A well-known mechanic who is accused of having a sexual encounter with a girl aged eight, continues to conduct his normal business in the town of Highgate, central St Mary, while local police claim they are searching for him.

The victim, who attends a primary school, received treatment at hospital as a result of the heinous act that has left some members of the Highgate community and surrounding areas in shock. It was confirmed yesterday that she has since been discharged from the Port Maria Hospital.

The incident occurred about two weeks ago when the man visited the child’s house in a community near to Highgate and allegedly engaged in the sexual act with her. A relative of the girl saw the accused man performing oral sex on her and immediately alerted another relative who both saw the man continuing that and other sexual acts. The Jamaica Observer could not determine whether or not the relatives called out to the molester, or urged him to desist.

The Sunday Observer learnt that a verbal report was made to the Highgate police by one of the relatives, and a team from the station visited the man’s house in Highgate last Tuesday with a view to taking him in for questioning in relation to the act, but he fled.

A woman and three small children who were at the house with him were detained by the police for questioning, but were later released. Later reports said that the woman who was questioned by police was the mother of the child. She declined to press charges against the accused man, as they are said to be romantically involved.
However, some of the child’s relatives are up in arms with the mother and have threatened to take the matter to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) if nothing is done to adequately deal with the suspect.

In the meantime, some residents of the community told the Sunday Observer that the man returned to the house the same evening that the police went in search of him and has been operating as normal since.

“Di man just a laugh after the Highgate police dem,” one resident told the Sunday Observer. “From the same day dem go a him house and nuh find him, the man come back and the police can’t hold him yet. When the police go for him and never catch him dem tek out the keys out of him car, but him find a way fi start the vehicle the same day and drive it round the place. Dem always a send the worse set a police dem come a Highgate, and dem don’t even know how fi arrest anybody.”

A man who has lived in the town for over 50 years said that the police were moving at snail’s pace in apprehending the suspect.

“The guy is popular in the area. He works on several motor vehicles, and has even done work on police service vehicles, so he is well known,” the man said.

“I have heard of terrible crimes committed in Highgate, but the rape of an eight-year-old child has to be the worst thing,” another community elder said. “This is not the first time that we are hearing of this guy molesting the same girl and these things must stop, man; we cannot run a country this way when our little girls, and in some cases, our boys, are being introduced from early into these dreadful sexual acts.”

Head of the St Mary police, Superintendent Stephanie Lyndsay, told the Sunday Observer that she was unaware of the incident, but promised to check it out and inform the newspaper of her findings.

When the Sunday Observer checked with the Highgate Police Station on Friday, a policeman on duty said that he could not speak to the matter, and his superiors were not at the location. A subsequent call made to the station yesterday produced the following words from a woman who claimed to be a district constable:

“Nutten no go so. Maybe you get the information wrong. It’s not an eight-year-old, the girl is 10, and it wasn’t anything like rape … it was more like indecent assault, because he fingered her. So I don’t know about that. But I cannot release any information to you, you would have to talk to the sub-officer and they are not here at the moment.”

Highgate has, historically, been associated with low levels of crime and criminal activities over many years, but in recent time concern has been expressed by residents about the reported high number of illegal guns that have landed in the town, incidents of housebreaking, larceny, murder and the haphazard manner in which drivers of public passenger vehicles conduct themselves on the narrow roads in the town.


  1. Me feel fi juck out dah “district constable” gyal yeye deh bout indecent assault. Whether she’s 8 or 10 she’s still a child, whether she fingered or penetrated or orally it still wrong. You see a things like diss mek me get ignorant inno because whomever answered that phone just excused the acts of this dawg shit.

  2. But Unuh hear wah dis lopsided joncrow seh bout the lil girl is not eight but ten, and it wasn’t anything like raped , it was more like indecent assault because him just finga har…noooo sah mi nuh read dis good or wah ?? Sodom an gomarroh pon Unuh ole nastiness dung deh..

  3. This is dispicable in every form. Summady fi hol him and give him some jungle justice, since the police are inept, callous and in denial. Castration is what is called for here. God forgive me

  4. GM, based on the article above, I see a couple of people who need some real drape up and kick down.
    #1 is the “mother.” Woman, you so desperate for love that you willing to mek ur man (use that term loosely cause nuh real man nah do dem effery yah) come molest off ur girl child? Woman, u know how you scarring that child?? The child can’t even depend on her parent to protect her much less the d@MN law!!! I hope them give you the same punishment they give the rapist scumbag.
    #2 Dutty molester/rapist dog, yuh nuh content wid the girl mother, u have to touch her too don’t it? I hope when u working on one of those cars the jack slide out due to divine intervention and crush you!! You are disgusting, she’s a child!! I pray you don’t have any offspring because God in heaven knows.
    #3 Highgate “police”… just put down the badge and return the uinform and guns. You are a disappointment to the community and a failure to this child and her well being. If this article is accurately reporting the many blunders you guys have made, better yuh get some money selling bag juice and cheese trix because police work don’t suit unnuh and we need GREAT officers to provide and protect.
    This story hurt my heart bad bad bad.

    1. U figget di 2 ‘relative’ dem wheh si….. Cause mi nuh know if mi cudda ketch man inna di act ah molless mi 8y-o fambily and nuh draw wan kutliss or 2 rock stone

      Dem luuuuuu (or maybe fraid ah him)

  5. We STRONGLY condemned all acts of sexual abuse against our children.whats the purpose of stockpiling all those guns Inna highgate if yall nah use dem fi shoot child-molesters??

    Is there any doubt that this current pompous eediot is the worst comissioner in police history???

  6. But wen dem hear sehh ah batty man dem nuh wait pan police. Child molester r the worst ppl on this EARTH. But dem only hav strength for gays. D police cant find him butbthe residents can YOU AS A COMMUNITY TURN HIM IN PHYSICALLY

  7. @Merry,exactly.There seems to be more a cultural tolerance for paedophilia overall infortunately.Had it been a man caught in a homosexual situation he would probably have been dead already!The comment of the female officer is horrible.No matter the type of penetration the child was raped and it will affect her.

  8. The parent and the family members of this child is a disgrace, the police department and the officers at that station is a disgrace, why are you guys police officers if you are not protecting the innocent… I read this man fix the police motor cars that means that he has some type of good standing with the police that they do not feel that what his done is something they should arrest him over… And for the family members that saw him committing these acts against this child and just watched instead of beaten him over the head and stopping him is no good, no matter if you report him you should of stopped him… His one sick bastard and I hope that God administer his punishment soon and that her mother also has the same fate as him…

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