1. At de end of de day she a duh it fi blog, vlog nd stay famous log…..ppl now care zero dem jus sit a wait fi c him riri she a guh back yet again.
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Rihanna nah look all the picture him put up of her since week as him TBT pic she nah look him nuh have no respect for woman kaka soon gone back to him a regular she get diss publicly and Tek it
    She par wid Cassie and Christina Milan who are famous side chicks but she nah learn a ting from dem no man where is this little girl mother to teach her to pick up har dignity and har self worth

  3. Omg she no tired a chris dissing her for riri? I was wondering why he chose to throw back riri pic. Chris get over her YOU NOT LOYAL HOE

  4. Chris is obviously still in love with Ri *and I really do believe she still cares for him/loves him too*…but Ri adi type ah girl weh doe want nuh girl fe mek ar feel as if she is her shadow/competition or rebound for Chris when something goes wrong between them and he runs back tuh the other girl/same girl every time, which is exactly what Chris keeps this Karuch girl around for *he may love her too, but Ri ain’t havin dat*…which is why Ri naah peep nor poop pan im…

    1. Karruch may be Chris’s off n’ on woman, But Ri is where his heart and mind is, and that is a painful pill for Karruch tuh have tuh accept…when ah man really loves a woman…I mean *REALLY* loves a woman *she makes him weak and they have a special bond with unconditional love and only they can do whatever it is that they do and it’s just the two of them wrapped up in a whirlpool of love and it is magical and they are just caught up in the sweet sweet rapture of love*, there is absolutely nothing another woman can do tuh tarnish, stop it nor come between it…so Karruch might as well get use tuh it…when a woman loves a man and a man loves a woman, it is electric!!!..

  5. Its going down on IG. Chris ah talk deh tings bout Karruchevand him. Say dem used to do 3some and when him lock up she go date Drake..

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