Ny/nj eyebrows

Jojo : like seriously go park urself. Humpy dumpy bampie. U no see have ASHLEY PUFF symptoms. U say stargirl broke u out n move gone Miami n a dash she dash di belly weh. U always feel like ppl hating. On wat jojo that u have nothing to show.immigration a luk fi u.

FOXI: Ru-Paul sibling. Tranny thanx fi clothes n make-up. STD go to doctor. U slaughter u fren melly she no kno who har pickney fada is. Kim u kno how FI suck hood. Join the crew the video out deh .ASHLEY afi go ja go luk man. U change gal like how u change man. U say Patrice f**k ny Man dem y she get dem fi come her party.seon finally get him youth n happy n u no stop nyawn urs

Paula: why u no stop gi u man bun n post up with him. Dressing n bleaching poor donnavan mek him luk like fish.

Lisa: Haitian gal ya just dash out so. She realized after 3sum wid har bf n his bm caan hold him. So she cuffing jamilia kgsm. Not knowing he soon gonna lef u like the others

Barbie: like really u Batty a leak. A u say Chyna a breed n di man no wah pickney so she afi hide nj. AND Gillian no stop bring differ man dung INA har basement FI she n catty weh nyam gillian pus fi cotch. f**k out bed weh har bf buy lift gi har

Spice: u luk so CRAZY. CREEPY. WEIRD. STUPID. AND F** KIN EVIL. HOW U MANAGED FI INA MAN PROBLEM buoy ny/ct. him heart brave cas mi fraud when u open dem eye mi wah run.

Amina: this barrels. U better hurry find a man n married FI u pappers. Cas u might lose 1wuk u have. Difas a come FI u. U same 1say stephlover n her mother gone sell skunt Oversea, with her tri-state pus n caan raise har pickney eva bruk n fake boss / balling n still a cotch n har she no FI brag cas all now har spa/restaurant caan open. N how bruse n benzman no stop f**k out har hole. . Mpress d old ho. broke n no have no $ n wah over ch ppl FI hole INA wall that y it cah buss. Patrice luk like man/donkey. Tri-state ho still cotch granny n no have nuttin ina har name. nj LEGENDARY HO

Alicia/Donna: zoougly uno just ugly put together. Alicia. Garry no stop gi u bun wid young gyal dem, n pop bottle n caan feed u. Donna ur ugliness carrying u along way.

Lala: u just a man clown. U fighting a loosin battle. U love flashing light so does deedee. Ya too must have same taste. R 1 uno red eye. Cas same thing he do wid har same goes FI u. He wine n done her so does u. Wat mek u better than anyone stop living in la land cum 2 reality u lickitback. Cas dem fb post dem tun up. im sure he doin it to her too fool. U a gi bum n caan tek bum. Hope u tell him yardrave use to f**k out u hole


  1. these hoes aint loyal
    someone in NJ is fed up
    wait anyone in NJ dancehall have papers
    soon call ICE

  2. Sender need fi enroll inna di NEAREST preschool, cause NOT EVEN THE BASICS/FUNDAMENTALS SHE NUH HAVE! The time she tek ah STRUGGLE ova ppl business, she guh draw long side one Student’s Companion or one First Aid In English. DAN BUFFOON!

  3. @we nuh pet people_ you are dumb as f**k..enroll in first aid english???. You need to enroll in esl…English sounds like your second language.*student companion* not “student’s companion”. Your a damn idiot enroll yourself first.

    All these chick’s are gross looking.. Barbie you are a sad wonder ya baby fatah lef ya after ya bring him from Jamaica and help him get his papers that mother f**ked ran me hear him seh ya too nasty and can’t keep house clean.

  4. To whoever wrote this, you need to be concentrating on yourself. Primarily your education instead of people’s business. I don’t know half these people but they all seem to be very young. It doesn’t matter if your ugly or pretty like money, a hoe is insecure. These young girls are trying so hard to be relevant that they’re literally prostituting them self to impress people who are probably worse off and more unhappy than them self. Young girls have something about yourselves and stop being dumb, stupid, and easy.

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