The horrifying film shows police kicking him in anger – while he was lying on the ground after he was shot – and he later died from his gun wounds
Video footage released today shows an unarmed black teenager being pushed to the ground after a Chicago police shooting which killed him.

The horrifying film shows police kicking him in anger and called ‘motherf*****’ after he was shot – before he later died from his gun wounds.

Paul O’Neal, 18, was said to be the suspected driver of a stolen car – and three police officers have since been “stripped of their powers” after the incident last Thursday.

The potentially inflammatory video – shot by cameras on police body armour – shows events leading up to the fatal shooting.

It shows a cop driving to the incident and suddenly jumping out of his car and firing at a speeding black car – allegedly being driven by O’Neal – which narrowly scraped past him.

Another officer can be seen firing shots in the footage and around 11 shots ring out in quick succession as the car speeds away.

The cop gives chase on foot and can be heard shouting: “He hit a car get an ambulance!”

When it reaches the stolen vehicle it has come to a stop ahead of another police car which it has hit head on – the fronts of both vehicles are later seen to be mangled – and has smoke billowing out of it.

The driver – said to be O’Neal – has apparently run from the car to a driveway behind some houses and several cops are now giving chase on foot, shouting to each other as well as the man they are chasing.

As they are climbing over a gate leading to a garden behind the house four shots ring out after one officer gets a leg up over the wall. Another uses an unturned bucket to get over the gate.

After an edit a cop wearing a camera can be seen entering a garden where three officers are stood over O’Neal who is lying face down on the floor at their feet.

It is not clear what has happened in the seconds before the camera comes into shot.

One is stood on his leg to pin him down. Another appears to be kicking O’Neal lying on the ground.

The officer who has just approached runs into his body lying on the floor, grabs O’Neal’s arm and pulls it behind his back where he is handcuffed.

One of the cops is shouting “get your hands behind your back motherf*****” and “f****** shoot at us!”

Blood can be seen seeping through his shirt where he has been shot.

O’Neal at this point is clearly alive and complying with everything they are telling him to do.

They do not appear to be attempting to give him any First Aid.

One cop rifles through O’Neal’s backpack and pulls out a screwdriver he discovers inside.

It’s unclear but there are around 6-8 officers surrounding the incident at this point – and they can be heard discussing “is everyone okay?” – some congratulating each other with handshakes.

They are then heard discussing how many times they shot – with one cop saying “they shot at us, right?”

Another says: “Dude, I heard shots and I f****** shot.”

Another says: “Somebody shot.”

Another says: “Hey he shot back, right?”

Another says: “Who was shooting in the alley, was that him?”

The cop with the camera on at this point says: “I think I shot once.”

The footage was first made available to O’Neal’s family and community activists this morning at around 9am local time at the HQ of the Independent Police Review Authority which is investigating the shooting.

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O’Neal’s family left the building through a back door in tears and have yet to comment.

The O’Neal family’s attorney Michael Oppenheimer said: “It is one of the most horrific things I have seen.

IPRA Chicago/VimeoVideo released by Chicago Police showing the moment Paul O’Neal was shotCops followed O’Neal into a garden behind a house where they apprehended him
“It’s unclear as to whether or not he was the actual shooter, but you are going to hear one of the police officers say, ‘Now I’m going to get a 30-day suspension’.”

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The head of the Chicago police oversight agency said the footage was “shocking and disturbing”.

She added that her heart goes out to O’Neal’s family.


  1. An 18 year old child. These Vampires do not care whether you are an adult or a child. Wow…they do not have any emotions only hatred towards our black men because they have a bigger dick! This is what it is all about. Eliminating the competition.

    1. Curious: why do the black youths in a Chicago murder so many other black youths? Do you think it is a dick thing? The murder is at epidemic levels and I have yet to see you write anything about the level of black-on-black violence, which is at outrageous levels at this point in time. You hood rats only seem to care when police kill a black person.

      1. Send in a separate blog to ‘MET’ with that question then maybe we can all help you to answer that question.

        Do you think it is a dick thing? If not what do you think it is?

        I am only responding to the blog heading like everybody else. I am flattered that you read what i write. Why are you watching me so hard in terms of what i write about. You sound like you have beef with me. Have i offended you in previous posts?

        I am not responding to you anymore because you sound bitter and angry and are looking for an argument. Clearly you want to draw me out. Plus the fact that you are hiding under ‘Anonymous’ as your name shows that you are a coward.

        Stick to the topic heading and try not to take things personal. Enjoy your day.

      2. Fassy please don’t come with black on black crime like its a justification for the state and those in authority to join the free for all. The police are held to a higher standard than Deray, that’s why they have a badge and Deray doesn’t. They are to uphold the rule of law, not act as judge jury and executioner.

        Finally, statistically we know that people are usually killed by those closest to them & in their communities – so black people will be killed mainly by black people. Just like white people are killed by white people. So don’t come with that bullshit bout black on black crime. It needs to be addressed but can never be justified by the systematic killing of any and all blacks, including children. Ever

  2. Is anyone noticing that they are stepping up their game and getting more evil. They are basically, telling us that we can not do nothing about this. And if we can it is game on and our young black boys are in the firing line. God of Elijah send down fire and consume the wicked. Set them on fire on Lord. Burn them up with fire and brimstone. Some serious demons have unleashed. USA you need to go into prayer and fasting immediately. Churches need to be contacted and go into prayer and fasting this is an emergency.

    Otherwise, every black male in USA needs to get hold of an AK47 or an uzi to defend yourself and at least take them out before they take you out.

  3. Well I’m gonna be fare on this 1 he endanger their lives if he was driving that black car he deserve a few kick glad they didn’t kill him..

  4. Firstly, they did kill him.

    Secondly, why so trigger happy.

    Thirdly, if he was white they would have brought him in alive.
    Just like this guy who did not only intentionally set out to kill people but he was targeting black people so he gets to live right.

    Finally, They hunted down that young man like a wild animal and their evil minds which are so full of evil were even trying to cover it up on several occasions, does that in itself not concern you!

    That is the integrity of those who are holding firearms. Beware!

  5. Mama a bawl, Papa a bawl a next black youth get shot dung, sometimes wata nuh stop run from Mi eyes when Mi ask di question why, why, why. To be black in this world u feel lower than low , check it out even di dogs have more rights and treated better than you, black people rise up meck wi fight for the cause mama ban u belly, Papa get u las because it’s now or never before another black youth get loss.

  6. Very sad n we think our lives is rough…we come on this site to laugh n have fun even wen we don’t know each other physically but still have grief n wonder…

  7. All of that over a stolen car?

    When Trump win mi sorry fi who inna dat country. Unno stay deh a floss and worry bout name brand and nuh stock and pile and have a place of refuge sort out. Unno stay deh nuh get a valid passport and have di ability to move quickly if needs be. Unno stay deh a drink Moet and nuh know how unno gwine survive when di wicked start walk and cull unno. Di days of the rule of the wicked is upon us, and many fully asleep with wide open eyes.

  8. I was watching this elderly man this morning and I can’t believe I forgot his name I will go check my history for his name but what is one of the many things he did state was this,” The system have most of you thinking that because it’s legal it’s right,please do remember slavery was legal too.”


  10. him put himself in arms way, backpack with screwdriver, regular ting for him, i.m soo mad, he shall steal no more car @##$%%%@#$*&&^ blood claat pickney dem. we have lots a dem too johnny was a good boy. here we go again nutten naw come outa dis

  11. I’m reserving judgement on this, but it doesn’t sit well with me that the news I heard said while the car chase video was published they don’t have a video of the shooting because of some glitch with the camera. How convenient.

  12. In the UK the a lot of youths steal cars, the police try catch dem and sometimes have to run after them when they bail out of the car… I never seen or heard of a car thief in the UK getting shot… Those USA police are crazy and trigger mad, they know not the meaning of a life… Yes sometimes they see black youths killing each other they think they can just join in like it’s part of a fun thing… Blacks kill blacks because of money, if you can’t get a job how u gonna get money? Please answer that question….

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