This four year old baby girl was beaten without mercy by her germs of a father just through she misplaced the slippers he had bought for her,now what I would love to know is,Is he still alive and why,wicked wicked piece a shithouse look on the baby

32 thoughts on “OH JESUS THIS IS TOO MUCH

  1. Oh Hell to di moddafu**g noooooooo yow Mi swear to God seh no police wouldn’t get dis piece a shit alive eno if a my kid dat….if Mi caan ketch him Mi a ketch di mumma, puppa, sista, bredda, di whole f**n fambily…puss rat dog Mi a murda.

  2. As I lift my hand to the very sky this day if a did ever my pickney,right yah nung tuh how mi feel all if anuh mines and smaddy point out seh see him deh mi use mi lass to the fullest none bloodclaat stop chopping all when him dead mi a kill again….which part pon this toddler can tek them bloodclaat lick yah ?!?!?!

    which pawt pon har….him access to har suppose to non existance immediately :marah :marah :marah :marah :marah :marah :marah :marah :marah

  3. them fi him name last place a rest him picture something them a get way outta bloodclaat hand now,not even a slap the man almost kill the phuck’n baby over some bloodclaat redundant slippers,the babymother mussi stop phuck him or a phuck pon him him tek out him crosses problem pon the baby..mi seh dem fi kill him enuh. beat har till she bleed look pon har body frame is like the baby even under fed no man mi hurt…a him head mi need pon a damn platter

    1. Wicked bloodbath thing a may de fuss him buy har anything! Him fi gas and light.

      That child may have spinal injuries cause all a de bruising de pon that part. A Africa Met?

  4. Jesus take the wheel because if that was my baby father R.I.P would’ve been next to his name he needs to rot in hell

  5. Omg this make me sad this just f**k up my day. what’s the details is the police lnvolve ? What is the outcome met pls keep me posted if you get any more details

  6. When some of them leave their children lives is a blessing I tell you, no matter what the so-called professionals want to say. Because this little girl will not benefit from having a man like this in her life. How can any well thinking parent beat a 4 year old like this? kmt

    1. Straight so. Women, we all know it’s rough out there to take care of our kids on our own. But you see when man gwaan like them nuh waan mine dem Pinckney mek dem gwaan. Same how God part de red Sea and the Israelites just walk thru same way fee mek dem gwaan. Not all men stay so , but too many of dem don’t waan nuh responsibility. And de likle change dem call child support will give dem access to our kids. Any bwoy wey beat a child like dat over a pair of slippers tell you say ah mussi de first time him spend more than sweetie money pan har. if ah mind a prison mi dey right now, and a sympathetic judge must release me base in on crime of passion.

  7. Like in the other post in which the mother was beating her teenage Daughter, I find this to be very sickening, there is nothing wrong with punishing your child, But this is straight up abuse. I broke the cycle with my Kids, none was beaten in this manner, why? Because as a JAMAICAN and from the Caribbean, I was beaten numerous times until I even PEED on myself! My screams went unheard! I got beaten with anything and everything and looking back at it, some of the beaten was not necessary. This needs to stop! Some of these parents needs to put in Jail, No one to protect our Kids from this brutal cycle, Parents thinking they can beat the hell out of kids to get them to behave or conformed is VERY illiterate, again, there is other ways and means to punished your kids. SAD.

    1. It is our little dirty secret. We see this and everybody gets angry, but who is willing to step in and stop the person when the abuse is taking place. Your story is the story of generations. Many come out of these homes utterly dysfunctional and unable to fully function in the world. The damage of abuse goes deeper than ppl believe.

      1. But what do we do? When the younger generation still believe in this abuse? We use the bible verse don’t spare the rod and spoiled the child to abuse our kids mentally and physically. How a parent can look on their own flesh and blood and do this to them? thinking that it’s the only way we can punished our kids TEARS. This is a debate that will never stop! As for me and my house, I broke the cycle and today one just graduated from college and the other in high school, without a BEATEN, teach a child the way they should grow and they will never depart from it, lead by example and your kids will follow. Yes the damage of abuse is deeper than we all think, Boys watching their Dads beat their mothers eventually come beat their wives/girlfriends. Our little dirty secrets has given me scares that cannot be removed.

  8. Folks live out what dem learn. I bet you this was exactly how the father was treated. Not making any excuses, but when you beat kids day in day out like wild animals this is the outcome. Is six children of Jamaican heritage die right here in Toronto at the hands of abusive parents in the last fifteen years, much too high for our population. These are the ones who died, not those abused and mistreated who survived. We need to reevaluate aspects of our culture and why physical abuse is still rampant in families.

    I hope the mother is not complicit in the abuse of this child.

  9. Yuh know di wuss ting bout e. Dere are good loving couples out dere who cyaa have nuh pickney anna bawl day an night fi ah child. An look how dis sewer rat do di likkle girl….ova ah slippas. Bless God him neva kill har.

  10. WHO DID THIS? That 5 to 10 minute beating muss give him 5 to 10 years in prison—NO LESS…would love to hug this child tightly but the way she bruise up u cant even hug her….mi say ar madda betta be innocent if not she need to pay also.

  11. Anonymous 3:14 I think the same way mi used to get beating fi ask questions that I don’t understand…Mi mother n her Rasta brother was talking 1 time n he said if heaven up deh how the astronaut dem nu see it n me with mi big mouth seh yes how come…yu si wen him gone a get a rass beating..smh

    1. :ngakak Sorry Max but, This is serious you know? I got a beat down already to sweep the dust in the hall way THE WRONG WAY, If someone can come explain this to me, Cut up me hand with the belt, Yeap, One of my Aunt did it, Lick me fi sweep the dust not the way she wanted it. Now you tell me? Something can ever go so? Illiterate I tell you. I promise myself the day I have kids, this beaten business going to stop, thanks Jah, the two pickney them that I was blessed with, Never backanswer :ngakak never get hit from the day them born and they ok and doing good, However, I had to take away a few stuff from them and limit them to certain things as punishment, The abuse needs to stop and people need to stop talk bout the poor kids them deserve it. WICKED them be.

    2. This was the”children should be seen and not heard” school of rearing. When they don’t have a logical answer for your question dem just beat you. While you get wuck out like horse, cause coupled with the abuse was blatant servitude, as if your sole purpose of being born was to serve the home. This servitude happens in varying degree depending on the needs of the mother or father.

  12. We strongly condemned the abuse of children n call on the authorities to take immediate action to bring it to an end.

  13. I’m too angry to speak my mind on this one. It’s so disgusting that we have among us people who are totally NOT FIT for human classification, nothing but animals worthy of a sword to the neck instantly BEFORE they are arrested by the Police.

  14. met a weh dis.? we cant say a Africa dis rass happen a Jamaica too, how can u beat the baby for the slippers like dat

  15. tawkchuet u actually got a heart, u shit yet don’t do-do wait till xmas u hear tan deh full a shit til December lol, drup a grung dwl

  16. Kids fi get beating….BUT NOT to this level. Worst yet over a shoe. An police nuh get dem hands on him yet????

  17. A no him alone.. A so nuff a di f**ka dem stay have dem bloodclaat problem an tek it out pan dem pickney. Das why sometimes mi nuh wrong America fi deal wid di system how dem deal wit it cause it necessary inna cases like these. Some parents. Matter fact parent some a dem wicked nuh bloodclaat.

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