Dear Met,

I think most people would agree that there is a very thin line between teaching a child a lesson and Child Abuse.Tuesday gone was a prime example and up to now mi still a replay what went down to come to terms with it. This lil girl just turn 12yo come home after 10pm when school over from 2pm.Her father had the entire community up in arms over how him chose to discipline her.

The background is “Lil Miss gwaan like she big”‎ n her fren plan up n gone a bwoi(17yo next week him 18!!)yard.Her fren brazen enuff to follow her home fi tell di Puppa she n her did a study at her Mom’s yard. The Puppa call fren Mumma ongle fi hear Mumma sey she deh a Mobay from last week n not in kingston!! The Puppa never sey a next ting but start fling on licks pon lil miss. The big deal dat draw the crowd Met to me had to be the fact how him a mash her up.The man a use him 2 feet dem pon her even bruck a broomstick too cross her back!NOBODY NAH INTERVENE with a few uttering words of support to the Puppa fi beat “IT”outta her!

Well Me deh dere a Tek een how the Puppa a bawl while delivering the blows how him give her anything she want and feed her everyday n provide fi har so wha she at 12 a do wid man??I live in the area n I never see or hear that man mouth yet so dis really draw him out.Some ppl woulda call the cops on him but I felt like that would mek di situation worse so I sent go call di DON in the hope he would stop this man doing serious damage to his own daughter. I repeat nobody never a mek any move and even a sey u can’t stop or tell a parent how fi discipline dem pickney.
Lil Miss manage fi escape n run off and the Puppa fling several stones after her but luckily missed.He ran her down and caught her but b4 he could mash her up more again,smaddie tell him the Don sey him must stop n him want see him.The thing is Met I feel a way cuz mi hear him get couple boxes n kicks.I don’t believe a man fi use him foot pon any women or children and I don’t care zero if a ur pickney.‎I hope lil Ms.Fren get a proper buss ass when she reach home after 11pm said nite. Me deh here a wonder what dem gonna do bout the 17-18yo yute in all a dis cuz look like him get off scotchfree.


  1. She fi get discipline but nuh so…. A man use to beat him daughter so kick har down an peer things round a Mi way but di way him beat di likkle gal yuh would think a him woman…… guess wah we find out di whole time him did a sex him daughter…dutty bloodclawt man!!!

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