CHECK NUMBA 12_____________

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  1. Met mi nuh agree wid dah,dah statement should be at numbah 1 or 2. Now who mi fi write in to, to address mi greevance and get it change Met?
    Si mi innah mi pampam..well mi shorts, deh prance and deh sing, go JMG, go JMG, go Mettie, Go Mettie..bwaay look like mi cheering days dem ovah, outah breath, a gurl need to work out a likkle bit more

  2. I fell under one category…#12! Met did tek down my own doh and mi neva send har nuh email….mi still a wonda y. Guess Met can mek sense outta foolishness cause a bare lie dem did a tel!
    Happle si di people dem a nominate yuh fi #1 dancehall celebrity! Bet if yuh did rub castoroil pan yuh headside like how yuh rub bleach pan yuh kin dem call yuh name.

  3. So mek me ask….Is this a Unisex list, if not…which part de ma ma man list de fi de male dancehall celebrity?

  4. Calling out robbas ( bobette) , tonikay , batty man daffy, well Sade is mentally illegal so she too, Paula dean, French monkey ( frenchie ) , the whole stinga crew from southside, happle , Kerry Ann and the others know themselves.

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