This girl I met at Hamptons by the name of Dyamond in the streets..real name Chaunte Williams ..I treated this girl so good would never expect her to steal from me.An incident took place at Privilege & my phone fell & before this criminal could return my phone to me or my friend no she didnt do that..instead this is what she did!! Not only that! She has my phone using in the same old dirty cracked up case smh #dumb move…caah say u a hott gal & a theif phone smh I leave u to God..God dont like ugly! & to know I welcomed you that night with a kind heart smh God be with u I swear u gonna get served..

One gal caaah suh theif & wicked & lie …jus to find out that not only did she steal my phone but she set up another girl the night before & stole her phone …no sah dis girl a theif for a living smh!! So disgusting

Her Facebook page


  1. Seems there is more to this. Why would she return the phone to your friend ? What type of incident occurred ?. A lot is missing from the story

  2. What a way she thief the people dem phone an a tek picha wid it like she nice . Dwlllllllll Chaunte di people dem waan dem phone, uh fi do betta!

  3. She’s not a bad looking girl, she can get one of dem man dem to buy her a phone, why have theif people dem tings. She need to go get a damn job and leave people tings alone. smdh

  4. God know you? Ah suh dem nasty gyal ya love gwaan like seh dem life lavish and ah dem ting ya unu haffi ah do. U c all ur name pon fb. Bout “dyamond-fab livin di lyfe williams” ?? Livin d life of a criminal. Dwl

  5. pmrm….whe yu mean by “Why would she return the phone …..?”
    Let’s start with IT R NAT FI AR OWN !!! Dat nuh good enough?

  6. @ kem kem….it is you….the lightness of the dress erases the contour and shadow of her right breast…and if she in fact only had one breast it could be she is a cancer survivor….which would make you not only blind but also and incosiderate ass….lmfao

  7. Har man cyah buy ar a phone????? She just a ly dung asuh fi nuttn????? Yungkings????? It really sad… ”_(

  8. Dwl not nice though. Why didn’t you report it ???coming on here Na go do nuh good if she still av it. But then again if it’s true others will beware. But a suh u friendly Fi a welcome ppl yuh nuh know??

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