8 thoughts on “CHRIS AND CHAD

  1. Fucking good, him always him bad and always a beat up his frens so the father tired a him. I can’t stand this boy him too much man. Him mad disrespectful and too much ugly like and prejudice like the fada. Him better thank God fi di fada money he’s a nobody.

  2. Him faava him Faada baaaad. Get all di “looks”. Too raas hype pon Faada money and luv style people like him did haffi work an build from scratch

  3. Money Mike money a nuh clean money a drugs money him use to rub elbows with the upper echelons.
    That’s why him nah divorce because di wife handle bizzness abroad while him stuck a yawd. Dem have dem understanding.
    Chris a talk bout Chad nah nutten and won’t have nutter him fi sey tenk God fi the many lives that got messed up by his pupa in amerikka

  4. Why Money Mike nuh travel go America and Europe…we only see him post flights to Panama…

    Is that he got Deported or America just ban him?

  5. Somebody need to give the History on Money Mike

    He is too featured on this website for we not to know his past life as whatever he did to get Rich back in the 1980s 90s

  6. Hi my name is Kaiylinn pryce. The daughter of Ronisha pryce or who you guys may know as khloe. Khloe get in problems again for abusing me and my siblings. I want justice for me and my little sister and brother because what she is doing not right. what do you guys think about this?

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