From: miss bombo
Title: dutty gal

Message Body:
dutty cecile stop walk and call up me name you cant done me me man naw leave me you is not a good friend you chat all you friend them ,deniss wet wet don’t want you u chat him and him wife too. u chat all you friend them your life miserable you no good stop sell weed nobody like you.you face tough like stop fool people like you only have two pickney how much pickney you have dutty gal .leave me I will call you friend ;

0 thoughts on “CECILE…………SHE SE LEAVE HAR NAME

  1. So me know Cecile almost ten yrs now. All her fren dem say she mix up ad love chat. Point being Cecile nah go change, Cecile love chat, and Cecile nah lef dutty Denis wet wet. Sender get over it. Cecile is an old dancehall turbit.

  2. All u affi do if she a chat u chat ar back……mi tiad a uno n dis Cecile n Dennis n wife.di ppl dem a live dem happy polygamous lifestyle fi yearsssssssssssssssssss……how all “stop sell weed”come een….if yuh fine out she’s nat yuh fren stap chat to har n chat r bk….

  3. Sender yuh know mi have a feeling who you be? Why Cecile a beat yuh suh bad? Yuh nuh have yuh owna husband? Suh why yuh teking set on Cecile? Look how long Dennis stop phuck yuh. Guh tend tuh yuh husband whey yuh sey wantz and needz yuh. Yuh claim sey yuh happy, but if yuh was why Cecile a beat yuh suh bad?
    And mi nah pick up for Cecile, but senda lowe the woman alone cuz she and Dennis not leaving.

  4. This shiit need to stop if it the lady the own Cecile the money pay the lady an stop this foolish ness.bullshit .hi know u own this money just pay an stop this shit it’s Christmas u all need to stop .sender u must be the that supply Cecile u sound bad mine good god.sender a time fe u stop confront the lady stop this bull shit .

  5. Sender u lose this case who u be this lady always help out people she is kool she help me an hi never her it back ur nothing but a bitch .that lady is bless an her kids too.sender get a hold of u self leave Cecile n Dennis alone get a life as observer say Cecile a bet u bad .by the way a u no want pay back the money. Or u is one wey she feed .

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