17 thoughts on “CHIN YUH BUSY

  1. Neva see smoke wid out fire dis crow bait
    Deh pon line de other day ah talk bout
    She love old men lmao.
    Chin yuh worthless an nuh have no ambition
    Yuh ah look man fe mine yuh an yuh have
    Nothing to bring to the table as ah woman.
    Chin yuh self esteem low an yuh have no pride your not twenty five as you want de world to believe.
    Your 39 an old enough fe know right from wrong do betta wid yuh life my girl

  2. Relationship Goals….cant shake the feeling that this is the facade of an upgrade but in reality would really be a downgrade.

    Without question the MAN from the gully stands head n shoulder above this less than average Joe!

  3. Another example that concludes that, there is no such thing as an ugly white man to a Jamaican women. I’ve seen some of the nicest looking Jamaican women walking hand and hand proudly with some of the ugliest white man on earth. This man looks like he has full blown AIDS and looks like he sniffs crack as well… Lol.. Gold diggers are always attracted to younger men, because they’re looking for a daddy type figure as oppose to a companion. I bet you Chin either don’t know her father or don’t get along with him at all.

  4. 11:44

    Bwoy! Yuh too old to be so fool…

    Everyone in this worl weh fuk n lef n on to do next is someone’s fuk n left….
    Yuh nuh watleft to?
    I have no clue why anyone behaving like this disgusting looking white man weh look like him have skin cancer a smaddie…

  5. Anony 11:44…..mi nuh know what Joe want, but me myself would never knowingly pick up Bop whatleff. NO RAAS WAY!!! Chin a poze up choo she want Downsound support har ZERO TALENT gold digging bumbo. Gyal, yu cannot sing. Guh pick two mango inna di season yah and guh siddung gense roadside and hustle. Fi yu pum pum kondemm!

  6. Dem 2 people ya (Chin and Joe) mek mi affe look at de big picture. Dem mek mi affe stand back, and really look at tings, in order to get it all into focus. A how dem 2 people ya full up a shock value so man?

  7. Chin really looking nice in dis pic.

    Dem is two peas in a pod, I actually think they would make a good couple, they strike me as the same type of ppl.

  8. he does look like bop @coolkid only white maybe her type is pipe head looking men. To each is own huh

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