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KINGSTON, Jamaica — Defence attorney Tamika Harris in the Vybz Kartel murder trial Monday accused the key prosecution witness of making up the evidence against the entertainer and his four co-accused.

The accusation came as the lawyer pointed out to the witness that certain things he testified to in court were not placed in his initial statement to the police.


He however denied any suggestion of lying.

The lawyer also suggested to the witness that he did not see Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams at the house in Havendale where the alleged killing occurred, because he was outside taking Kartel to the hospital for a dog bite.

That suggestion was also strongly denied by the witness.

The witness concluded his day on the stand. The matter continues tomorrow.

Kartel and four others, entertainer Shawn Campbell, popularly known as Shawn Storm, André St John, Shane Williams and Kahira Jones are on trial for the 2011 murder of Williams.

Harris is representing St John.

–Paul Henry

0 thoughts on “DEM LAWYER YERE SICK

  1. I dont know how these lawyers sleep at night. they dont care about the truth as long as they get their money from kartel and tesha . so we are to believe that weed make up forenzic evidence as well as blood evidence , and he burn down kartel house just to frame the bleacha . they really take ppl for fool

  2. Pathetic!! Can you imagine how many murderers are on the streets because of these lawyers??? First one lawyer suggested that the witness wasn’t at the house now a next lawyer is stating that he was in fact at the house but not inside. The fact of the matter is that the witness testimony was so overwhelmingly damming that cannot build any arguments to counter it.

  3. I meant to say that they cannot counter it. … Hopefully those Lawyers say a word of prayer each night they go to bed.

  4. Let’s not be too harsh on these Lawyers. It is their job to mek up story fi save dem client. However, they for the most part, are scum of the earth. I don’t see how they plan to make this work if each lawyer presents conflicting scenarios. Just Crazy. A ongle hope di jury nah sleep.

  5. The prosecution is too hateful of kartel they have no case and they know it if they had just waited till the right time he would have hung himself. Ppl know hes has blood on his hands but its they way they’re out too get him

  6. Jamaica courthouse a di last place mi wudda look fi even a ounce a justice….I care zero weh judge are jury seh, mi dun find him an his henchmen guilty kmft.

  7. dem lawyer yah nuh easy thats y when u some tings happen to some ppl pickney …u cah seh nutten cah dah lawyer just and wll know di man kill and they dont care if kartel go a road go dead …..dem just wah get pay

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