Today Earl Witter was summoned to testify about the letter he allegedly got from prosecution witness . The letter is said to contain evidence that Chow said that he had been forced to give a statement by the police. The case is being adjourned and Witter asked to present the letter to the Majestrate tomorrow where a forensic and handwriting expert will be expected to assess the letter.

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  1. I have a few problems with Earl Witter. And at the end of this case he needs to face a lawyers ethics commitee , be sanctioned and disbarred and loose his licence to practice law .

    because A. if weed really gave him that letter , how did kartel and his cronnies that he call lawyers get it ? what weed told Earl woulda been confidential , attourney client privlege . not even the government can compell a attourney to disclose what their client told them in confidence . its called a conflict of intrest . even if the attourney decided not to represent the client he cannot under no circumstance divulge anny information . because he risks censure ,facing a ethics commitee getting disbarred ,

    its just as i have said in the past, earl witter get a bag of tesha miller gun man fren off gun charges in the past . and he has been leaking information to kartel . its time people took a look into the practices of earl and see how far this rabbit hole goes

  2. Met……earl tell Valerie,Valerie tell kartel then tek wey arself outta the big dutty mixup….auntie say since unno a talk,talk every bloodclaat thing cah mi get a page,an when mi done read it mi visualize mi euology….big dutty luff……shorty mi suggest what u suppose to do already…..dutty kartel shi fowl…..

  3. 3 world justice is a rass mi a gwaan watch the case MET mi huh have nutten fi sey..Him can get way inna dat dey nasty system wha dem have dung dey but him can’t get way from karma..

  4. Mi say Met if u Eva know whey mi 3rd eye a show mi fi da trial here smh
    I believe very word Weed a say bout wat happen but I also believe he did not intend to testify against him boss in the first place n was directed as a strategical plot to send Witter the letter. Ahhh sahhhhhh corruption stink yasso

    1. I dont know when police get fi force weed and as kartel lock up di whole a di business touch road because weed did a chat dem too wicked all di one earl witter him

  5. Chutes….mi say….mi can manage……that’s y auntie talk bout di letter……cah she want to live in peace…..u no si the fuss case the witness go traight uppa dem office go tell them low mi..cah di witness stand gonna ave me fall six foot six…Jay..u si you……..bout boss…all now u fail to c how u boss treat workers….

      1. Met I sent you two items, did you receive them? Don’t disclose one of them for security reasons…………OBVIOUSLY

  6. Good evenin met an all…been loving this site for a while but never comment tii u si when….Shi foul…dutty kartel….respect all di eye openers…

  7. the cops too wicked where is the video lol oh forgot there is no video . what about the next 6 dead body they wanted to charge the boss for . freedom is a must .

  8. Kartel naw walk….& if he does him naw live long ….now I’m not God bit it’s very obbious one of the two WILL happen

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