1. From I read in her statement where she said she would take care of the child along with the stray dawg I knew this woman nuh too right in her head.

  2. Mi raas, dis prayer only fi di best fi she, him and her daughter! Whappen to the lady and her daughter whe missing?
    So she know him luv young gyal and know him deeds, why not pray about the “mens”?
    All a pray fi marriage and want a family wid him so dats why di competion get eliminated????
    Dis is one sick raas woman!!!
    Check her travel history fi di weekend, she work wid Federal Govt shi say, it should be easy, even if shi use both both Country’s Travel docs.

  3. Praying that her father will love her unconditionally…there will be no other???? So u getting out di nex child/children???
    Her job needs to do a psych examination on her.
    Maybe him neva even know she was on di island or her plans. Cause dis certainly wont solve it. What a tangled web

  4. Right now she’s tying up the prayer line with this foolishness because you can’t force anyone to be better, worse a man, worse a man at his age with Paulwell’s status, he’s ok with the behaviour. She needs to focus on herself, her healing journey and her child because she’s trying to be a wife to a man that can’t even be faithful to her. The prayer is giving delusional and she should still be a suspect. I just want the lady’s baby to be okay atp

  5. Boooo, COME YaH! 🤣😂😂🤣 “The men’s?” 🤣😂🤣🤣

    Federal (TSA or wat?) You prayer self centered and I suspect YU know whey de girl and that BEAUTIFUL likkle girl de?😩

      1. lol . We able to find out the occupation. If met no write it I won’t. BUTtttt it mek me question her MORALS & ETHICAL conduct throughout her life span. Something fishy bout har too 😂😂😂😂😂

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