16 thoughts on “CHARLOTTE GO WAR OVA WHO?

  1. I saw a video of har by herself one side, and then I seen Lucky with JICON and some other fellows at their table, and I had wonder if she is still with Lucky because normally she stand right beside him but this time she was around some females, but she looked like she was by herself, this was at a party call Lavish, was watching it last night, anyone can come fill us in if they are still together or not??? Please and tanks!!!

  2. One off her knee a retain water or maybe both her knee . Young lady find a doctor soon to get on some water pills those knee no look normal.

  3. No Dem photo shop her foot…No it impossible Fi her foot look Suh and she have them in shorts. Dirty hole Apple you worried you can’t fly to London to watch Jay icon dirty buddy… Woyyy..You sure katty Nuh squichie gone Tek him over there?

  4. Tracy go uni get degree An have her good job yes. But she’s just a under cover whore like dirty charlotte. Don’t make she fool u. She just no get expose cause she stay in Charlotte shadow.

  5. Lucky is the biggest international battyman, him just keep woman fi mek it look good
    Same ting Karka Lee do. Time fi dem come out the cliset

  6. Lucky british ah dutty boy, pussyhole chat deh gal dem too much. Him sey Mitchie Boo mouth stink
    Lena british pussy nuh have nuh bottom. Lisa British pay him fi f**k her daughter

  7. Gal dem fool bout dem ah fight over J-ICON Husband Apple & Charlott know bout the relationship. Dem ah two bloodclat sadamit/lesbian so dem nuh mind dem pussy get shit up

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