1. Met,I don’t believe this was random. She either got mix up in the wrong crew,buisneess or ex man wanted her dead. Their is no excuse for such a gruesome act, but the way how Jamaica and di world a run im still wondering if ppl still fail to see that life is not a game or promised to no one. RIp baby girl.

  2. R.I.P young lady…I’m beyond disgusting with the violence in jamaica. Whenever the thought of going home come to mind, I get scared. No one is safe anymore.

  3. Random or not that don’t give them no right find them hang them rip young lady gone home to soon hope her family pray nonstop for justice

  4. Condolences to family and TRUE friends.

    Joncrow going to feast on all who have knowledge about this before and during; the offenders and dem generation shall suffa!. Selah

    Fi rape, murder and mutilate is a demonic action. Onu will suffer all in eternity.

  5. God it’s so gruesome, the level of over kil mek it seem personal. RIP may they never find peace again dutty bastards

  6. Since wi leaving the Commonwealth, wi may as well move forward wid di death penalty since wi won’t be dealing wid privy council and all dat.

    1. Oh stfu! Dem set here GOT caught! So what you say again bout getting caught?! Onu quick fi say NO, Neva see, related and friendly with criminals is we major problem.

  7. This happen in halse hall may pen Clarendon.. Yes 3 young boy involved police have them in custody( thanks to a witness) she went by her best fren house in new Bowen to visit they went out the night an she was taken by the three wicked boy!carry go halse hall football field an killed her

  8. 1st let me start out by saying me her soul rest in peace, my condolences goes out to her family and friends and I pray that the good Lord give you all the strength to grieve… I pray that justice is done on the behalf of this young lady and the men are brought to justice quickly, that they do not have another second pon God’s green earth to do murder another human being…

    Sometimes I wonder why so many senseless death are occurring on the island… Such a beautiful island and there’s nothing but death all around… I pray for peace throughout the island and the safety of all residence throughout the island…

    I hope these men are brought to justice, it doesn’t matter what she said and what she did, they shouldn’t of killed her in that way and the pain they caused her before she passed and all that she had to endure by these vicious animals…

    I hope they are found and hanged for their crime…

  9. We condemned as strongly as humanely possible these acts of violence against our women. It is times like these jungle justice trumps the rule of law.at the very least String dem up and heng dem up alive!

    1. Dem fi position like post, dose with gas and bun and rebun till not even ashes left fi breeze blow.

  10. I’m from Clarendon this hurt my soul to see how the nice place I grew up in has become!!mi fraid a down there bad bad the heart of man wicked bad

  11. This crime has waste men written all over it. Jamaica has too much damn waste man in the island. We need to do one big waste man cleanse by luring all the waste man to Sabina park by telling them we are keeping a big dance there with free liquor, free food heck even tell them we will give them money upon arrival. Once every waste man in the island is there we need to throw out some packets of weed and rizzla to them and during the mad scramble for the weed, we lock the gates and thrown a bunch of grenades in there and level Sabina flat lol… It would be easier to rebuild Sabina than to make these waste men productive.

    R.I.P to the victim and my condolences to the family of the victim.

    1. :hammer. Bitch you cold, but is damn good plan. poison the weed, liquor and Food to start 😀 😀 😀

      A big open door clothes sale would be a way fi do away wid the waste woman dem too. Trust and believe the women contribute to the social problems more than the men.

  12. What could have possessed those seemingly heartless men to do such a thing? I mean, kidnap, rape, maim and murder–these men should be buried alive, if found.

  13. From the Jamaican government allowed the Haitians and their barbaric asses on the island they contaminated the natives. Yes we had crimes before, but nothing like when those savages arrived in countless numbers. Rest is peace my sister

  14. Some women shouldn’t breed and bring these f**ing demons to become menace to society.Tthis shit is just too much! these germs act like they didn’t come from a woman. they need to be burn alive. Disgusting nasty jancrows

  15. So Sad…I am glad you never show the body..all what she guh tru, she atleast deserve the respect for ppl not to see her in that state, what her last thoughts must have been is sad. Condolences to the family, may God comfort and send peace to their hearts…time is a healer.

  16. This is so heart rending, I cannot find words to say, may her soul rest in eternal peace. God give her family the peace that only you can give, this is a very hard one.

  17. stop blame di hatians dem unu too wixked and sound like the trinis whe ah blame yardie. crime and cruel shit deh ah yard from mi eye deh ah mi knee

  18. MAY 7,2016 at 8:18 pm
    my condolences to the families and friends may her soul rest in peace the nation get so violent i pray that all the churches will united together fast and pray and ask god to healed our land ,our land need to be purged it need to be detox god is not please with what is going on .I AM CALLING UPON ALL THE YOUNG PEOPLE WITH A HEART OF STONE REPENT!!! REPENT!!!REPENT!!!YOU ARE GOING TO REAP WHAT YOU SOW MAN SIN GONE UP INTO GOD NOSTRIL AND GOD IS GOING TO CAUSE VENGEANCE ON THE LAND HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH .

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