KINGSTON, Jamaica — Vybz Kartel’s attorney is to decide this morning whether to close his case today after calling a number of witnesses including a handwriting expert.

Tom Tavares-Finson, who appears along with son Chris for the artiste, told the Home Circuit Court Monday that he would have closed his case then but that he needed time to peruse a document that had been sent to him late in the day.

Vybz Kartel, whose name is Adidja Palmer, had called his sister as character witnesses and handwriting expert Karl Major, a retired senior superintendent of police.

The entertainer also gave unsworn evidence from the prisoners’ dock that he was not involved in the murder of friend Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams for which he, along with Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John, Kahira Jones and Shane Williams are being tried.

After the closing of Kartel’s case Campbell is expected to open his case with the calling of character witnesses.

Williams is believed to have been beaten to death at a house on Swallowfield Avenue in Havendale, St Andrew, on the evening of August 16, 2011. He was reportedly beaten to death over the disappearance of two illegal guns.

Paul Henry


    1. Not likely. However the thought amongst law personnel is that the length of deliberation dictates the verdict, the longer they take to deliberate is seen as good news for the defendants.

  1. The question on everyone lips though is why didn’t the defense call their 2 star witnesses to the stand, the philipots martin dude to show the jury how the text messages, bbms, voice notes could have been tampered with. Then call gaza slim to testify under oath the circumstances in which she was robbed by Lizard. Those two persons would’ve done a “very good” job for kartel and his friends.

  2. Bless Metters.

    I man a watch the thing weh a gwaan. The youth guilty in my opinion, but the way the thing shape up dem mighta end up walk.

    This one can go either way. We gotta remember that more than 90% of murder cases in Jamaica goes on unsolved.

    Remember when the video showed the rasta being killed by the police (on the basis of self-defence). Even with that evidence, the cop still walked. Plus the jury like most Jamaican’s are always suspecting of how the JCF conducts investigations – it might backfire on the prosecution.

    Justice in Jamaica is tall order. Processes aren’t as structured as they need to be. Lotta placeholders/incompetent people in important positions in all areas of Government including national security.

    1. To be fair, in the UK no police has been found guilty of murdering a member of the public…even if they “technically” have. No nation is quick to convict a cop of killing a member of the public, whatever the levels of corruption.

  3. Finson is just trying to confuse the jury’s with strategy but if the jury’s in contact with everything I meet to say no more, laying down motionless , the voice notes, text message rtc. There is a Life to be accounted for.

  4. Whoever a tweet from @iamthekartel sound sure bout it already ..
    Idk if a illusion delusion or what … Idk I’m def ready for the verdict
    This case have mi head in a circles I don’t know wa do believe from what not to
    I couldn’t be in the jury mi woulda quit jury duty

  5. A The most high a try Kartel so one way or the other he has to pay ………..even if he gets off he gets off and goes on the street ….he would wish he was locked up

  6. Defence, if Karthell neva have nuttin fi hide n him such a brite bwoy whe all pass English in CXC why him neva tek di stand to state him case n be cross-examined. Di whole a dem guilty as HELL

    1. no bright him bright and “intelligence” …………….so because of that he is “innocent”……and u see because the police in Jamaica love to plot against “ghetto youth” they should release him

  7. @ anon 2:19…..sameting mi bin a seh….di squad weh guh fi kartel an him goons is a killa squad weh known fi rubbout trouble meckaz, suh if Bigga ford dem did hate kartel to di extent weh him an his lawyers a seh dem cudda easily slap him weh an get weh wid it to, a nuff don dead a yaad bulby, hagart, etc. etc. an nobody is a 100% sure a who kill dem all wi can duh a speculate suh kartel wud jus add to dat list, das why mi naa buy di conspiracy theory finson a try sell….notice dem a bawl seh a set up but cyaa establish a motive all now! dis verdict won’t shock me which eva way it turn out cuz mi dun convict him aready lol

  8. Da ppl tiad ah di devil philosophy yeah lock up him claat dash weh da key too much evidence pon da table guiltyyyy as charge old evil how u fi kill u own fren doh make him see daylite again

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