1. Yow Cassius my yute, big handshake fe kill de corpse (wey in my opinion) done dead awready. My yute, yu and anadda blogger talk out de tings dem, so we nah go get nuh brain aneurysm from thinking too hard bout da nawsy dutty lowlife gal ya who look like a well – travelled road. Good riddance dat dis slut get deported from Jamaica, and a hide out inna Trinidad. Bitch fe stay dey so and live on borrowed time. My yute, thanks fe confirming de gender, because at first mi did tink say it was a fish trying to survive outta water, and den mi say no, cause it look tranny – ish too, but now yu confirm say is not a fish, nor a tranny, is a bitch/butch dat.

  2. Answering a woman who and replying to a video like a little bleeding period bitch. You say u name man? Lwouldnt want u up in my tight hole.
    On another note, u ALL need to stop the F**KERY a and promoting hate and division among the islands. Live in unity idiots because the white man and the rest of the oppressive world don’t give a shit about third world problems or agenda.
    So u all continue with the bullshit.
    Too early for this F**KERY here man.
    We know the girl said inappropriate stuff so did th people who post comments on her page before to rile her up.
    Let it lie. It done. U all love passa passa and F***KERY a instead of solving world problems.
    And to say where is Trinidad u know is bullshit because 17,000 jamaicans are living their illegally. And not dem alone ok. Others from Nigeria China grenada, bout 25,000 Guyanese etc.
    – people need to FOCUS on life goals and fixing dem dutty life instead of worrying who live whey and who do what.
    Finally, keep unno dutty stinking lifestyles and sexual deviants behavior OFF of social media and no one would not have shit to say.
    Men as for u in general STAY out of woman war and facebook war, dat too feminine of a fight.
    Man answering back woman now d new culture like BITCH,?
    whey all d real hard cock die hard woman-loving man dey?

    1. u nuh serious could f**king never .. the gal might as well tell him fi suck him mada..ccuss out har bc yes and wtf are you saying though? BIG UP MR WASHINGTON fi defend him mother up up way up yute

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