sooooo there is a big argument on Instagram I don’t follow chin but chin is dunnnning her babyfather after she found out that he did a DNA test on the twin which was confirm that they are not his …. There will be more to come on that story …

0 thoughts on “CHIN….DNA DUH FI TRUE?

  1. So chin mek me ask u summon deh,, u nuh see say the dentures too heavy fi u mouth misses???? U boassy sah church u fix up u missing teeth dem u a talk up loud Inna video now.. but chin a cuss ppl wen all she do a walk and sell outta black garbage bag and wen she bring the duty clothes dem and u nuh buy nuttun church dem look dingy she cuss

  2. Lmfao dkm metty pls not sure wah pop dung more bout this he/she lookin person.. is it her tuff dace, her weave, her dentures or da fact dat she vulgar and loud and sound dunce nuh f..k …my girl voice note next time yuh body look good but everything else mess da f..k up ppl really complain bout chicken and food ? How broke are these b….s that’s why u shud t tell ppl yuh bizness cause dis tyranny dun dem girls and mek dem seem like broke petty stupid hoes sah unuh fi gwaan better man

  3. No man!! Somebody give this woman a DJ work cause she sound like slaughter Rich!! No selecta can beat harrrr.

  4. Yo this has me dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chin is one mad head.. Ppl know when them start with har she nuh normal… She will cuss madda pickney dead puppa o right down!

  5. Chin and money train walk wid ah china cabinet inna dem mouth and love exposure ehnuh…So wait deh…stick ah pin metty..Di senda ah seh twin dem is not fie Cory? Den ah hoofa?

  6. The twins are Cory kids the daughter look dead stamp of him plus the video is very old chin ugly and crawny bad Cory only with her for money plus him love likes and all he do is sell drugs so they both parasites that belong together I don’t know how Cory suck chin and kiss her me woulda rather shoot myself

  7. This ole czar come from the bottom a Crescent Rd a JA, a so di entire family stay..Nothing no channg bout har except the bleaching, do up body and slightly better verison of Macy..Chin tormented and cursed.

  8. If this girl smart she would send di video to a hollywood horror movie producer she would get a role and she wouldn’t need no extra makeup.

  9. Careless chin always a act up. This duty gal come from two mile a jamaica. Whay dog eat dog all them know is this. Chin careless bad and walk and look trouble with whiteplains road dunce bat them like her self

  10. The whole time I was on the edge of my seat , swear seh di dentures did ago drop out. She look like Mama Dee.

  11. If she so rich an fulla money why shi neva get di teet dem wah permanent causz har mouth dont luk gud fi gurl wah sey shia hol money!!

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