Good morning Met,

Just walking on UWI campus and see Amita. What a girl look like she a tek coke!! I don’t know her personally but I’ve only seen her on campus a few times and on tv all made up and she looks horrible – worst than I’ve ever seen her. Her friends and family may need to find out what’s going with her because something nuh look right at all. Har face look mawga down and suck out and dark circles round her eyes. I know people tend to lose weight when they have a baby especially if they breast feeding but my goodness man. If is the child a mek she look tired and pop dung suh, she need to get some help man. Weh har baby daddy who always a put up cute pics wid him child?? Somebody please rescue Amita!

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  1. poor thing

    seems to be a good mom

    it is tiring working, school and taking care of a young child by yourself

    she prob doesnt get enough sleep, water, not taking care of her body , running on red bull and coffee

    she dont have family or friends to help out ?

    ASAFA help out yah babymoms – dont be an asshole

  2. dem wicked! The girl look good! and i commend her for all her struggles! A pray God send a dose of blessing on her! keep you head up girl!

  3. This is a lie I see Amita everyday at UWI she’s in all my classes we do the same major(Banking and Finance) and she looks perfectly fine to me, honestly I don’t see anything wrong with her but I guess everyone has different perceptions.

  4. Sender, I hope u r not expecting to see her perfectly made-up every day. Maybe she dresses down for school and will in no way look like the pics or tv person we see.

  5. Amita gwan do your thing!!!!!! Keep on being the best single mother you can be and show them what hard work is all about

    1. Add to the fact that studying and doing papers is time consuming. I’m a student an I operate on less than 25 hours of sleep weekly due to work and constant research. I wake up just to read a paragraph me did a dream bout. Senda fi go hold a corner.

      1. Clearly I am a student just the same PLUS I own a business so I go to sleep at 2 or 3 and wake at 7 or 8 and mi nuh look suh. Granted I am no beauty queen, but I don’t look like the pressures of life are weighing me down. Maybe she needs a vacation or she just needs to take it slow. Maybe when she sees that someone out there thinks she looks a mess, she will try to take it easy and treat herself better. At the end of the day, you can’t kill yourself trying to gain the world because you will die or go crazy before you get there and the world will just go on without you.

  6. Of course, from yuh not brown-nosing you are a “hater”. I don’t need to hate Amita cause I have my own successes with no baby dat mi have to shame a man into taking care of. Mi just a say d girl need likkle help cuz har eye socket dem look sink in and terrible. Yes, she look good on tv and shyt but don’t all celebrities and media personalities all when dem a tek coke, bruck dung and a suffa?? That’s what makeup is for. Mi just a seh I’ve seen her looking a better (in person) so clearly something is not right. If is just merely tired and stress den she need more support from har friends, family and sperm donor.

    1. Yu too phucking out of order. Next time you see her turn yu head and mind yu damn business! If you were anybody good you may have befriended her as a study partner…that’s one way to help her….are YU TOO GOOD or NOT UP TO STANDARD to be in her space? Go hold de whole a UWI CHAIRS AND SIT YU BACKSIDE DOWN!

      1. Calm yuh nerves. You a behave like Amita a somebody of significance to Jamaica. A regular funeral she a go get if she dead innuh (God forbid). Just like me and you, one board box straight inna di ground. No parade, no flag fi drape di box, no gun salute. Coffin meet hole, hole coffin.

        Why in God’s name would I want to befriend Amita or become her study partner? We are not even in the same program! Same way people did a talk bout how Whitney look bad and sound horrible but some people a deny seh di woman still inna problem til she dead. Since yuh love yuh precious Amita so much SHUT YUH ASS AND GO HELP HAR OUT! Simple.

    2. So what she had to shame di man to tek care of di child. How can yu judge har based on dat. Dat doesn’t make her a bad person. He should be judged based on dat not her.

  7. I cannot understand why the sender thought it was relevant to send in this. Does Amita personally offend you in anyway ?????

    1. So somebody has to offend you for you to open your two big yeye dem and see dem? kmt Di girl nuh look right and it seems she need some help. Simple. Who nuh like it, keep riding her clit.

  8. Sender the point is, was this sent in to harm/hurt or help Amita? The overwhelming sentiment is that it was to hurt/harm so look into that and see how you could better handle the situation next time otay (as Met woulda seh).

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