Spice does not support female acts – Chin Chin

Gully Bop’s estranged fiancEe, Chin Chin, has released a diss song aimed at dancehall artiste Spice, claiming that the ‘stage show boss’ has not been supportive of other female acts.

According to Chin Chin, Spice was one of only three females booked for Reggae Sumfest, yet she did not share the glory with any female act unlike the male deejays. As a result, Chin Chin said she was inspired to pen Couldn’t Walk Weh that was produced by Cigar Records.

“I don’t think it is cool for her to act like she is the only female dancehall artiste and the others are not good. She didn’t bring up any artiste with her at Sumfest, but, at the same time, look how much artistes the males brought onstage and females were already scarce,” Chin Chin said.

“She could have brought up Raine Seville or any trying female artiste. Spice should remember when she was a trying artiste, and don’t act like you are the only female in dancehall.”


Although Spice is known for her feisty lyrics and strong stage show presence, Chin Chin told THE STAR that she is not frightened by the Scorn Dem deejay.

“If J Capri never dead and cause Lady Saw to go into the church, you couldn’t get a run. And for the record, I am not trying to get a hype off you because I have my own hype. I am not afraid of Spice either. Don’t take my cute face simple because she can’t bully me,” she said.

Despite her fiery words, Chin Chin made it clear that a physical altercation is not in her character.

“She lick after Sashae at Sting, but I am not into that sort of thing. If she answer me, I will respond and go toe to toe until she stop. But I am not trying to fight with her. She gave a good performance at Sumfest and mi a give her credit for that,” Chin Chin said.

“However, all I am saying is that she should do better as a female artiste and stop rubbing your success in the face of other females. Humble because you don’t have a Grammy like Lady Saw and she was never so hype.”

When contacted, Spice declined to comment on the matter, stating that she did not know of a Chin Chin. Though unrelated, she also revealed that she and her long time boyfriend Nicholas Lall had parted ways.


  1. Met mi hear couple ppl a sey spice obeah jcapri enuh and kill her and lady saw did dream it before it happen that’s why she gone inna church

    1. Me saaay Jcapri was Spice onlaay competitiooon! I said it already! :travel accidents most times synonymous to? :travel

    2. Suh all obeah and murda har name a call pon? Good grief! Some ppl reputation in dis world worse dan a pit latrine.

    3. This is such a stupid statement obeah has no power it’s all a mind trick, if you are weak minded yoh will fall for it.

  2. Chin!!!! u need to take several seats…u nuh inna spice league, try and find another career because music is not it!!!! bitch bye….

  3. CHIN GO SIDUNG!!!!! Lyrically Spice will dunne you. I aint a fan of Spice but mi worst cant stand you. She just served you with the greatest insult by denying your existence. One thing bout Spice she tours hard because there is a demand for her where there is none for you. You looking real pathetic and foolish Chin.

  4. In all honesty Spice owes nobody nothing enuh,if she feel like share her stage or not that’s her business to be frank,for me her music has become repetitive to me but with that said she keeps putting out catchy songs so she stays getting booked instead of wanting her to share her cake why not keep baking yours till it reaches perfect so ppl request it more.

    Spice goes after the man because the other females who fall under the dancehall umbrella are not giving her a challenge so in her eyes is really she alone..make diamond she sit waiting for a hit song from someone to re-word it,Ishawna a focus on empowering matey (side eye), Tifa want to be a pop artist,the rest just a live off what they been put out,so if I was you I focus on me and let Spice do what Spice do.

  5. Chin need to go a take several seats wid her auto tune song them…don’t try skip the line bitch…wait yu turn ole iron baloon

  6. yuh know which upcoming artist is the one to watch if she gets a good management team ..that young girl from Portmore who won the magnum kings and queens she has a little Kartel thing bout her,she even performed on Sumfest

  7. Chin a lick out gainst Spice? Kiss mi rass! Dis come een like de pot a call de Kettle black! Or should I say, dis is a 2 – ooman mission, wey any one a dem 2 ya, will do anything fe get dem own way!

  8. Chin not a fan of either of you but yu no exist fi real. Use these negative comments as a means of motivation and stop wait pon hand out. Spice owes you nothing, she work hard fi what she wants you go try do di same, leggo off a Gully Bop and Di mad woman mash mouth and go find something constructive fi do kmt

  9. Kmt. Chin calling her name because she call fi har. I heard something that Spice said teeth drop out inna chin crotches so dats why Chin do song.But Dpice love fk wid pple. Look weh she do Don Andre.

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