Now Trending: CBS pulls Rihanna song from all NFL games after her angry tweet
Football and music fans, take note: The breakup between Rihanna and CBS is now official.
The network announced late Tuesday that it was “permanently editing” a song featuring the Barbadian pop star’s hook out of its Thursday Night Football broadcasts.
Last week, the network removed Rihanna’s distinctive musical hook from the Jay Z song Run This Town, which was originally supposed to play in the network’s pregame show for the game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.
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The reason for the removal: Baltimore player Ray Rice had just been handed an indefinite ban from professional football after shocking video of him assaulting his wife in a hotel elevator went public.
CBS cut the segment for fear of how having a song featuring a domestic abuse survivor – Rihanna was infamously assaulted by former boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009 – would be perceived by viewers.
At the time, CBS Sports president Sean McManus said the singer’s history as a domestic violence victim was part of the reason they pulled the song, but not the overriding one.
“It’s important to realize we are not overreacting to this story but it is as big a story has faced the NFL,” McManus told Sports Illustrated.
But CBS’s plans to use Run This Town during this Thursday’s NFL game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons – as well as on Thursday broadcasts for the rest of the NFL season – hit a bump yesterday when Rihanna tweeted, “CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? No, F–k you! Y’all are sad for penalizing me for this.”
Rihanna followed up a few hours later with a tweet that said simply, “The audacity….”
On Tuesday night, CBS responded by issuing a statement saying it was “moving in a different direction” with different theme music for the pregame show but declined to name the song or the artist.


  1. Either way… It’s still publicity for Rihanna. People r going to keep following this story… People love gossip and drama so…
    There is no need for Jay to defend anything! Things will pan out they way it will… People still love Riri!

  2. Sometimes in life u have to lose to win. Still respect har fi wah she du dem too dyum broite. Dem soon come back wid dem tail btween dem legs. As long as Ri nuh dis JZ im always going to have har back..JZ is a very private person, if unu nevah realize, in every aspect a him life, suh just becaz unu nuh see it nuh mean nuttn nahn happn. Gwan yahn Ri..we seh brush off and keep it moving.

          1. U know wah Real, I going to stop dis madness right her suh. Caz as mi seh JZ is a private man and just becaz wi nuh si it, it nuh mean im not doing it. My front belongs to me and nobody else. If God did want my husband to have a front him wouldah mek im wid one. From what you have said looks like yours belongs to someone else, dat is your biniz. If u want to guh watch him wife front u gwan wid my blessing..mi nuh watch woman front and mi nuh want no woman watch mine eidah.

          2. I asked a question, obviously you are getting upset because we have different views. I do not have to agree with you and you do not have to agree with me. I do not think jz is backing her as he did the same to Dash. Rihanna is the only one who publicly denounced cbs. Kanye and Jayz are silent. I find it odd. I do not watch his wife at all she is always exposed for all to see.

  3. Didn’t ri tell them no anyway Lol bye CBS.. But I do understand the backlash CBS would’ve gotten if they had went along with ri’s song last week. Americans have a way with everything. CBS was only Tryna be politically correct. It would’ve been groups and organizations that would’ve went at CBS say how could they play ri’s song and she’s a domestic abuse survivor and blah blah blah U know in america Ur fu*ked if u don’t or if u do. Ppl are never satisfied so plz believe CBS avoided a boycott situation and bad press. Rihanna should’ve understood that.

    1. .And funny enough Anon, CBS did it all in the best interest of Ri but she didn’t see it that way. ..they were just trying to protect both her and themselves from negative backlash, especially from dem women lib groups….still love mi Ri Ri though.

        1. mi wah know if she still have to pay outta pocket fi di revenue missed to the person who own the publishing … jackasscawn

  4. @Real,it take way more than dat fi di I get upset, but at di same time mi nuh have no time fi waste pan wah u a come wid. Mi a talk how private JZ is from what I see and know, and u want to talk bout Bey’s front..suh u gwan talk bout dat and mi move on to something else.

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