6 thoughts on “SPICE GO FIX UP YUH PANTY -_-

  1. Too much a dem a follow style, if fi mi bingo slip and go weh it nuh fi go mi instantly uncomfortable! Dem caan tell me seh dem baggy deh dem a wear weh hitch up deh suh feel alright to dem!

  2. lol…Spice you batty big and real, occasionally draws ago hitch up. Pull it next time okay…lol. Petty poster.

  3. Dem can tek set pon spice eeh she dont ketch a break.. draws ago itch up inna batty at some given time. Senda yuh need a life aint no news here

  4. Yow all if spice wear black we no see har? Pull out yuh draws gal yuh Nuh feel it…. Mi know yah try stay relevant but yuh time a come up new time, new year, new ting, new ppl, new season.

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