a nurse him wife don’t short a nuttn a woman whey mek him comfortable dread a dog shit from the very first day dread land off the plane him come a new York come look fine bobbette ,now unno tell me seh him anno do same …suttu darling u have one son mek do likkle dutty buoy dread gwan who to tell him nuh f**k off bobbette since him left ja

  20. Yes to Rass llight fire under nasty dread it tek 2 year for Kim to c her dawta if she never threaten u suk pussy rass she she ago tell immigration say she never sign if her child come here u would not make any effort you go Kim u fi tell immigration him and the nasty wife forge ur signature mi tell u say when u come back weh fi do u have to get ur child a u foot him need fi go try breed the wife or Robbas and get him own pickney I am so happy nasty dread this is just the beginning more to come u gonna bawl like baby when we done with u ass.

  21. I like what I am heading dread is one of the big ass hole mi know he is a pussy for sure how the f**k u and this ugly wife a prevent the girl from see her child u need to breed robbas the wife or the gal a Brooklyn and Philly weh u a f**k u need if come out of my friend in box a beg the gal pussy bitch please me hate dread so much its not even cute… Dread is like a bad cancer u can’t get rid of more comment to follow cause we a go dish it out

  22. Kim need to take her child from dem cause they are doing illegal thing bye forging her signature she need to just live her with her kids Inna merica dread need fi go dead and the so call fat ugly wife aka germs box need if go find a new man cause dread really never want her we all know he used her kudos to him mi fren dawta deh a farrin… She sick me stomach I can’t stand that bitch nor him robbas and she deserve a scumb bag like dread… Mi fren man want her so f**k off nasty dread and give me fren her child and go make u own if u can make any

  23. Yes say met come yah so it fun up this need front page please forward this a front line den two fi gweh man… Mi hate dread the girl just end up with a slime bucket who nuh grow good … Him muma beg like dwag…

    1. Rightttttttttttttttttttttttttt no plate no need fi wash no cobweb fi pull down no dirty panty crotches fi pre treat no ash person/persons or animal a one year now if the muuma no get back di chile YET no badda unnu too disgusting man

  24. They need to leave the girl alone u can bet who a do this is a coward the gal nuh ugly or fat she nicer Dan Kim and robbas combine she smart and educated these are the type of woman that make sense in america the sad thing is she choose dread we all know he never want her we all know he is a scumb but the end of the day that’s who she chose… Mi a tell unnu u guys are the worst…I don’t know y y’all doing this as what the above person say find something to do with y’all life cause this girl is a career woman…

  25. I woke up to a text that they start on the ppl dem only if u guys know dread and is wife is no longer together he left her months ago for another woman he is a womanizer he was her demon unnu never stop till the every end I was browsing on his page just the other day just for confirmation cause me hear seh dem left I notice he married status deleted and watching a video on Dan page and c he no wear his ring. I was over the barber shop with my son and me hear a few man à talk bout him seh a hype him love hype when him come a NY and how him left the wife and one as dem seh mi wish mi get a woman like dat.. Dem seh him love bitches they were dissing him and I was saying to myself he is an ass hole. But as for the comments above she should be happy that the ex wife helped her child god will bless that girl to the fullest and becareful dread because ur day might be around the corner… Kim need a f**king life bout it took her 2 years to c her child u need fi GI god thanks she a get a good life… I can’t stand woman who does shit like this..

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