Dis is dutty #CarleneBlingaz who was trying 2 dun ppl about house in Jamaica couple months ago… but look pon she now… The same old bruk down house in jungle she return back 2 wen she Deh pon holiday.. #CarleneBlingaz fi know sey wen she ah dig hole she fi dig two big 1’s fi her self… If esta never put her up fi live ina England ah da same way she would be living now…




          1. Cannndddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tap it tap it tap it! :sup: :repost2 :ngakak

      1. AGREE! I can’t stand it when people from other Country who have NO idea about Our culture say Ish. This drama with Cheese, I love the way how Cheese mek me laugh, however, I really dont see nothing wrong with the stove Carlene a cook pon, The other day I went home and go country and me aunty HAVE Good Good Up to the time stove however she cook most a the food outside in a the coal pot with coal and wood and Jah know even the rice and peas did sell off.

        1. Nothing nuh wrong if u a do it fi bring back old times but if u haffi set up coal pot everyday in 2014 u nah bingo

          1. Plus di kitchen ina di living room. People at least have an outside kitchen because di soot from the coal stove will blacken the walls in one sitting..Mi si one pot inside and one pot outside so mi pot confused

          2. LOL, Me get your pint Met and DWL at u nah Bingo, Cheese give we nuff new talk….lol

          3. Gas too expensive so it only use early morning and late night .
            Amy assumption that

          4. English Rose dem block outside look like a di regular kitchen area dat..see di scotch brite a grung deh n ting. I cannot knock livity but if she did stay out a di carless argument all dis wudden necessary

          5. lolol…Met yu right..NAH BINGO!

            A nu de stove a de issue a de BRAGGING a de issue. Onu can’t a gwan like onu pass these coal stove stages and bend yu back fi stir pot and a talk bout “BETTA THAN”…don’t do it fi yu at this stage.

            Then yu have de plug pon de coach, one burner plug in in the living room, pon a bench a cook! lololol Donkey face girl save up and buy yu peeps a stove!

          6. Met mi say and a nuh she get deport kmt clothes under table in a bath scouring pad pon the grung , season a cut up in a lap ,hot plate pon home made stool jps stolen light a run tru extension weh Ina the 5 hand setee all them thing deh bun Up

          7. Kitchen inna the living room Metty?..where had my hi glasses?? :hammer :hammer :hammer

        2. Anon, country living a country living. Town people gi yu de impression sey dem a live life…but dah one yah live a England and do vacations a har town yard, and tear dung a one time friend pon video…SHE NU FI A VACATION SO…lololol.

          Coal stove a fi roast breadfruit pon or use when de ress a burna dem INNA HOUSE a use…lololollllllll

        3. Ah dat mi seh tuh…roast breadfruit, roash fish, bammy….mi seh yuh wi nyaam off all yuh finga tip dem

      2. Eye candy u get di grammy fi di best comment eva………beyonstray and rihanna nuh have nutten pon yu one line and u beat dem bad ……….from I was born

  1. Like really she couldn’t send 200 pounds gi dem mek dem buy a stove. N day in day out dem inna dance ah hype. Kmt!

  2. Not siding with Carlene Blingas in any way ( big up yuhself Cheese )…but coal stove mek yuh food taste betta enuh….

      1. Fa real Quen Quen…coal stove mek yuh food taste nice…think of it like using charcoal grill vs. gas grill for barbecuing…but Quena, yeeven know how fe cook much less?

        1. Do they sell them in the BX……if it can cook Arroz con Pollo I’m safe but I’ve mastered brown stew chicken! Bring on the Coal Stove!

    1. Yep! me see dem a sell a cuban shop a Florida…dem international…lol

      But this donkey face gal gwan like sey she above coal stove levels. jah know cooking pon a one burner, on a stool next to de coach/settee funny nu rass. Not even when a hurricane season dat fi gwan…back door fi dat :ngakak

      1. Phantom, all when mi have mi big industrial stove ah burn, I gwine still boom mi coal stove ah weekend time inna mi back yawd…me and mi poopsie loops wid couple alcoholic beverages and some good studio 1 tunes..

        1. Den nu muss mumma…lol People whey nu use to life don’t understand that we mus incorporate every levels inna we life. because she reach a England and a wear and live inna de council box she figet whey she come from.

          A want de name brand wearer dem fi tek notice to…lolol Cause nuff a dem a wear gucci and have fi sleep pon sponge when dem go yaard and hang up de bran dem unda ONU FI REMEMBER WHEY ONU COME FROM AND INVEST THERE!!!!!

        2. Mi had a fren whose parents have a nice 1 acre property in the country, have dem swimming pool, rich Italian mahogany furniture and an amazing house wid all fountain inna foyer, and u know dem ppl chop wood ketch fire, drop a grill pon it and bbq live like dat. I ain’t never seen them use a gas grill. Dem hab dem barn, keep dem chicken fi eggs, rabbits, grow dem veggies and bottle and store fi winter and tings. Di man hab a very successful trucking business and di ppl dem try fi live as natural as possible.

      2. Phantom d I laff so till d I weakKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! :ngakak This bring back d good ole days, bwoy mi miss d days when wi likkle and guh a country a dem time deh use to nice enuh, when wi use to guh mango and crab bush and cook pan wood fire. But put fun and joke a side, nothing nuh wrong if yuh down to earth and run yuh likkle boat pan a coal stove fi conserve likkle gas when yuh a cook peas or have a cook out or something, but nuh fi nuh everyday cooking in dis day and age, no sah, yuh caan a gwaan like yuh shit can mek patty and a hype pan god good ppl and ayuh and yuh family a live suh. She fi do better and buy 1 gas stove gi d ppl dem, or like how a thiefing light dem a use she nuh buy 1 likkle electric stove gi dem, if dem cant manage fi buy d gas then. yuh think a easy wuk fi light coal stove or wood fire, and fi fan fire ??!! :ngakak

        1. Das y mi say she need a kitchen because di mount a smoke it haffi smoke fus before it ketch sometimes..I was just about fi comment over here because mi jus a realize se is really a one burner hotplate :tkp

  3. Smh. Anyway the sender mussi just a try say the way how she gwaan and a done people bout dem no live no where, she/her people dem nuh suppose to a cook pon coal stove and hot plate pon a daily basis. As for the “cultural differences” cited by Anonymous up top, that is a common occurrence where certain people are concerned so we just have to see with them. Just expect the usual responses.

  4. u c ometimes a hw u hype an gwaan …..if a did cheese dem put up wid dem pictha deh ppl wudda more undastan but wid all dat hype u fi do betta……….u caaannnn a bling n nah swing…..a dat mi she……..leave dem deh kine a livin to me weh caaannnn even stop a stale bread cart an buy a slice

    1. she mussi cut it up pan her big flat foot! yuh nuh see her foot bottom tough enough fi chop all deer meat!
      heyyyyy cheese come fi yuh escapee dem pleaaaaaase!!!

    2. loolol…all basket a clothes stack unda de glass,dinette table. lolol. ONU MUST NOT SHOW OFF IT ONGLE BRING DISGRACE.

        1. Mi met poor mi see if the fish did keep her rass mouth shut all a this wouldn’t a reach her !!!! Bout bling she blinking. Wutless a that

  5. i agree that coal cooking food taste best!

    but i wouldnt eat that shit because look where she ah cut up the seasoning. right inna her lap smh :cool

  6. she need fi remove da blingaz from outa har name DAT name don’t fit she non atall tuh bloodkleet no sah dwlllll uno ah hype ah dance n ah suh uno live ah yard DAT nuh make it Not!!!!

  7. And di next pot outside a grung.Quena have all right fi ask if it sanitary not even piece a zinc fi seal di pot from dust etc..Carlene u need a kitchen bad bad

    1. She name Carlene_Coalstove going forward.

      Met, all if a out a door dem could a set up one counta top man…wood may cost bout de same has that cheap ass lace front she have on inna video a disrespect cheese.

      1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Di way she sidung neatly a cut up seasoning it look like all if she have a counter she a go do di same

        1. Anuh lie Met she look like she a cut up de seasoning dem ina har lap wid a bungle a pride n joy
          Mi mumma looool

          1. A bungle & container full of pride she have in a that coz the way how she face camera in all the pic dem, a nuh must she ask smaddy fi tek photo.

            Ain’t this the woman who swear in the video seh she “pretty”? So we must know that she is delusional – she probably all a tell people she go yard, rent villa and have chef cook fi ar.

            Like many have said, it’s not coal stove cooking that we a frownce pon – it’s the Chaka Chaka, unhygienic, health hazard, settlement environment and her hype, show off, run down others and act like you have it all attitude that is the real issue here!

        2. lololol…counter top foreign to har way of life.

          *apologies to whom ever house she inna BUT she fi start invest inna de house/yard since a de she rest when she come home.

      2. She nuh need not a wood, some bamboo is all dem need, and bamboo well plenty a bush, and naturally anti-bacterial. Set u a bamboo stand and a likkle work area man, a place fi tun dung di clean dishes and tings. Man a grine u out and can’t even nail up a likkle stand fi give u likkle comfort inna u life. A hope she cooking dat fish fi feed harself cause if a really man shi a cook it fah as smaddy suggested upthread, den dats a damn shame.

  8. met u nah bingo this is the 2014 talk love it dem must mek cheese and shebada link up met yuh funny as hell wid the nah bingo 2014 talk cooking inna living room and ketch up hair yuh nah bingo jamaicans money nuh funny lol dwl

  9. met shi really look lean like the number 8 bus from spanish town road to town only a real kingstonian whey go a market on a saturday really know the eight bus dem ever full and lean just like carlene and karen lol dwl number eight bus naaaahhhhhh bingo.

      1. See how yu stay tho is alright is a bath pan a dutty clothes big up Carleem with her all in a 1 living .

  10. To be honest I never really liked Carlene, don’t know her well, but she “tried” to disrespect someone I knew a few years back. In regards to this picture. I NEVER hear her bragging about what she have back home before, and the person she put on blast earlier this year was bragging that the house was his and it wasn’t! Thats why she could open her mouth in the first place! They should all stop hype, if you got it you don’t need to brag bout it!!

    *Chocolate Dream*

  11. I don’t know who this girl is in the picture. But, unno harsh massa. Anyway, to me it look as if di girl live inna one tenement yard so she nuh have di space and, a work with what she hab. So mi nah go done har, since being poor is neither a crime nor anyting to be ashame off. Plus, look pan di girl pot and cold stove how dem clean and even the little place don’t seem cluttered.

    P.S. now di dance hall antics and comment attributed to her mi nuh pree dem things dere, I am not in that world. But more important, we all know mouth mek fi talk and all kinds of things come out hah it. Sometime yuh hab big lie, small lie and half truth that just seems to pop out – so maybe to har fi har little place shi call home come like any palace and maybe shi exercise a little artistic license in describing har place.

    Stay bless all.

    1. She live a England. When you migrate you fi remember where you come from and help dem fi progress to. Whey spend a dancehall can mek up kitchen or buy a stove all in one month…dancehall living expensive.

  12. Mussu die!!! Bambammm bam bam dieeeee!!! Karen dieee!! Carleneeeee yuh juss deadddd dieeeeeeee!!! Big up cheese yuh kill dem an Dunn dem Nuh up up dem nawhhh bingo…. Dem lean like 8 buss.


  13. Den di slippaz a size 7 an di foots are a 10…..HYPE girl, mi a come sample di dutchie!!!

  14. Unu miss one important element….my girl ah beat ah splif while she ah stir coal stove…ah she seh everyting haffe bun :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

  15. shi a cook her man king fish met which one a cheese talk ah the baddest pussy nuh done suh bring the cocky come, kick come out a mi shadow, lean like 8 bus, die bitch and yuh nah bingo mi show mi christian aunty whey nuh like these things and shi laugh until shi cry she seh she know for a fact eight bus lean and shi love the kick come outa mi shadow lol lol wi watch these video at least ten time

  16. Lol blingas a nah cook out go hun u a settle fi the pressure cooker me belly u stay bad with dem catch up deh a the frinsbury park £8 tight suit dem u dun wap wap lol

  17. Cheese slang gone a lead all busy signal a use it wap wap wap yes cheese charge anyone a dem weh put it inna no song cheese

  18. Moral ah di story – When Cheese ah talk nuh buy out di argument….all wen shi call yuh name act like ah nuh you. Cheese mek di grave digger dem look like dem nah try….cah shi bury dem deeeep.

    1. Act like ah nuh you :hammer :hammer ..ah dem time den mi nuh know nutten nor nuhbody name Cheese…alla who Cheese ah dun probably ah laugh tuh, di way how she funny :ngakak

      1. “alla who Cheese ah dun probably ah laugh tuh, di way how she funny”
        ^^^^ this

        “all wen shi call yuh name act like ah nuh you.”
        ^^^ this

        As sanitary as an unwashed Jamaican cock down your throat”
        ^^^^ and this
        :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        Met Night…. Metters Night…..

  19. Met, yuh nuh see mi did comment say dis gal a cuss chesse bout she grudge dem fi clothes, and a house and land mi did a listen fi she trace her she she grudge her fa, what a way my thinking ambitious!, house and land and car when dis gal can move up from coal stove and hot plate, god know oonu don’t kill mi!, if I laugh I dead tiddeh, she must cuss no one!, I repeat, no one!

  20. Met one load a waste gal deh a South London cause the same Bernard weh cheese a talk about a him did married to Candy leave her high and dry with a restraining order weh she cah go near him and dem say a Bernard f**k bam bam a do her breast a deh so make the breast story come up up blingas and cheese use to take the same man back in the days and the crack head mix race boy weh bam bam breed for married and never tell her and him wife beat bambam musu go a old Kent road a fro can obeah church go tie burglar and mash up him and Rosie and send Rosie inna church blingas cheese do up blingas son and call him fish cause him act like a gal none a dem not even ago college and dem sit on the benefit money dem worthless like

  21. Some ppl seh dem neva use coal stove …but dem wah ppl believe seh dem use gas…if unu cah buy coal how di hell unu buy gas….girl could wid weh u have ………

  22. I nah knock a soul enuh, cause tideh fi u, tomorrow fi me, suh meck mi be as diplomatic as possible. A muss circumstances bring har yasso, cause all hot plate nawmally inna kitchen, but dis place nuh look like it hab any unit wah name kitchen. Dat hot plate is a fire hazard, all wid di surge protector on di sofa, unno can at least practice fire safety man. if unno haffi hab a setup like dis, at least invest in a box a baking soda fi keep at hand in case fire start.

    Dis setup remind mi a di tenement mi parents did eena back in di seventies, fridge inna living room and all dem tings, at least dese ppl hab tile floor, we did hab di wood wah haffi Genie every satday, but we actually had a kitchen unit ; a guess as tings change dem remain di same.

  23. Blingas deactivate her page on FB yes it name karma bitch do t run in a people business what don’t concern u leave it alone

  24. Met carlene and da whole of da mad ants crew ah use dem money from university dem guh st patricks college in England, dem nuh need no grades, dem jus sign up and and get 3 thousand English pound every 4 months dats what dem use ah go Jamaica, do dem breast and now dem finally buy dem clothes, mi nuh laugh.

    suh why she never use da university money and rent one big apartment?

  25. Every baddy a talk bout country ppl use wood fire and coal stove town ppl use it too wat happen to the poor ghetto ppl dem weh deh a town….dem gyall yah love to hype inna dance dem bruck nuhh rass dem walk up an dung and do shop lifting d ppl dem tiad a dem no dance nuhh miss dem and dem talk up inna video light d way how dem gyall ya gwaan dem shouldn’t a cook outta door pon coal stove an one burner hot plate if u choose fi cook outta door at least the back yard fi clean an look up to date

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