1. Tasha sad bad ,living a lie mis har white bag she a suffer , blue stone help har nuh, not wid ur front caption no good, give her some money ,Tasha and har feds fren a walk ,people beware siddy a informer ,Bigger d say so , wasn’t at uncle kotton but say them on the pics, feds siddy and Tasha lonely like

  2. So this man is in Jail for what? Let me guess, Drugs? Once Blue stone endorse someone and talk bout Freedom is a must, It gots to be something illegal :ngakak I cannot see how a female in their right mind be with these men, No future at all, just two days of hype, then they are off to prison.

  3. this sponge bob looking dry up man giv too much trouble, walk and grind raw and spread all kind a std

  4. Cant tired to hear this, these rear/battam affiliated men the dead one the live one, and infections rife dem gal ya pussy stank, the educated greedy labba mouth girl with her $4,000 a month rent, girl from Washington with the bacteria ready fi snitch if dem tek her kids, bitch u living large off the mess so why u want to snitch lol poor women,

  5. I wonder if she know he will be deported afterwords because he has been living as his brother renee Thompson he with 1 with papers not gavin

  6. Unuh red eye Teneisha fi her blue stone house unuh need fi elevate unuh self and come outta di dutty Bronx

  7. Tash never bruk and hungry di girl happy whoever write this nuh know tash, how she fi miss bag white and a she lef him

  8. Unuh a worry bout d wrong thing if a siddy unuh a worry bout siddy n informer nuh go together a bare gun man n criminal siddy deh wid that nuh match

  9. Tash a born American, unu go worry boutique Trump a come first unu nasty rass tash can’t bruk. A we say old money and asset. Go suck unu mada

  10. A two bitch a talk !! No sah pussy White you tongue long I see why tash run left u all pony name you call real bitch move

  11. hole on deh, suh my brethren sleep with my babymadda and me guh sleep back with har! them man yah loose.

  12. Gosh, I have a great dislike of wigs and weaves on pretty black women especially the blonde pocahontas versions. Perm or texturise to manage it, moisturise well and wear your own hair with pride.

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