Hi How are you?

I’m good

For the record please say where your’e from

From Ghana

What is your station? Joy99.7fm

What kind of music do you play? Hiphop,Hiplife,dancehall,R&B,Afropop.Reggae, pop, house,etc

How long have you been doing music?

Since 1995.

What is your favorite genre of music and why?
Hiphop and Reggae. The message, rhythm and harmony

Many African musicians are now doing Jamaican style music, why do you feel this is happening?
The connection as family and besides Jamaican music has always been popular . We are blood related

How do people respond to it?

Who is your favorite Jamaican artiste and why?
Bob Marley, Beenie Man, Nr Vegas,Sean Paul, Mavado,

Do you believe in marriage?

Are you married?

Do you consider yourself a family man?

Based on your opinion how many wives do you think is fitting for a man to have and why?
One wife is ok. It’s not easy handling one woman, I can’t imagine marrying more than one.

Through reading and research, I have seen where the foundation of many African societies is family oriented and structured, how effective do you think this is?

It is really effective in solving disputes and maintaining harmony,support and governance. The respect for Family and Clan Heads as a basis even before the Chief has always helped.


I see where you are at the top of your competitors in the business, what have you been doing to keep yourself at the top?
Learning , humility and Prayers

Have you heard about Sting and do you know what it is?
Yes I have and do

In Jamaica right now we are hearing that a few African countries are buzzing with Sting festival fever, how is the buzz in Ghana?
The Buzz is awesome as Stonebwoy who is from my camp is performing

There are over 30 acts including Stonebwoy from Ghana, out of these acts who would you want to see perform ?

Beenie , Elephant Man, Super Cat and more

This year, the promoters have open the door and have given Africa a special welcome by drastically reducing the cost , what would you say to your people about this opportunity?

To take advantage of it to the best of their ability

Next year, there are plans to invite more African artistes to the show, who would you recommend?
Samini, ShattaWale, Blakk Rasta, more Nigerian ,Kenyan and South African acts

We saw where you had an azonto dance craze and in Jamaica we have many dances as well, how similar do you think our cultures are, although many Jamaicans have not visited Ghana?
From my History Jamaicans are Ghanaians so I’m not surprised. Our lineage and hey…Mama Rita lives here.

What religion are you?

In Africa as a whole, more and more people are leaning towards becoming Christians, why do you feel this is happening?
The message of peace,hope and the fact that Jesus sacrificed his life for us,sinners so that we may get close to the almighty God.

How proud should Jamaicans feel about the late Bob Marley?
Very Proud

Bob Marley did not consider himself a Christian but sang about peace and brotherhood, what do you think about his views?

I think the message is the essence. After all isn’t peace what we all want?

Many black women are now turning to bleaching their skin including Africans and Jamaicans, as a man what do you think has caused this and how do you recommend we go about helping women to love the skin they are in?

Inferiority Complex has caused this. Africans should promote the African image more instead of advertising the European look as this will go a long way to make Africans believe in themselves.

How do you think music could influence this?
By making a conscious effort to embed that in our message and video clips. The portrayal of ourselves should always be positive

If Reggae was to partner up with African music what do you imagine the outcome to be?

It is already partnered but to make it official will mean that a bigger market and more opportunities economically , financially ,etc

Do you think Sting would be a perfect platform for this and why?
Sting had started and has experience and the motivation to make this happen . If not Sting , who else?


  1. DJ Black seh em caw manige mor dan one ooman :ngakak dat mean em a mussi Christian caw dem odda tribez seh multiple wives til dem ded

  2. we need fe start appreciate wi own music more both interviews a seh how it big over there in Africa nd wi all knw how big dat continent is being the it de second one at dat….so can you imagine the rest a places over there if kenya have over 100 reggae artist ghana have it many…..mi seh wi little island can bring in more money but a who a manage it a steal it frm wi instead a mek wi get wi rightful labor

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…..

  3. I wish you continued success. Africans no matter where you find us are masters of the arts. I wish you great success my brother

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