Well met a pure word chin a drop and a dis up Dave klans from she hear him was at BRT with him new girl. She Nuh stop post and delete and she delete the pictures she did have up a brag. See the one of the picture with her a talk about her new man and that she a wife, she delete it couple hours later. She say all she did want Dave for was the eating because him eat her good and proper. The mada a dun Dave too. She say Dave live pan her phone a beg her to speak to chin fi him because him love chin so him fi move him bl****t


10 thoughts on “CHIN INA KLANS PROBLEM

  1. Bloodclaat now story a buss out. Chin you just hurt and jealous and why unu love talk about man a eat unu pussy so but a the man them fault fi pick up unu dutty nastiness

  2. DWL !! Suh Chin madda can defend har from waste man who she already knew was a waste man but cya talk her into going to school and do sumn betta wid her life. Noo sah dem two yah a di biggest bafoons mi eva see.

  3. Chin and har mumma a 2 prostitute who walk and sell pussy. A dar Dave fi get because every pussy him see him want Chin and har mumma fi class him. Him never know chin and har a mouth dutty and them don’t keep secret.

  4. Dwl chin use him and gone to the next man now. She realise him money don’t nuff like that. She always a say a him did a run har down and a spend pan har so she give him a run but him lame and love 3 some

  5. Chin a f***t. That Likle gal a f**k from she a bout 10 year old. She a just 24 and di breast and batty that says a lot. She is a prostitute

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