0 thoughts on “ROSIE LOOKING ROSEY

  1. Looking good is the best revenge, sit back and watching how , the chickens have come home to roost. That smile a seh, he who Laugh last laugh best.

  2. See….ppl cuss pinkwall more while but these are some of the many things that I love about this wall…..Rosie was here on a not so good note wayyyy back…..but she step up har game now and we recognize that and praise her for the change. And now I’m sure she will continue to step out in style and do well because of the negative and positive feedback she has gotten here over the years. Let’s give a hearty round of applause for Rosie’s progress and new sexy look. Mi love it cause she is such a beautiful young woman. Gwaan tru Rosie. And yes….we the Pinkwallers take our credit….Thanks much.

  3. Rosie, really looking good there. She’s truly glowing, glad to see how she remains to stay positive through out all the challenges she’s been through.
    Btw, Rosie you still engaged or that was a prank?

  4. Morning Met, and Netters, Rosie has come long way, but she rose above the obstacles, she looks way better than miss world Yendie, the way to go girl. Looking great is the best revenge. Lol woooiii kill them dead and done with u look good body. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :2thumbup

  5. Rosie yuh look nice and fresh widout a stress. Ah you seh “got-it-going-on”…..doe tek nuh calls from di wicked gyal, sorry mi mean Yendi cah she waan knoe how yuh look suh good….:travel

  6. Me follow har pon IG and the transcormation is awesome. Love how she hold up hard head. Hands downs she have the cutest lil girl pon IG. Yeah

  7. Rosie score big time with Mr Curtis Watson, Cassia Park, rich man. The married man she been stalking since 2013. Keep up the good work rosie. gal get upgraded and do wat she does best.

  8. Shit Rosie, why yu putting up the man business in the public. He is a marrid man. yu doh fraid wifiey dun yu? Raaay, aother one bite tee rosie gud gud You luv the f….y.
    Rosie, yu a breed

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