1. Question.. China when u do the belly why them nuh sort out the thighs tuh? Doctor irresponsible bad bad bad.

  2. dis is de libatty dats cum wid trying tuh be more dan wat yuh actually r’………..a winter nd mi have a black pants yah weh sey kip warm nd going mi lib inna it as mi wear two time inna de 7 days outta de wan week mi brush out the crotches and brush awf de leg dem den fling it oba de heata dry him out nd wear him two more time inna de sed i dont give a PHUCK cuz a fimi nd it kip de i nd i warm nd bow weh likkle cold breeze…but chue china dem lub hype nd gwaan dem question yah a weh ppl start ask cum ask mi way bout fimi mek a raaaaaily tells yuh y.

  3. Morning I don’t see the issue with the clothes especially the black pants cause it kinda hard to tell one black pants from the other so sender u on Chinatown clit a likkle to much deh so but u see the bag now that bag China meck sure u get har full share of wear outta da mofo mi know wrong har cause she ain’t gonna see anymore of those for awhile

    1. mi nuh si di issue butttttttttttttttt mi waa ask why people dress up ina dem house to take pictures for fb knowing dem not going anywhere? WHY??????? :nerd

  4. No Met, stop tell lie- a caan inna smaddy house paint inna dat deh shocking color green den…nopes, I don’t believe it :siul :siul :siul

  5. It look to me like all a di pics tek di same time. Di boucle jacket is a part of di oufit and di black zip up jacket is har actual jacket. Plus mi have a million black tights and jeggings so mi can’t really knock har cause a goodly di same thing dem saying bout me. LOL LOL Mi nuh tink dat is in China apartment cause mi see odda pics pan FB dung to di fridge an doan see no green wall…unless she paint recently……China come talk cause me know yuh peeping.

    1. Peeping she gooda send een the picho cause a long time she no get no knowing round here kmt China n har one “Chanel” bag cho kmt

      1. Chuety….yuh always a misbehave a nuh but mi haffi back you on dis one causen sayyyyy I was tinking di same ting say how China pics dem look nice an di sender naw really dunn har. LOL…Same ting mi tink Chuety…..Now continue to be dis nice Chuety fi di rest of di day……NO worries today from you. Otay mam.. :angel

  6. China famous for repeating her clothes dem over and over, a nuh just now, yes yuh can repeat, cuz clothes Mek fi wear more than once, but she ova do it and say dem a hot gal. a nuh jus know she a repeat and report. China go get ur life yuh stay bad like, and stop putting Botox in ur dam face, yuh face fat and round like a bulla. lol

  7. this post is not about local ppl wid tights weh di cratchez a rub out this post is abt celebrities who repeat cloze n who dress up, pose fi pics n den guh inna dem bed :nohope

    1. Zervah yuh know say I remember when yuh was a good girl. *sigh*. Yuh know yuh get very unruly and rude over di years. DWLLLLLL. More while when mi a peep mi haffi read yuh comments dem all 3 time cause mi a say “No sah…not my good good Zervah jus write dat”…….Once a good girl goes bad she’s gone forever (Jay Z voice).. DWLLLL. Mi haffi luv unu still cause mi jus read an laff more while. Mi turn on mi fren to di site a while back an is like fi har likkle comic strip. An a di comment dem always mek she a crack up….But yuh bad Zervah….velly bad.

  8. FIRST THINGS FIRST… Flippa seh clothes haffi REPEAT. Nothing wrong with the girl wearing her clothes more than one time. All if she wah wear dem 10 time who are we to say nay???? Further more the picture looks like it’s taken on the same day. same make-up and all.

    Sender weh yuh have China up fa???????

  9. But china u tell ppl say yuh man gi u $3000 ah monthly so y u cant fix yuh pop dun truck??? Big face china get ah f**king life

      1. :ngakak Mi nuh know who werse, Zervah or Chuety. Sometime mi read dem comments and mi bawl out causen unun not normal. :malu Zervah yuh insist sey is swell har face swell and not big lol. It is clear the pictures were taken on the same day. We are all guilty of repeating our black tights/pants in the winter even if we have nuff, wi sometime draw fi same one sometime. Sender what is yuh beef with China

  10. So China cool off from her last ass whoppin, or is a face still swollen from then? cause something dont look right at all.

  11. These pics on IG there take yesterday at the hair dresser after she finish her hair. You people are wicked low di gal and guh get a f**king life. Sender what a way china a mad you. :2thumbup :2thumbup

  12. when yuh a carry Chanel bag yuh nuh fi repeat. China nah mad a soul, only wid dat big rass face of hers, it a hurt wi eyes.

  13. Serious ? didn’t summertime just done? China yuh never even catch a tan for the summer? China look like she inna winter for 12 months str88, like she permanently have mumps.

  14. mi no see ntn rang wid wah shi have on or if she repeat. Well mi no know har but fram yah and if mi see har inna anyting oda dan tights and lace bodysuit tights den and only den mi wudda surprise……..dis is jus har regular attire wedda dance or home!

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