People chat me so ah my time now… Wtf is wrong with these hoes there is alot of hair stylish yah body look good and di hair nah make it
***********NOTHING DOE WRONG WID DI HAIR DOE -_-******************

0 thoughts on “CHAT DEM BACK YES………………

  1. Yes I agree nice smile and I dont see anything wrong with her hair. Sender what is your beef with her :cendol

  2. Make them leave di girl alone, nothing don’t wrong with her hair. Marlene u a mad dem ehhh?

  3. Sender…..Of course u would see something wrong with her hair. Why???? Cause u go to hair “stylish” and Marlene go to hair “stylist”……so your hair would look nothing like Marlene own. Nothing. No wonder u nuh know when tings look good. U doe used to good hairstyle. …das why.

  4. Nothing no wrong with the face hairline look ah little far back she showing
    Ah whole heep of forehead. Other she ahright.

  5. Pls smtime I get bored when I’m off work and I read this mix up mix up ! If ur gonna entertain us Com good and don’t waste our time kmt

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