Why Bobby foot dem look so? An mi get say a di 2 color hair a wear but Daffy cudden get har a betta hairstyle??? When dem a cuss ppl bout good life an best of di best dem fi mek sure everyting pan dem is di best of di best man…gosh. Uggh


0 thoughts on “FOOT SPOTLIGHT

  1. Why uno a raise di dead… kill har Tuesday and bury har Wednesday like she a jew..mek she RIP peace now man….a hope she haunt uno

  2. Met aren’t you tired of featuring this ugly gal? Bobby stop sending in your own topic you are a wanna be celebrity. I have a feeling bobby is seeking publicity like how rotten apple and Kerryann get featured on JMG. Bitch just wanna be down with the local nobodies seek god and stop chasing dancehall fame.

  3. Funny thing is the three stooges are in the same boat ” ILLEGAL” :ngakak :ngakak :hoax2 :hoax2

  4. But mi nuh hear man Bobby dead and bury, all Euology read, pall bears announcement and all deese tings, suh a weh she a doe yah, but si yere, and mi hear she get a good send off . :marah :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  5. I don’t know the story and don’t know this girl from a can of paint but she doesn’t look bad the outfit and hair is ok, she could look much worse I guess. This is just my two cent the outside looking in. lol

  6. Saw this girl in person and she looks good. So what she took a bad picture or had a bad pose..we all take pics that we hate and have no control over if its posted.

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