1. I think at some point parents shpuld just give their kids a little room to live their lives. I’m a mother too…..I totally get it. But all she’s doing with her rants and raves is just embarrassing her child. Low di yute and him woman. Pls low Shantol mek she “koth” if she waan “koth”…..Damn it man.

  2. The youth ya nuh look like him a pull pon the rope weh tie him look like him like the tree or the post weh him tie pon .

  3. Nope,don’t think Christine can get her out at all……all the cuss and the fight she ah fight up her self. I ill agree though, Shantol you is R to freakin’ big fi ah sleep out the pitney twin bed, go SPLURGE on a bigger bed or better yet take the people’s advise and rent a room there plentiful in the BX!

  4. Gm met & metters :peluk Stacy gwan yah goody pop pop pop style dwl look how she a look ,, pon Christine no :ngakak :malu

  5. Shantol and Stacy is the two biggest trouble maker in the Bronx and in ppl parties please be advice twinny that Shantel is with Your man Lando Hottafire as she claim now , Shantel is a young girl looking like a 59 year old women in the party and trying to make a name for her self but it ain’t working out for your because of her bad behavior and problematic self as for Stacy she is no better look how Apple use to look out for you both and now this is how you both trying to do the girl Mother Shame on you.

  6. I don’t worry about them pagans Nasty Stacy and piss a bed Shantol low me meck me live me life stop worry bout us we nah beg noh pussy hole nothing because we got we things real life and money get the f**k off me family back gal Shantol weh a cry over man to deh with them and a come and a talk bout man want you if the man did want you miss piggy him would of stay but him say a fat pig like you was just a jump off Stacy your pussy done done done the world a talk bout it every crew pass through you little bitch.

  7. Longtime some body Fi cool them walking waste gal here man them coming in like fly by day n pitch by night Shantel you look like when ppl put baking powder in a flour and it BC Swell up Stacy yuh face look like Ninja Man Son low me name come off a name stop watch me bussines and BC come off a me name

  8. Christine have a problem. She post few wks aguh if yuh mother-in-law come in a car do u give har the front seat. My opinion it shouldn’t matter. Christine y yuh mad true she mek yuh siddung a back.

  9. mi di si di story bout you fi mek mada si dung a front…smh so if mi deh wid a woman son an mi an your son come pick yuh up,mi fi come out a di car an give it to yuh…yuh mussa rass mad…get ova yuh self Christine yuh not God lowe yuh son mek him live him life..yuh love cuss di ppl dem bout lowe yuh dawta mek she live she life how about yuh tek yuh own advice an do di same…mi can’t tek some a dem dutty mumainlaw yah is like dem wah f**k dem son to cah dem have a problem wid dem ooman….Christine show some class and go and sit an talk with your son stop di corination market agument….too old fi dat shit..di man love him girl an dem have a family just deal wid it

  10. Maybe some ppl might not agree with me on this but this is my take on the sidung ina front seat ting. I would under no circumstance come out and mek Christine sit in the front seat because of the circumstances. I would, however, get out and give my current mother-in-law the front seat. Why???? #1 She is an older woman. #2 To me, it signifies respect….which we have for each other. #3 It will give Mom and son a chance to chit chat with each other. These little things mean alot to older Jamaican mothers, especially the ones that love to brag about their sons….”Yes man…mi son come pick mi up an drop mi a church and then pick mi back up and tek mi to supermarket. Yes man….mi son always tek care of mi and always there fi tek mi around an ting”…….In that case mi understand an mi nuh mind cause I know mothers will always be mothers as long as dem nuh ina we personal life. Buttttt as fi miss Christine she…..back page fi she straight. She lucky she get pick up. She is rude, meddling, embarrassing and disrespectful. She needs to stop.

  11. shantol just came to America not even 6 months good, at least give her some time to get her life together. I’m pretty sure most people who migrated to any foreign country sleep on someone’s couch or bed before they got a chance to afford their own apartment. That’s just my opion

  12. Stacy I don’t know you I know of you. The only problem I have with this is you responding in a disrespectful way you your boyfriends mother. Not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to speak to you in a respectful manner. I am sure if you have a brother you would not want his girlfriend to speak to your mother like that. By no means I am saying she is right because I have seen the nasty things she has said about you. Just keep your head up. all I can say to the haters look at the way he looks at her, that says it all. some of you “dancehall celebrities” when you are out with your “man” him eyes all over the place.

  13. @sophisticated i agree with you on that a 100% because even christine harself weh seh stacy don’t know how she struggle with her kids here……so ppl fi stop beat down on the girl bout a couch a har aunty yard,is her family suh weh wrong with that because most of unuh weh a chat did a couch with some1 wen unuh just come here

  14. Unu know damn well seh if fi unu man madda cuss and degrade unu like how dat lady do Stacy unu know seh unu nah go fi it..FOH give respect and you’ll get respect…di madda wrong pon all levels but what can yu expect she a social media whore big ooman like she weh seh she is a granny she needs to have class wow talk about people with no class…Christine sick stomach fi a big ooman a granmada at dat she need some help..cussing an carrying on nah get she nowhere an is your son child madda…she don’t like di poor gyal cah she prettier dan ar happle…look pon happle face wid di juk juk dem ar face look like ar mumma own…I honestly believe Christine hates the son woman cuz she look way betta dan happle an love talk bout dem can’t be mi daughta kmt yah

  15. Summen Ina summen mi nuh feel se Lando hatta fire want that sour mumma deh…mi realize se Lando is now apart of the upscale empire sun tell us now a which one a do upscale dem u waann mingle wid one a a breed suh she out A stacy tashy r dione

  16. up tap tap lie pon nice clean sweet boy lando him nuh waan nuh bull frog him love hot gyal wey cock up but a wey mi tg fren coulda a pick up this a elephant deh tivoli mi come from mi fren like sweet gyal

  17. Lol a Weh Shantol do uno mi like har cause mi hear say any man she take want har and she can’t f**k fi a thick girl if mi was a man and if a me like Lando mi woulda want har cause har name good a road I hear she’s a sweet person to be around and she nuh mix up like the rest a dem in a upscale the girl good like gold an a man mi hear a talk bout har too suh you mus know

  18. mi kno a who lando a deal with and a definetlety not da big sour summen deh nor long foot short foot twist teeth stacy

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