0 thoughts on “CHAIR AH COMPLAIN

  1. How u gon complain about something you claim is nastiness both ways but you want somebody to give u head? contradiction at its best. It’s like men who hate gays and thing they should be killed but lesbians are all good, because they do not penetrate each other lol.

  2. Den watch parchie bloodclaat mouth how it lean no rass mouth look like say it nyam all kinda front till it lean bout him ago get head damn asshole from u see him u know it have a mouth habit
    Mi ago second him pon da bredda deh whey name Amsternyam still the youths need upliftment this shit whey him a come wit need fi stay inna him bedroom

  3. Very contradictory….. Mi think him nyam it too but he’s just trying to cover up so he don’t get found out

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