What I like about this Crew for the most part is that they were somewhat not violent.
I thought they should be up next on your wall on the heels of the Ouch Crew and Dancehall Queen Carlene
as when crews of the late 80’s early 90’s are mentioned they are always part of the topic. Bally and the
Champagne crews were mainly youths from Southside Jamaica. Met they were one of the largest crews in
New York. It started out as Bally and Uncle from South, Uncle had a few men that were loyal to him and
Bally had Lepke, Yoyo, Rudy, Corey and many, many of aged and under age youths that were loyal to him.
A fallout with Bally and Uncle split the men that followed them making them known as Bally and the Champagne
Crew. Bally and his Crew became better known through the many Dances they kept and the cases of bottles of
Champagne that they splashed. Met the Champagne splashing that you see showcased in most recent dances,
The Champagne crew that’s still around find humorous. Bally and some of his crew are currently incarcerated
and I am told even from prison Ballys feelings for Carlene is still amorous. The triangle of Bally, Carlene and Beenie
Left many scratching their heads, what left me in amazement was Beenies song “We set the Trend” which immortalized
Bally and Uncle in a line of the song. I remember when that song came on in one of their dances the entire crew
took to the middle of the dance floor, camera men in tow and bottles of champagne in hand to toast the mere mention
of their Father’s name, as that is what many of those in the crew fondly called him “Father”. Many he brought from South,
Jamaica. Many of them had no Father figure, no education and nowhere to live in America, Bally provided them that as meager as many will say, he provided!
Bally and the Champagne Crew truly set the trend! Let your bloggers, peepers and onlookers fill in the histrie.
Fbi Says Company’s Trucks Hauled Pot
Perrone Trucking Owner Charged
October 26, 1999|By MARK PAZNIOKAS; Courant Staff Writer
Rick Perrone runs his two businesses, Perrone Trucking and Northeast Truck Sales, from a hilltop overlooking I-84 in Tolland, where suburbia melts away into the woodlands of eastern Connecticut.
It is an unlikely setting for the niche market that the FBI says Perrone grabbed for himself: supplying tractor-trailers to Jamaican drug dealers for the cross-country delivery of Mexican marijuana to Connecticut.
A 140-page affidavit unsealed Monday in federal court in Hartford describes Perrone, 43, of Manchester, as a key player in a marijuana ring broken up last week by the filing of conspiracy charges against 20 people.
Tractor-trailers with the PERRONE logo are a familiar sight on North River Road in Tolland, rumbling in low gear down the hill to I- 84. The FBI now says those trucks sometimes were headed to meet smugglers in Texas and elsewhere in the Southwest.
Perrone’s major client allegedly was Desmond “Jimbo” Wolfe, 35, of East Hartford, a Jamaican national who dabbles in concert promotion and the construction trade. Wolfe promoted a reggae concert last summer at the Meadows Music Theatre in Hartford, but the affidavit says his primary business is the importation of marijuana.
According to the FBI, Wolfe splits his time between two girlfriends, each of whom have borne him children, and regularly takes a Glock 17 handgun to business meetings. Among Greater Hartford’s Jamaican drug dealers, Wolfe is known simply as “The Big Man.”
Wolfe has bragged of killing people in Jamaica, and the affidavit describes his threatening to kill a jailed associate, identified only as “Cannibal,” for trying to betray him. Somewhere along the line, Wolfe became a reliable customer of Perrone Trucking, according to the affidavit.
It is unclear how Perrone, a suburbanite with only minor brushes with the law, might have become close to Wolfe, who frequently conducted business in a Jamaican patois. The affidavit says only that he and Wolfe have a close mutual friend, a Jamaican named Ronald “Dread” Clarke, 43, of Bloomfield.
Nor is it clear, at least by the details made public so far, how Perrone became a favored supplier of trucks not only to Wolfe, but “numerous Jamaican drug dealers,” according to the affidavit. His trucks were so frequently used that some dealers feared that they had become known to the police.
Perrone’s lawyer, John Maxwell, declined to comment Monday on the charges against him or the allegations in the affidavit.
Perrone, who is free on bond, was one of 16 people arrested last week; charges also were lodged against four others already jailed in Connecticut and Texas. The affidavit names six others as targets of the investigation by a task force that includes federal authorities as well as state and local police.
The affidavit was written by Lance D. Sigersmith, a Hartford detective assigned to the task force, and Special Agent Mark S. Gentil of the FBI. They describe infiltrating Wolfe’s operation and others with the help of cooperators, extensive surveillance and wiretaps.
Sigersmith and Gentil say that Perrone both sold trucks to dealers and arranged the shipment of marijuana in his own trailers, hiding the drugs among legitimate goods hauled from the Southwest. Their affidavit says marijuana was stored in two units Wolfe maintained at USA Self Storage in East Hartford, then sold off in smaller quantities to a small circle of trusted customers.
Wolfe told one informer in a recorded conversation that he was using his drug profits to buy two dump trucks, believing he had a shot at construction contracts worth $100,000 each. He formed a company, Wade Corp.
His dream, he told the informer in December, was to look into a chest in his house “and see one-half million dollars in cash.” He added, with his “way of thinking, working hard, every day, every week,” that he would be “running an empire.”
Perrone may have become a target of investigators last year, when police in Arizona seized a 1998 Volvo tractor-trailer carrying 650 pounds of marijuana. The driver possessed a bill of lading stating that he worked for Rick Perrone and was bound for Connecticut.
In March, a federal grand jury in Arizona indicted several Jamaicans in connection with the seizure of the truck, including the leaders of the Champagne crew, a Jamaican gang based in Queens, N.Y. Members of the Champagne crew are suspects in the June 9, 1998, torture- killings of a Hartford drug dealer and two others.

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  1. Good Afternoon Met & Metters,
    I agree with the writer, I was one of them who personally knew Baldwin (Bally) and Uncle, knew Uncle from back home, Met Bally via other friends. They were really nice guys. Non-violent – not saying they were angels because they had jealous enemies whose intent it was to harm them – they were just about making money and having fun. Bally to me was a big kid, loved to joke around, he had a great sense of humor. Sadly the nature of that business had predictable outcomes one of which is prison.

      1. Not “a” freak Metty, a “Big Belly Tall” freak :ngakak
        In addition to Carlene, Heather – in- Style, one of the African crew ladies, I believe Linda,one of the Ouch ladies and a lot more, they were lined up to be with him when Carlene was out of the country…..a real money man. One of the smartest, he squandered but he did a lot as well.
        Very nice giving man, Mr. Baldwin R.

      1. Tenk u, mi jus ask cuz a him mek di link wid d trucking man Perrone. So Ms PQ elaborate nuh maam since u s forceful wid u No!

  2. the 1998 killings they did in CT were so horrible how can u say they were not violent???????? they torture the man and cut his throat and the other 2 were females

  3. By any chance do they have a brother name Delly?
    Cause one name Delly Mascow a Philly get him ass buss ova him babymadda who end up a teck him colleage. Fool go step to man bout him Bajan bbymadda Rere when di gal legs open like door way every second. him meck dat gal clown him out.

        1. I wanted call them a crew, Ian was muderous,kinda along the lines of the shower posse. They killed in Miami and New York. I don’t know of the whose who in the posse but to my knowledge no women except for the usual ones they slept with. Ian use to mess with this chick in BK, I forget her name but as soon as I recall, I’ll let you know. He is doing time from an arrest in ’99 I think it was.

          1. you not from no rass puerto rican, you a nuh Mexican.. how you now so much bout Jamaican ppl.. and me a real born Jamaican and me nuh know so much even thou dem time deh me mussi a two.. Dwl you are a Jamaican weh know Spanish weh stuck inna you nuh fi be ashamed of who you are.. not even if you deh round di ppl dem you na go know so much.. Me na tell no lie fimi Jamaican ppl dem a real ginal :ngakak :ngakak you are di greatest.. embrace u culture my girl it’s ok MEt? nuh badda ban me.. am a behave :siul :hammer

          2. Off topic for a minute, many people go to school and learn Spanish as a second language, why then do you people believe your language cannot be learned? Don’t all answer just open your minds and ask is it not possible! Now let us return to our regularly scheduled program, SUSS!

        1. Don’t do me like that, mi nuh deh pan dat! Anony said he was the biggest in Jamaica, had she mentioned PR or anywhere else I am familiar with, I would have responded also.
          No vengas por mi…

          1. No tengo que venir para usted le causan saben que los demás van una vez que comience a generalizar…

        2. lol… pp , how yuh bad suh? yuh nuh know seh puertoriquaNO a the the director of the contender’s, yes my dear , a she have weh yard man lock like that, and another thing, yuh nuh neva know seh a feh har man benie man get traing fram feh be the second biggest man clown as a jamaican? And ohow, (in my american accent)A puertoriquanno, man a de first. Dont feel nuh way puerto, is woman power we seh,a suh u have to train a man like he is a puppy, so thhey learn to understand themselves and respect the programme. lol…..

  4. His women I knew of were in this order , Valerie (her sister was Tattie) Sadie, Patsie, now many a folks will not have heard let alone know of them because this was prior to when Bally got super huge i.e. the whole dancehall Queen ray ray era. I can only speak from my perspective, he was kind, good-hearted luv to muster and jovial. Later down the road I heard he was incarcerated in England.

    1. Yes, Bally was very kind, the yutes ‘mongst him in England were not loyal to him as the ones in ‘Merika. Of all the yutes in ‘Merica, Bally treated Yoyo like a son, I couldn’t believe when Yoyo took his money when he got locked up!


  6. Met that incarceration in England, Patsie from the well cute posse her sister was jailed in the whole round up. She did time and then returned to Jamaica. (makes for a good book or move eh?)

  7. met i am present now! i really down know where to start from! but let’s start with the killing of the truck driver! that killing in 1998 was the start to the end of everything,for the “CHAMPAGNE CREW” it start a big war from AMERICA TO JAMAICA,between CHAMPAGNE CREW,AND other man from south,there was this one from south call ROCKEYE,when they kill the truck driver a lot of people lost a lot of money,and was mad about it,and start to send a lot of threat,most of the threats was to bally,from rockeye,then the war start down a south,this was the same war that CHUBBY DREAD,LOST IS LIFE IN. not even CENTRAL POLICE,COULD CONTROL THIS WAR,BECAUSE THE MAN DEM MONEY NUFF,SUH THE GUN’S DEM DID NUFF TO! YOYO BROTHER KAY KAY GOT KILLED IN THIS SAME WAR! EVERY BODY RUN GUH JAMAICA,EVEN THE GUY THAT DID THE KILLING WAS DOWN THERE,I AM NOT GOING TO SAY IS NAME! BALLY WAS SO UP SET ABOUT THIS KILLING THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN WANT THE GUY AROUND HIM ALL I COULD HEAR HIM SAY,”WHY YU OF TO KILL THE MAN,ALL OF THAT NEVER CALL FOR,NOW PEOPLE A BLAME ME” THOSE WAS BALLY WORDS,BALLY DID NOT GO TO JAIL FOR “CONSPIRACY”BECAUSE THE FEDS DIDN’T HAVE ANY EVIDENCE,OF HIM DEALING BECAUSE HE HAVE IF BOYS TO DO ALL HIS WORKS FOR HIM! IF MY MAN AT THAT TIME UNCLE WOULD JUST LISTEN TO BALLY NONE OF THIS WOULD HAPPEN,WHEN UNCLE GET LOCK UP HE WAS THE ONE WHO SNITCH ON BALLY!

  8. I think I am fromout a space or something or maybe did live under a rock, Thank God for Met site, Me born a Jamaica and come a farrin and me dont even know about these Drugs people, Or maybe because a country me come from? Most things I read on here I sometimes open my mouth wide cause I neva know these things happen. Wow.

  9. @Mimi chubby did not die in that war, kk only happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and a me fi tell you. Champagne crew DID not kill Mr. P (the drug dealer) or the female, there was only one female who died with him and the person that did it was his own fren and he is in jail, the other female who died in a similar fashion was a copy cat murder and is not related to Mr.P or the champagne crew. Champagne crew are known for being galis, making money and enjoying themselves!

    1. @no mimi i didn’t say CHAMPAGNE CREW kill mr.P because BALLY wouldn’t hurt a fly! the guy was mr.P fren but he was also more uncle fren than BALLY,he’s also from south very wicked guy,and yes he run weh guh back a jamaica for a while then come back a NYC. an the feds pick him up. CHUBBY DREAD DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE WAR IN AWAY,YES HE WAS AT THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME. R.I.P CHUBBY DREAD!! IF THE WAR BETWEEN ROCKEYE AND BALLY NEVER START DEN CHUBBY WOULDN’T GET SHOT! UNCLE WAS TOO F**KING GREEDY ALL HIM OF TO DO WAS GO WITH THE PLAN AND DON’T DERAIL THE TRUCK!

    2. @no mimi when you say champagne crew are knowing to be galis yes that’s true. but yu did have some likkle man round them wah call them self champagne crew,wha a look strip and will do anything to prove them self!

  10. @ Anonymous 7;04 ,u r right . Chubby Dread died shortly after La Dionne was gunned down in the middle of the street a south .


  11. i heard that one nlght uncle guh out and got drunk, so much so dat him pick up a transvestite, meh hear seh him seh, he was soooo mad(?!!!)dat him throw the bwoy outa him caar because, him neva waa tu hurt him.(remember seh hearsy caaw gu tu law) but meh get it fram good source

  12. @quena i myself feel like you are a jamaican,who did well in spanish in school. no disrespect to you hun! i mi yo hablo un poco spainsh!

  13. good morning, good morning how could the Spanish woman know so much and she is in her 30’s. The youngest dancehall person out there at that time was Wendy and I’m sure she way past 30 long time. Unless you marry very, very young.

  14. im in my 30s and I know of most of these ppl they speak about. LOL but Quena boo u have to alter ur identity bcuz u know way too much and u already know wat d consequences are. Leave Quena to be watever she chooses to be. To know so many Ja drug lords, dancehall ppl and regular ppl u for sure u must be under witness protection of some sort. dwl. But Quena mi like yuh, your info is always appreciated. P.S yoyo tun politician a south now.

  15. Quena a lied, she cant b in her 30s. She sey she a 34, no 34 yrs old Jamaican don’t knows these things, some one av to tell them. am in my middle 40s born junglist’ migrated, av siblings who r in there 30s and they were babies in that era. so QUENA STOP COME PON YA WITH U HEAR SEY.

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