THE family of Mario Deane, the 31-year-old man who was beaten to death while in police custody, is asking the public to support a benefit walk in Montego Bay, St James, on Saturday. Proceeds from the event will be used to finance his burial.
According to Deane’s sister, Sadiki Deane, the 2K walk will kick off at 7:00 am at the Sam Sharpe Square.
People interested in participating in the walk are being asked to get registered — at a cost of $500 per person — at the Norman Binns Custom Brokers, at 37 Church Street in Montego Bay.
The walk is being staged by the St James Central Women’s Movement and I Am So Mobay Facebook.
A date for the funeral is expected to be set for later this month.
Deane was badly beaten, allegedly by inmates, and later died at hospital after he was arrested on August 3, 2014, for being in possession of a single marijuana cigarette.
Two civilians, Adrian Morgan, 25, and Marvin Orr, 35, have been charged with his murder, while six police officers — who were on duty at the Barnett Street Police Station at the time of the alleged beating — have been suspended amidst public outrage.


    1. A dat mi seh to Anon 11:37 the government shld give his family a financial settlement, them very well know seh a d police dem gave Mario a fatal beating, the police dem owe a duty of care to ensure that the lives of the detainees are protected whether from other inmates or from the police themselves. Mario family fi sue d government! How can they charge 2 impaired individuals( a deaf mute & a person of unsound mind) for a crime they did not commit who cannot even defend themselves in a court of law against these allegations?

  1. Same suh mi seh..dock all who responsible pay and use it to pay for his funeral dyam wicked dem..Plus dem shouldn’t even be in a job rite now..

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