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    1. Natalie, go sit somewhere and be very quiet! Thank you. To proffer that bleaching has become so prominent because of black men, you are clearly far removed. Good night Natalie. Stay in your bed and don’t get out until I tell you to!

    2. I must be the exception. I love very dark skin women. The darker the better. Been that way from high school. I know a lot of my friends are married to dark skin women, so we need to get away from this nonsense about black men like white women. Some of the guys who have inferior complex do and they tend to really dumb people.

  1. @ natalie…….black ppl in america worship white women because of slavery and segregation, they were taught white woman were the purest of the pure………black ppl in jamaica dont worship white women….but they are the product of a colonial mind frame which exists to this day….they do believe in the adage if yuh white yuh alright, if yuh brown stick around, if yuh black stay back……so while most jamaican men realisitically will never have the opportunity in their entire lives to sleep with a white woman, a browning on the other hand is more accessible…..the issue at hand does not just cover shadism…..its also a matter of classism based on a post slavery colonial society…..the lighter skinned non-white ppl, even the foreigners such as the lebanese, jews, indians etc etc were historically given preeminence over the native black folks, even if said black folks were light skinned, but the lighter skinned were still more successful…….so the jamaican mentality isnt about being white or chasing white women…its about being light skinned and brown as a means of proving oneself to others…..the reason the dancehall ppl bleach is vanity…..they do have money and in reality in jamaica if you have money, shadism is not that relevant….trust me…..but vanity dictates along with that money must come some personal transformation away from their origins to prove to themselves and others dat dem “buss”……

  2. where is tanisha images man ? see her talikin to him on insta all the time but cant see him n they be missing each other so badly i kno she can travel so y she dont go visit him ,what happen to him . plus tanisha must have other man only a play ginal with r shape bad self

  3. I am just in awe of how dark Sweets neck back was. She might as well rub the bleach pon har scalp and complete the look.

  4. Dem bleaching reach. But Teneisha Images one whoring fake ass bitch. She need to go jump back in her mother pussy and remake because everything pon her stay bad. @ hmm she don’t have a man. You ever see her with her man? I’m convinced it’s a fake acct she created to hype up herself and try to fool ppl. She always up under someone else man. The one likkle man she did have is in jail.

  5. Self hatred is evident in the jars of lightening.
    Be happy with the skin you are in.
    Beauty we are born with.
    Any drastic change from that is just an illusion.
    Love yourself dark skinned woman.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Many black men (and notice the operative word- many) love and appreciate an authentic black woman.

  6. And di bleaching don’t meck one a dem look more attractive. Some a dem even look uglier cause all dem imperfections show up.

  7. To all upset about my comment Jamaican people are obsess with light skin and it’s the truth. I am Jamaican and I have witnessed how we treat white people over our own people facts are facts that women bleach to attract more attention from the opposite sex. Many beautiful black women are often overlooked for a brown girl even if she is stark ugly I’m not saying all men in Jamaica are like this but many are. And lol those who say Jamaican men don’t like white girls in Farrin Jamaican men rarely stay with their black women facts are facts

    1. Your facts are bullshit because you generalizing. If ALL Jamaicans were obsessing with light skin people the population would be far less than 90% dark skin.
      Don’t be fooled by the 1% that you see bleaching, or mixing with whites to dissolve their African genes because them hate them self or have no self worth to advance their race, ethnicity or ancestors.

  8. Someone tell me something why is the reason for bleaching once your in the states? I get that some must bleach back a yard because it will better help them get a job but why do it here in the states where it doesn’t matter what color you are there shouldn’t be no discrmination… Why do women bleach is it because light skin is in and that’s what the men like right now? You are suppose to love the skin your in and if that man can’t love it then move on… It’s like no one have no shame it’s not your natural color so everyone going to know and turn heads, why but your skin through all the chemicals just to be lighter complexion. smdh

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