The Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR) on Thursday said it is disturbed at news of the number of bodies of children found over a seven-day period.
Reports are that the body of a five-year-old girl from St Mary was discovered last week by a family member, while on Monday, it was reported that the body of a 14-year-old girl was found near a river where she had reportedly gone on Sunday to wash items of clothing and have a bath, also in St Mary. That incident was followed on Wednesday with reports that the body of another 14-year-old girl, this time from Westmoreland, was found near her school.
“The OCR finds stories such as these troubling and calls on citizens who may have any information regarding the death of these children to report to the police without delay,” a news release said Thursday. “The agency also wishes to extend sympathies to the family, friends and community members of the children who have lost their lives, as they go through this very difficult experience.”
Registrar at the OCR, Greig Smith said: “The reports about dead children in recent days are alarming as youngsters who should be living to attain their full potential are being robbed of that opportunity. Against this background I wish to urge parents and guardians to ensure that mechanisms are in place to guard against their children being left alone, even in their neighbourhoods and school communities.”
Smith also issued the following tips to ensuring children’s safety.
“The law states that children are persons below 18 years old, therefore, even teenagers require some amount of supervision,” he said.
“Children who travel to and from schools and other places, who cannot always be accompanied by parents or guardians are encouraged to walk in groups. Parents and school administrators are urged to develop effective partnerships where updates can be provided on whether children arrive at school safely and where enquires are made promptly about children who are absent from school,” Smith continued. “This will help to eliminate delays in locating children who may be missing and could also mean the difference between these children being found dead or alive.”


  1. Rest is peace beautiful children.
    Death to all child molestors, perverts and killers of children.
    May you never find rest, peace and suffer a wicked death.
    I really hope these killers are soon caught.
    Zero comments on this tragedy, but dozens on d gyal dissing people and d kissing on she facebook.
    What does that say about our priorities as human beings and worse yet as mothers, bearers of children or child caretakers?

  2. This story tug at my heart strings. There’s got to be a lot of broken hearts right now. For the benefit of our children, it would be so nice to see some tangible results or ideas to make the necessary changes required to begin saving those in danger. There is not enough resources, and we need all hands on deck – families, church, school. Our children needs help!

  3. So true, we pay so little attention to important things that touches e of our hearts, these children are Precious their lives will not go in vain. We need to know what is the priorities in life.

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