1. Lol @Bev…… Same ting mi seh to misself, caw mi cudden undastan why senda was so concerned bout di breeding

  1. Bev stop hot up the woman head because all daffy nichie a f**k so a can fi him pickney to yes bobbeth a no you one daffy a f**k nichie been a f**k daffy years now she play side f**k role good

  2. Penny did ah f**k her too, she been ah f**k Daffy, we all know bout Jr. Hennessy so at this point anyone can be the daddy fi dat belly, and Sender Niche nain did ah hide her belly, she said it via her IG name. (i think she naming the bby Sage) NEXXXTTTTT! oh BTW Auntie Metty I soon inbox yuh
    :kiss :kiss

  3. @2:55 a who she put up say a the father because her name is she boom on IG and them a say boom name a call so it look like say she a say a boom own then

  4. She go all the party them in miami not only boom boat ride but looking at her IG page she did a promote hard fi boom so it look kinda iffy junior Hennessey be care nuff man name a call up lol

  5. Nichie instyle walk and f**k everything I am not surprised with the raffling on her belly nichie this no look good this needs Maury asap

  6. That’s why I don’t grudge them so call dancehall celebrities in dancehall because they are just a set a fake posers , nichie did you move out the furnish room yet ? And how you a f**k so much man and a breed all them man name weh a call need help because none a you have f**king sense from junior Hennessey , daffy , boom , Ian shy shy, penny , the anonymous man that live in long island all a you are scumbags

  7. Wait me a read up a top and 1 Metter say she confirmed the pregnancy via her IG name she have a daughter already I think, so maybe that’s her daughters name but anyway niche this no look good so much man name a call up I guess when baby born I will be watching Maury show because I take it you need to give Maury a call rotfl

    1. She has a son, for a guy weh she did ah hide and tek, a hairdresser girl name Jacky or Julette, and Niche go as far as name her son like how the woman did name her daughter, She’s a long time home wrecker

  8. DH ah one cesspool ah nastiness cause everybody ah sleep wid one another, cause Hennessy ah f**k sexyluv Keri now him use to be with Nichie who now allegedly breed fi boom.. She did ah f**k Daffy, shy shy penny and whoever else. No sah dis nah good non tall it nah look good

  9. Boom a one nasty filthy dutty man fi really breed nichie me look pon him different and nichie word of advice this kinda raffle fi who breed you not in style , boom you love hype and dance hall until you breed the worst shit house in there keep it up your doing very well me did know a him breed har or a him she a give the belly from me see she change har name on IG to sheboom

  10. Boom seems to be f**king everything in dancehall now him a the new dancehall clean up now him breed nichie boom you living dangerously man be careful dancehall full up a aids mark my words if you can’t be good be careful boom me did think you smarter than this you go breed the lowest of the low look how much name a call and me hear say she a tell people say a your own you better pray a no yours because it no look good fi a big man like you a mix them way and this is from a man point everybody f**k har nobody nah breed that you mad

  11. Boom mentally sick him f**k anything because a smart man don’t move like him a hustler now him tun promoter boom that a no a wise move

  12. Yuh nah see dem man yah belly trang cause how him fi breed Nibhie of all ppl but ah long time dem sey him and her ah f**k boom ah one big clown man ah suh desperate him desperate fi pussy and baby yuckkk boom stop walk and f**k bout yuh play ah dangerous game

  13. 1:36 I don’t want to say to much but take it from me I know all boom baby mother them he is disgusting him shouldn’t even a f**k nichie much less fi breed har him a live very dangerous him need fi slow down

  14. Nichie ah one big ole freak and Boom love freaky nasty gal pussy does control boom him have nothing bout him when it comes to pussy him will f**k anything how him ah sleep with so much gal without condom dis yah man wutless and disgusting boom not good looking and Nichie not good looking lawd Gawd dem deserve each other

  15. Boy….boom you f**k up bad this time you mean to tell me say
    You have a elegant nice and pretty lady that live in…. She have her good good
    Business she work hard…and you turn around and f**k dog nichie u gone to the dogs
    Let me call my friend and tell her know.. Boom you are nothing I lost all respect for you go hide you cow face nasty man…

    F**K nastiness she f**k more than man she is just like her dutty mumma
    F*k like dog and have 7 pickney fi 7 different man nichie u a crosses dutty gal
    Dutty big family boom mi lose off a u you nasty

  17. BOOM u walk and tell u gal them how u babymother wicked
    But trust and believe me you don’t see wicked
    Yet if u breed deh NASTY gal deh mi sorry fi u my
    Child can’t associate with deh nastiness gal you have something
    Coming to you boom not even a letter you could send through the mail
    Pussy hole when mi dun with u in this country watch and see you nah go have any money to mind that dutty shit pit bitch believe me bloodclot nasty boom

    THING FI YOU SELF nichie you must did think say him have money cause
    That all she want boom you stupid you pick and pick until you pick up a big stinking
    Pice a shit pit this gal don’t even have a proper ID you left u good woman
    If a big stinking pit Man U fool

  19. Nichie you and boom belong him love to f*** in the batty and you love to take it in your ass nasty BOOM

  20. The baby mother that boom is saying is wicked is me friend a things like this she argue with him about she no do him no wickedness a him a the wicked when him sick she dey fi him when him broke she dey fi him same way you guys please don’t stay over here and blame the baby mother me can’t say much but if only you guys know how much that girl put up with you guys would be sorry for her trust me boom is just a nasty dutty man the girl no wicked a him wicked and fi the woman wey claim she live in with him mine aids because him a clean up the place.

  21. Mr Boom bastick you need to control your gastick before yuh end up inna casket DWL yuh too wutless Mi feel sorry fi you now SMH nuff man f**k dat but nobody nah breed dat only you mi loose respect fi you yuh land str888t inna di shit house with dis one

  22. @8:34 stop it paula a big woman she shouldn’t be in this me and paula use to be cool she have self esteem problem me know that personally she walk and mine man and she and boom don’t live don’t get me started if you ago talk don’t lie because me know paula personally she use to do me hair and dont make me start dash out the file because me know everything she fi go take care a har grand kids them a stop run dun and spend pon dutty cocky

  23. Boom is a jackass cause dem kind ah gyal yah you hide and f**k and strap up very good cause once you slip it’s over she must tink say Boom ah bank cause she surely ah look ah man fi mind har she must tink say she hit jackpot bwoy boom you really go all out Pon dis one how you so stupid and dumb me nah lie yuh shock mi cause I tought you was more sensible and decent smh

  24. The person up top that say she is a baby mother a 2 baby mother know about this so far according to what my friend told me and neither 1 a them not coming over her to comment I am sure of that so which 1 a the baby mamma are you because boom bad so me and friends and the other baby mother a wonder a who man bad sometime so just curious if you are 1 a the hidden baby mother or a 1 weh know ?

  25. How boom baby mother Nicky coping with all a this. Nicky is no saint either. Nicky f**k man pon boom under the quiet and boom find out that’s why him lef har, Boom not doing anything different than what a regular man out there doing . People need to mind there own business .

  26. Yessa stop talk what you don’t know this is not about nicky and you don’t know anything so come off jmg and no call the gal name look like you a 1 a them weh a suck boom hood nicky no see you why you see she ?

  27. Insider this is not about boom either. Dem a talk bout nichie so stay on the topic. If Nicky Neva allow this then it wouldn’t happen. If she never introduce boom to all the 3 some dem him wouldn’t want sleep around so. Nicky is just one of his baby mom so what’s your point. For the record they are not together anymore so he can sleep with whoever

  28. Did nicky do a 3 some with you yessa? I am sure she didn’t so stop talk pon hear say nicky is doing great sleeping well you ask how she coping so that’s your answer , when people don’t know people bizness them speculate me know my friend very well so me no need to prove nothing to you by

  29. Did nicky do a 3 some with you yessa? I am sure she didn’t so stop talk pon hear say nicky is doing great sleeping well you ask how she coping so that’s your answer , when people don’t know people bizness them speculate me know my friend very well so me no need to prove nothing to you by

  30. Insider Nicky is not doing well am sure she is logging on everyday because she still want boom..but boom move har up

  31. I am nicky family and Insider I am sure you are one a nicky friend but I am sure she don’t want you commenting over here , please stop

  32. All of y’all need to stop watch boom business unno sit on the man name
    Come off his name any body that really know boom know that
    Him DON’T want nasty nichie just like how him f*** all a unno and don’t want unno
    Come off a the man name and go suck unno madda all who a talk unno either get f**k and left are him don’t want unno no more unno disgusting bitches don’t have a life stop call up call up the man name some of unno need fi go look fi unno man are go find one
    Dutty pussy bitches no life’s dogs go find something to do stop all up the man baby mother name them and other people name… The bitch that started this is lonely and stress in her own life she must want boom and can’t get him unno make the man look bad but remember that’s a man the bitches still want and running after him don’t let because you are hurt uvdrag everyone else in your bullshit leave boom name out unno stinking mouth unno need fi stop .. Boom it’s ur dick one pussy kill cocky as for all the haters stop him don’t want unno … And as fi you dutty stinking nichie trust and believe this boom don’t want you u get a little run you should have enjoyed it because your time is up
    You are not getting anything notthing from boom … You must of taught you struck a gold lol

  33. Dutty stinking “TASHY BASHY” stop call up people name because you didn’t get to f**k boom you mad nastiness welfare tashy you mouth stink like dog keep boom name out of it you should take time to get your life together instead you still meddling in other peoples business you man a walk and tell people how you beat your grandmother in the house and throw out stuff out the house wicked gal . Bad mind bitch you are jealous over boom that’s why you jump and a go keep boat ride get a life dutty whoring bitch Chris tired of you the man say that you beat you grandmother and are evil TASHY you dun leave boom name out of your mouth shit house mix-up I hope you had went and got some new underwear

  34. Any body that knows boom know that he does not want
    Nichie her time is up big Yard dutty family gal nichie
    You must have taught that you hit a gold mine

  35. Boom don’t own up none of dem gyal ya weh him a f**k. The only person him used to own was his baby mother Nicky. Boom don’t want any of these gals. Especially nichie . People need to come off di man name cause him do what every jamaican man out there doing which is sleeping around. So what is the big deal.

  36. A weh do some
    a them dutty gal yah unno love call up ppl name don’t
    Every body have a past some a unno can’t talk unno dutty like shit
    Go suck unno maddaaaaass!!!!!!!!! Big pussy bitches leave the man name out a unno
    F**king alligator mouth him don’t want none a unno ..unno wait for something fi say weh unno want cause unno can’t say it to him face

  37. I can understand you guys coming over here and defending boom but to say his behavior is normal is another thing , a woman like whoever a defend him make man think it’s ok to cheat and treat woman like trash, if him name really a call on all the female them that I here him name call on he is sick and boom this is not normal behavior whoever telling you that this kind of behavior is normal is just as sick as you or even worse

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