Shushanna self hate is a hell of a thing. In my opinion you were a nice beautiful black girl but because of self hate and love you turn inna white woman and what you ghetto birds don’t realize is that the bleach mek unno look old and have a grey discoloration to unno skin. Nothing wrong with toning up but to bleach your while body white is really you hating yourself it’s sad . I guess you happy you 2 kids come out brown like bald head or else you would a bleach them to smh. Just my opinion is your skin and body but still . Ps the bleaching mek you look so ugly by the way and your not a ugly girl
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.57.58 AM


  1. what was the point of the lil girl pic anyway?…because you say you are proud of your past yet you apparently have been doing/done everything possible that would seem to erase that past…… are f**king clueless…..

  2. Wow wow wow it’s a sad thing and ah Nuh she alone who lack self esteem most women in dancehall .. Boost and ray how dem this and that but low key hate them self … Shush unnu sad bad .. Being brown don’t make you pretty because u still ugly likee

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