1. nobody no hate Kartel dan me but me Na lie da 1 ya hard…as dirty as it is it no outrageous like D garbage dem what he was doing before he went to prison. Dis a go #1

  2. Not bad at all kind of the up to ramping shop, otherwise Species please a beg u yuh see like how Nicki Minaj change har image and it work how about trying a nice blonde hair or one hair colour hair?
    mi feel like mi wuda fight yuh fi d hair dem weh nah duh yuh looks no favour

    1. he has a song name speedometer on a riddim (rhythm) with the same name. those songs were all recently made, will not take that old songs foolishness.

  3. He is a convicted murderer I don’t believe in granting him such privileges. Sorry mi nuh trust him and who to tell how much ppl he will use this revenue to put a hit on…smh.

  4. Mek spice gweh she always a wuk out d boy n dnt pay him…. d guy in the video, she too wicked… always use d poor boy then drop him like hotbread

  5. No its not Kartel its this guy name little addi d same one wah she carry go sumfest…. she always a use him n gi d boy likkle n nuttn…. wicked

  6. Mi affi big up di world boss!! Even though he is behind bars dem caan break him spirit.. Look how much hate di man get and still manage to put out hits

    1. No one denies his talents or brilliance, but some (the literate ones who believe in God an justice) don’t support his deeds.

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