In 2012 I ran a story about Charles Parnell’s deportation. His daughter made a statement on the post …Here goes
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hello im roniqua the molester’s child i was 3 when my mother died and I was 8 when my dad went to jail im so sad im am so hurt about what my father did and it hurts me that many of you all think that he is bad but it kills me inside to know that my dad did those things and I just don’t want no one to hate me for anything thank you
This is Girlie below

Girlie get Deported
Afew months after completing a year prison term for endangering the welfare of a 13-yearold boy in Brooklyn, Jamaican born actor Lacell ‘Girlie’ Parnell, 42 has decided to return to his homeland and avoid formal deportation. As a result of the charges, Parnell lost his “green card” resident status and was scheduled for deportation to Jamaica, but he was allowed to remain at the U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility at Port Isabel Service Processing Center in Texas while he fights a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor and the Brooklyn Medical Center for the death of his wife.Parnell recently collected a $95,000 settlement from the Brooklyn Medical Center for the wrongful death of his wife in 2004.
“The case against the doctor is still not settled, but it was a waste of time for me to be sitting in jail with nothing to do. Based on the advice of my lawyers, I decided to return home and continue to seek justice and compensation for my family. The judge has agreed to have my participation via satellite,” Parnell noted.
Parnell told Street Hype that he was met on arrival in Montego Bay, Jamaica on April 23, 2012 by scores of family members and fans. “I am very happy to be home and to get on with my career of entertaining people. Within the next two months I will be launching the play “Girlie Get Visa” and in December “Girlie Get Deported,” he added
The actor is, however, insisting that he did not sexually molest any child and noted that in 2004, he was charged with endangering the welfare of children who were assisting him to distribute his promotional fliers. “I was jailed for 18 days and was placed on probation, but in 2008 I was again accused of endangering the welfare of a minor. It was not about sex,” he claimed. Parnell, who is now listed as a sex offender in New York State also stressed that he learned his lesson and was now very focused and determined to remain positive “but careful about negative people who would set traps to destroy my character and reputation.”
He was arrested on May 29, 2008 on five counts of sexual abuse in the 2nd degree; two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of aggravated harassment in the 2nd degree involving the 13-year-old boy.
Parnell was found guilty in Brooklyn’s District Court and was sentenced in July 2009 to two years in prison at the Rikers Island Jail, but was later transferred to the Port Isabel Service Processing Center in Texas, which holds detainees of the ICE, whose immigration status, or citizenship, has not been officially determined or who are awaiting repatriation.


  1. Young lady first I want to apologize for what you have been one will hate you for what this man has done :kiss

    1. Suh instead ah him jus man up and apologize for his wrong doings, he decides tuh deport himself fe save face and continue wid im career as if nothing ever happened???…WOW!!!

  2. I am so so sorry, for what happen.. I have a child myself and I worry to death everyday for my child, I do not know what you are going through because I have never been In that type of situation.. I just want to command you on how brave you are, I don’t know u personally but I want you to know that I adore your bravery for speaking about the situation.. I wish you and anyone that have been through that ordeal did not have to go through it. From the bottom of my heart I deeply sorry for what has happen.. keep being the strong person you are, even though you will not forget please do not dwell on it, try your best to make a positive way out.. and try to help younger children that went through the same thing as you.. don’t be too hard on yourself.. whatever road you choose God understand completely that you are not a bad person.. I suggest you pray good prayer for your dad..
    Hope you are reading this.. I wish your situation was like hunger where we could send money to take it away. but there is nothing we can do to take that pain that you have to live with from you.

    1. “I wish your situation was like hunger where we could send money to take it away”
      :ngakak anan, am sorry but I can’t help laughing. Your not trying to be funny but it’s funny, at last to me.

  3. No one will hate u but there are people who will shun u. Always remember to stay strong and be positive. I remember when your mom died and am very sorry for your lost at such a young age.

  4. Child, don;t blame yourself for the bad things your father did.
    “it hurts me that many of you all think that he is bad”.
    Your father was found guilty of five counts of sexual abuse in the 2nd degree; two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of aggravated harassment.It is obvious people are going to think that he’s a bad person. I would not leave my nieces?nephew anywhere near him.

  5. I do hope folks back home are aware of the charges, and do not spend a dime to see him perform. Then again we’re taking about Jcan’s, he may throw his $95,000 around and that will solved the problem.

  6. What’s even sadder…yes sadder, Is the fact that I wish Jamaica had a system to keep this Nasty Man away from children. I feel sorry for the next victim ohh God. Baby Girl if you are reading this,I am very proud of your bravery, Heads up and move on with your life….and this man get 95,000 us, You have some licky licky people in Jamaica who will welcome him with open arms because of the money.

    1. The young boys in jamaica are so vulnerable, he’s in the right place where his assaults may go unnotice. Very sad indeed!

    2. We have 3 systems and they are called Jungle Justice and No buggering…then we have the one where if NAGGA call yu name and spread it yu get f**k…lol
      A can’t de girlie we age a watch dis? Met!

  7. My heart goes out to you my dear. Unfortunately we cannot pick our blood relatives, so this is an unfortunate situation that will be with you forever. You can’t change what happened but you can change how it affects you. Do not justify your father’s action to anyone. You cannot and must not speak for him. You will not be able to avoid ppl who will approach you with questions. However, hold your head up and be graceful when you let them know how you feel. Show them that you are NOT a chip off the old block. Show them that you are different. Hold your head up. It’s unfortunate that your Mom passed too, as she would have been your rock in times like these. Continue to love him as your father because if you begin to build up hate for him….it will turn you into a hateful person and cause you to hate the ones who don’t deserve to be hated. Keep God close. Do your best in school and try to venture into a bright future. Your life may seem harder without a mother, but always remember that when you think you have it bad, just remember the ones who have it worse. Be strong and be of good courage. My prayers are with you. :peluk :peluk

  8. him caan get nuh help,,as dem seh inna Prison,,him a (Creep on a Mook)di wicked ting him get Voluntary Deportation which mean him caan apply tuh di Embassy fi a next Visa,di mon dem fi deal with him,

  9. STOP plz god he is not a bad person this is his child its not making me no better he is still my father and I would love him no matter what he is my dad and I will love him ur not making me happy ur making me feel bad he has never did anything to me or anyone I cant sit there and let yall talk about him I would never say that about my dad so stop no one can judge only god can

    1. A lot of people cannot say the same and will never say the same..Besides I heard he has been verbally abusive to you , is that a lie also?

  10. he is just trying to move on make it better for me and him and even tho he is not her with me he still does anything in the world for me he is the best he is my dad idc what he did in the past whats in the past stays in the past but u got to see what ur future holds I bet most of u who are saying bad things did things in the past before u got ur life together idc if u don’t want any child near him more time with my dad for me plz u thin im sad cuz of what my dad did oh wait what did he do lol its just u people pnly want the bad things in like never the good u want to find something to put people down and by u talking my dad maybe the one going to heaven nevr know only god so stop hatting idc what anyone thinks about my father and that’s that

    1. Your father is a pedophile of little boys. We do not want him near our young boys in Jamaica. He should try to move on and not to molest any more children, he may not survive in Jamaica

    1. But Roniqua I never said he hurt you I heard that you were upset at him saying you were fat so you are saying this never happened?

      1. Mi jus go pan him page and ur page..U look like him a lot and he seems to be busy wanting to get back in the business and trying to look like man :travel

        1. But look what someone put on him page because him a pose wid him sister son
          Georgia Schofield God is good even when we are not .remember you have a daughter in the USA call her some time she is a gift from God she love you no matter what she see or hear she know that rejection may mean not now but ask so call her.not that she will let rejection stop her she will make it god will see her through she will success she is surrounded
          By love so show her you love her to .so that that your success will will matter in god,s sight because he help you overcome adversity in order for you to walk through the door. don,t get on the other side an for get where you come from . we love you with the love of God .
          March 15 at 12:31pm

  11. I thank everyone for your concern but you need to know that my granddaughter is good, Roniqua have been hurt by people she know and don’t know but she,s a strong young lady. She Love,s her father and would never say anything to hurt him.Lacell was my son inlaw I stood by him after my daughter died,he,s not a bad person we should pray instead of judging one another when it,s all over God will judge us all.mistakes can be corrected .we just need to make it up in our mind not to keep on making them thank,s be to God that gives us the victory as long as we have life we have hope Love you all keep the faith it,s getting better.

    1. aren’t u the one begging for attention on his page and not once has he answered you or acknowledged his daughter? It is time for you to move on. Do not force your grand daughter on him because love cannot be bought or sold

      1. Your grand daughter cannot be healed by him or through him she has to allow herself to heal. You have been trying to reach out to this man for months via facebook and I am sure you have done the same offline. It is time to leave him alone an allow your gran daughter to heal. You said he rejected her , the only way for this cycle to discontinue will not begin with you reaching out to him. Allow him to reach out to you

  12. no its not stop and now im getting mad now yall need to stop and leave him and me and my grandma alone haters are ur motivators so plz keep this coming cuz all yall doing Is going what happen in the past stop u know nothing about me or my dad or my family ur just hearing what people said my dad was busy at the time he wasnt able to call so ur smart stupid comments we don’t need have a nice night thx u I don’t love my dad cuz people want me to I love him cuz he my father and idc what anyone has to say

  13. leave me and my family alone and enough is enough so good night to the people who just keep talking about my bad but one thing I want to leave with u all is why hurt someone else is that making u feel good no I dot think so but when judgment day come and god see all that people who judge me father omg the tires I will see but yall just wont stop but goodnight I have no time for u grown people childish ways

  14. It,s over have a blessed night l never meant for it to get this far gone ‘thank you Met my mistake my post was for him to see ,it was personal it won,t happen again l won,t make that mistake l,m glad you confronted me about my post.

    1. I saw in a document in 2011 that some charges were dropped because they witnesses were not credible ..can u explain what happened there?

  15. My heart goes out to you Roniqua for what you’ve had to endure- your Grandmother too, BUT the truth can not be ignored and you have to understand why some people are angry with him. That is your father and you should love him, but he has a sickness and he is not going to stop molesting young male children until he’s dead. I have read the court documents and met with victims he violated and he has changed their lives forever- RUINED them, and he’s also put you in a bad position by doing what he did. Yes, God is the one to judge and whether you choose to believe it or not, IT IS IN THE PAST, BUT WILL CONTINUE IN THE FUTURE. It’s one thing to be gay, or attracted to the same sex, but when you start touching children, that’s where people can’t forgive and forget. This website is a place where adults voice their opinion and discuss things openly, you will be offended and hurt when you read the posts so maybe it’s best you stay off here so you can continue your healing process.

  16. Wow!! I were a fan and I’ve just been informed in my inbox that Lacell Parnell’s a convicted peado. I refused to believe it until I look this up.

    I’m shocked and disgusted. I’ve been a victim of sexual touching at the age of 10yrs old. I’m a adult now, however after all these years, this has never left me. Spare a thought to the young boy how was troubled. This will NEVER leave him.

    He should NEVER be around young children unattended.

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