0 thoughts on “CHECK SPICE CAPTION -_-

  1. Good morning,she didn’t have to write that caption that’s too much info that john public didn’t need to know,just smile say cheese and keep it moving.

    1. good morning thats exactly what i was thinking..all that never necessary but it look like social media will be her thing for 2015 as it was for 2014

  2. TEAM HUGLY WOMEN………….oh well back to the positive cause for the game……. wait hold on …….DAM DEM LOOK BUSTED. ……….make up is a rass. dem sure cant #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS HEHEHEHE

  3. D angel writing on har shirt backwards, why she affi point dat out? Well guest what SPICE D Angel make the pic look good, unlike you shirt weh a get u attention a Angel face a bring har off, in this case har face a bring you off to because you actually look like sumaddy next to har… too damn outta owda *kissteeth*

  4. TIFA career pop off a har pon sting stage never to return claim say it a look FI har talent n it nah come back without it lmaoooooooo

  5. Macka said it right “gyal SPICE never look clean yet”. She worrying about Angel and others who she don’t like, she should worry about her own damn self. Look how she struggling to hold up her leg in the first pic.

  6. All of that wasn’t even call for spice is a trouble maker acting like a high school rat come on now bitch sit you ugly ass down all like you can beat the world

    1. Spice has a loud mouth but a me fi tell yuh seh Angel we beat Spice. The quiet ones are always preyed on but a dem we beat yuh. Macka a idiot and mouth piece. Lady Saw and Angel we fight and beat gal.

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