TWO female teachers from Dampa Secondary School in Dete pummeled each other in the school’s staffroom-and one of them was undressed in front of other teachers in a fight over a man.

The court was told how on 18 October Tsitsi Chimunhu of 9260, of Ingagula in Hwange hurriedly entered the staffroom and pounced on Miss Lilian Dlodlo (29) in front of other teachers.

She was accusing her of flirting with her husband whose name was not given in court. Chimunhu was yesterday fined $50 or alternatively 10 days in prison by Hwange provincial magistrate Mrs Rose Dube. She was being charged with assault.

Mrs Dube warned married women against picking up fights with those they suspect to be having affairs with their husbands, saying that was causing numerous crimes of a domestic nature. “Learn to behave like a married woman and control yourself.

If you go around assaulting people you think are flirting with your husbands, then this world will be chaotic.

“Ask any woman around and you will find that at some stage they wanted to beat somebody but exercised self-restraint.”

For the State Mr Tongai Gudo said on the day in question Chimunhu shocked other teachers when she slapped Ms Dlodlo several times on the face and also punched her with fists.

He said Chimunhu went on to tear off Dlodlo’ clothes in the ensuing fight.

Mr Gudo said chimunhu had earlier confronted Ms Dlodlo saying she came across her phone number in her husband’s phone and the two were phoning each other behind her back.

Ms Dlodlo, who is from Bulawayo suffered injuries on her elbow and eyes and was referred to hospital.

She reported the matter at Cross Dete Police Station leading to Chimunhu’s arrest

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