Mrs Kiana aka Barbie you love hype you run gwann a la guh sell pu*y to teneisha images friend and left you man a city island lonely and hungry . All you and your sister care about a name brand this and that and Christine was locked up 2 weeks ago from stealing in saks you bitches in your early 20s dunce fool not in school is all about babe brand you have no shame and you never wid nuh decent man always scammers and drug dealers mine the Spanish boy beat yuh the streets is taking

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  1. That’s is nicki minaj ex safari she just took a pic with him . He hosted a mansion party in la and she and teneisha images was there teneisha put it on her page but her sister make it seem like she and safari dating she beg him pic like all the other groupies there

  2. see tenisha images friday night without makeup whata scare crow ! lmao she need fi stop mule bitch i saw u when u guh beg d likkle mule work haha :malu

    met some a dese tings me just cant sign in for lmfao me need to change my name to ” guess who ” :ngakak

  3. Some guy flew her out to la and she met up with crawny tanisha bleach out images . He flying out her out to Vegas this weekend too hey she’s a cute girl just very materialistic she and her sister never in relationships for love you haffi spend cash pon them or else you get left… I heard the Spanish guy she messing with wasn’t doing enough and she left him talking about he broke and she make more money working as a bartender than him . They have something to prove on ig with there fake lifestyle

    1. time she a worry bout money man she guh grieve the death of her son!!!!! fvckin bitch! I dont like her all now she nuh mek the baby lay down in peace cuz di mumma dont care !!!!!

  4. This bredda yah more concerned about showing off his Rolex than to be seen with her notice she’s the only one touching ……..jus leave the man mek him finish him guiness

  5. mi neva see one set a gyal weh luv name brand, bag and shoes suh. dem nuh kno di meaning of hard wuk & labor. Mi struggle yes, but when mi work & overcome di obstacles mi feel so proud.

    1. Right I agree ever since the house fire that killed her son and father may they r.i.p them get the insurance money and other settlements that’s when it started them get a touch a big money and start spend like it was going out if style because before the money they was broke nobodies and Barbie was going class to be home health aide and Christine was still sexing her first babyfather the scammer seanshellz Shelliann brother . They can’t get enough they want to be hood rich but they not rich . It’s not her place in city island is people place she barely make money at the bar in Yonkers she’s a scammer and theif and worthless young gal like her and her tuff face sister should be in school for the way how them hype . Just a bunch of nobodies that these folks on ig love big up and hype up .
      They all fake friends teneisha apple Christine Barbie crysan Shamar all fake they hate each other just for likes .

  6. Yea they are all fake sisters all of them . bout them ah live bhy themselves they never show wherethey stay as far as apartment and vstuff . all of them ah sell them front . hypin themselves over name brand lmao they have no idea. bout them all sisters and christine stay getting locked up from stealing . they never had no money until they got that insurance money . all of that is done and all the above information is facts because is there friends chatting their buisness and posting their buisness same way . and yes christine and them always finding these waste man. and barbie did go ah LA fi sell them front . got all these bitches hyping themselves like they doing somethig bout house shoppping all yalll fake ass make up artist and etc might be instagram balling but yall not fooling nobody when hypeaqnd scamming done and dealing with these hype man is dont where yall gonna be . all yall SISTAS stay sharing clothes . All of yall have that BCBG fringe belt or nah ? hello speak up lmao. unnuh share everytihing fake as bunch of fake hood rat bishes . lmao get ah life unuh broke like dogt !!

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