1. I was introduced to Chronixx recently when he was on the Jimmy Fallon show..must pay more attention to him. Big up Chronixx for your attempt at some amount of cultural preservation by both the entertainment industry and the Jamaican government. It’s a shame to see not only the depraved state of the music but how these culture vultures have taken reggae and are capitalizing on it while the Jamaican artistes are still struggling for mainstream breakthrough.

    1. big up lisa on her approach and chronnix on his attempt. real talk. we as a country can do better if we care less about political party and put major interest in what we are known and proven to do best.

      1. even scamming. if these ppl are so good at convincing ppl to pay to claim a prize from a competition they never entered. then right there we have a very good salesman. thats raw talent. govt can do way better. their biggest excuse is always funding, yet wen is time for political conference and election funding is conveniently at their disposal.

  2. Chronixx , what is free to you is at cost to someone else..nuff a unno love to act like just unno singing a do something fi Jamaica and it aint doing shit. A dat di people dem pan unno timeline fi tell unno. Your money is not Jamaica’s money and the government cannot fatten u and mawga dem…free venue but will unno work free? Im sure thats a NO..Yuh bright fi really call out Lisa Hanna n she said she has reached out to u and nothing..The time u tek a mention Bob Marley u stop look pan him catalog and go look pan di body a humanitarian work whey him do. Bob gave away a lot of money to people, I never hear your name mention ina charity yet so is only bait unno a bait up people wid di music because a bay lipping and no action. Go sit yourself down

      1. My sentiments exactly….how much charity has he done how much kids has he paid scholfees for and given them hope…..all I hear is how rude and arrogant his entourage are to paying patrons of his concert…Chronixx lead by actions, and just regulate that mouth to singing.

        1. None a dem not doing a thing and if u stretch a hand to dem is a problem..Look how Mavado build up empty concrete structure wid not even door and window and say dem a do something fi community dem sickening all a dem ..bay bag a mouth..feed the minds of the people and they will naturally begin to expect better ..He speaks like politics is obligated to reggae music and dem nuh obligated to nothing ..stretch out hand mentality that Jamaica cannot afford

          1. Him a chat bout venue because that will glorify him and others..What he should have said is that Jamaica should teach in schools, the history of reggae , the history of bob marley. They have a museum yes but there is little appreciation for what Bob has done..venue fi mek dem go war bout people want dem work fi free and all kinda tings..Was Chronixx on Sting last year? Im not sure but like many , as dem get a bus dem bigga dan sting because sting cannot pay them ………its about the money always for them..BIG UP BEENIE MAN WHO WILL PERFORM FOR FREE ANYTIME ANYWHERE

    1. all these artiste waan come for the politicians because they are easy. Yet, they wont come for the disrespect from the international community, esp. The A.M.P.A.S the grammy organization. Every year i sit outraged at the reggae category. They will lump Morgan Heritage, Third World, Black Uhuru, a Marley and Mavado in the same category. I wanna scream ! ONE OF THOSE ACTS DON’T BELONG. The same way Metallica and other hard rock bandscame together to say we are noy rock n roll. We are hard rock ot heavy metal, so they could get theit due. Even R nB have separate categories, just last year they made a new one and ppl were like, ” what does it even mean?” These artiste shud raise hell and saybRaggae and Dancehall music is two different genres. Dont lump us together cuz we all speak patois. But Chronixx nuh haffi worry cuz wid his Fallon apperance he is a lock for a nomination if not a win.

      1. :nohope: not only dont they belong but there are more reggae acts to add and dem add our category to dem tv slot yet? Di way mi program mi wudden go collect nothing

        1. Yes MET, you are right, the same thing they did with the first hip- hop award. When Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff won and in protest dem neva go collect it cuz it wasnt part of the televised show. These artiste fight each otherbut wont fight for their respect. Maybe we should be loud and start a petition to get them to have separate categories and air even one of the categories on t.v. weh u seh met?

          1. that would be the best way because it is truly a disrespect to our music …years now they been doing the same thing

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Chronixx these days is a bit overrated. He speaks about what Politicians aren’t doing, yet he- the one who has been on international tours and has the resources to contribute exactly to what he suggests. He didn’t pose how he can help politicians improve the youths of Jamaica. Politicians alone cannot fix things and yet people sit arounds, as always, waiting to be saved. Waiting to be given everything. If go to his page, you’ll also see him ‘attempting’ to bash President Obama with what he believes his literacy. Chronixx is a dumb dread!

      1. That is what Lisa told him in not so many words..I dont think he realized it though :hammer but you are correct there are many youths waiting to be saved and no savior . How him reach ina Obama affairs now?? really?

      2. Mek Chronixx move him dutty self-imposed stardom status self an gweh from yah. Is only ah fassy woulda hab di gall fi address President Barack Obama dem way deh. Mek dat ole frowzy face bwoy nuh duh something fi one yute inna JA and stop chat weh him nuh comprehend. Real man nuh chat fi ‘likes’ Fire bun fi Chronixx and him bag ah man groupie.

  3. I wish this was Instagram so I could tag that fukker under your comment Met. Well
    l said. They love to run in like them more conscious and more politically correct and the don’t know shit. And why call out Lisa?? Because she seems like the weakest link in the political family?? Yes Chronixx, have several seats

  4. I read this differently so I TOTALLY AGREE WITH CHRONIXX statements .
    Met, yuh NUH read d ting right I read this THREE times and what an AMAZING DEBATE.
    – WHY u feel Lisa Hama should get big up? She is on the SAME BANDWAGON as the rest of the dirty politicians.
    – Chronixx raise SERIOUS points about the separation of wealth and unequal treatment of the poor. And tourist benefiting more than citizens.
    -Lisa Hamma and ALL den agree that Jamaica is doing ENOUGH are usually people speaking and doing from positions of wealth and privepilege and probably NEVA miss a meal, go hungry, or experience real poverty when morning reach.
    – Chronixx mentions HE WANTS TO SIT AND TALK with government.
    -even d Otha youth organization tweet SAY DEM TRY link Lisa and she NEVA response

    1. Who is bigging up Lisa Hanna? The separation of wealth will have nothing to do with the politicians ,it is the mind set of the people he must feed change in and as artistes it begins with them. Responding to an email and responding are ttwo different things, Lisa I am sure cannot respond to every email especially if the organization is not credible so look into that. These artistes are the same ones who feed the wrong things into the minds of the people then go and sing bout politics . They need to take a page out of Bob’s book because that same Chronixx will also AUTOMATICALLY separate his wealth just like the rest..Since him start eat a food, what has he sponsored? It has to do with the minds of the people not politics..Give these artistes a venue, who will take responsibility for maintenance and upkeep? What dem a go need a venue for when nuff a dem when dem reach certain heights poor people is not dem fren anymore..Do u realize that most Jamaican artistes end up broke…and a nuh politics cause dat..A DEM DIRTY mind..

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with you Met…I don’t really know Chronixx or none of the nowadays artistes but talking that talk and not walking that obstacle path makes he and his music one bag a hypocrisy.
    The people need to hold them accountable for their humanitarian contributions or lack thereof when they start spewing this garbage. I would have sworn that the man’s walk was as big as his talk.
    How dare any of them mention Bob in the same breath when their actions are mercenary. A wonder if Chronixx recall Bob’s famous words “If my life is just for me, then mi nuh want it”.
    Until your message, your life and your work transcends self interest, then you will only be for a fleeting moment, soon to be forgotten. Many have came and attained fame but have been relegated to nothing more than a has-been, remember Shabba?
    Shabba once cockily declared, “mi nuh care wey Jamaican people waa sey, if mi sey eh it guh number one”…yet I live to see them boo his ass and bakkle him in Biscayne Florida….Don’t get too hype Chronixx, at the end of the day, only the fans have the last say.

    1. They all need to go hold a seat . Same Chronixx who will do like the rest and pay fi who buy gun or buy gun because that is all they are good for. So dem a sing and di man di street know di real deal. That is all dem can do pay a bag a bad man fi stand up roun dem whole day and dem will not do anything whey a go mek a mark pan di culture ..Tink mi a look pan dem :travel

      1. I’m in total agreement with what you said above!! They are always attracting negative energy with these murders they have around them.
        The thing I can’t fathom is why these folks think that Government and/or politician should be the one providing solutions to their every problem? Why can’t these artists pool their resources and build their own venue if the revenue potential is so great as he said it is. It should be a simple business decision you would think. Any any rate, Lisa Hanna makes him look foolish with her response, which I guess he wasn’t expecting.

        1. Everyone a di problem except them. Kartel was doing his murders and him same one a murder and did a lick out pan di JCF while doing wrongs. The way Bob did a gwaan good politicians did a beg him fi endorse dem..which one a dem get that since bob? If Chronixx was supposed to get a million dollars now what would he do with it?

        2. She sure did so all who did a yap yap when she done she already deliver him a nice solid blow and call him dunce neatly :ngakak

    Venue shoulda BEEN BUILT. YES jamaica has a DUMB government.
    Learn from places like Trinidad that invests HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON THEIR ARTISTS AND CULTURE.
    – There are MANY,MANY of venues buiilt in Trinidad for art, artistic and cultural expressions. Some of them existing for over TWENTY YEARS NOW.
    NO promoter NAHA do blooodclaat dat. Point ONE.
    Point TWO, LISA HANNA NAH EVA go Wuk fi FREE. Eva. SO BIG Chronixx fi d honor of that. Because his JOB is as an artist.
    Chronixx album is INDEPENDENT and SELF PRODUCED and he has an ENTIRE BAND to feed… DEM NAH START MAKE MONEY Yet. Chronixx. Album ONLY start creep up charts AFTA he do jimmy Fallon and Central Park.

    1. Jamaica has venues . What Jamaica cannot do is build a specific venue for Reggae music. It will not work so it makes NO SENSE , he was the one whey talk bout free venue so I made sure to highlight that they would not work for free because he started the discuss. These artistes think Jamaica revolves around them and the music was started from the livity of the people so the music cannot come before the people. I dont know if u understand that

  7. BWOY… What a WAYS Some people love big up Lisa Hama though she has produced NO RESULTS, except her well done make -up.
    ((((((((( F**K BABYLON ! ))))))))))))
    All Rasta and free spirits should be able to bun ichalice and herbs ANYTIME.
    ( once it does not interfere with productivity and intervenes on social places such as schools, offices etc)
    – jamaican government , the PUPPET MONKEY it is … Is following fashion and aiming too legalize marijuana so they can make financial profit. not a CENT OF THAT MONEY WILL GO INTO SCHOOLS OR SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE, BUT IN D POCKETS OF FILTHY POLITICIANS.

    1. His points are valid but his actions unclear……from the stand point of an outsider!
      Talk that ‘ish Metty,do not Mention Mr. Marley until you can, is able or will take on where he has left off at!

      1. Nuh whey day dem beat di same Chronixx ina France fi a gwan too much?
        Bob used to come home from his tours and there used to be a line a him house with people waiting to beg money and he gave them. Im not saying that all of them can afford to do this but it is the amount that bob gave that makes his children’s children able to eat today..

  8. Nuff a dem artiste feel like sehh dem music bigger than the jamaican ppl. Who will ultimately benefit wen the government build free venue??? The artiste? Government mus tek tax payers money build free venue nd den tun roun pay dese artiste for their performance? Who ultimately benefits? How does this benefit the jamaican ppl? Chronix well alright enuh because me kno him nah perform fi free. His he sharing his wealth? Better di government tek di money build more skools nd vocational training centres dan tek it build venue.

  9. My point exactly sweet. Yuh ZEEE IT ???
    ((( Chronixx has MANY VALID POINTS )))
    – only reason Lisa Hamma jump een pon him Instagram… Was because Chronixx is now an international figure, so his ANTI – government comments AH HURT JAMAICA BRAND** dat is ALL this government care about. ” the BRAND. The INCENTIVES AND D ROMANTICIZING OF JAMAICA. Hot Fyah BUN RED HOT..
    Bout Lisa Hamma AH do ” ice bucket challenge” when some areas of jamica has not seen running water in years, and there is a drought now.
    LISA HAMMA STOP FOLLOW FASHION and raise for charities AT HOME WAH lacking !!!
    What about a # stop d politicians GREED BLEED JAMAICA CHALLENGE

    1. What did he say when she said she has reached out and has called him many times? Him cudda call Portia name and Damion Crawford but because Lisa reach out to him dat mek him a feel himself and call har name. His statements dont go further than instagram and his songs..and will not go further from there..Why encourage certain things when u nah do dem nor are u leading by example?
      P.S Jamaica government cannot look no worse we business deh a street long time

        1. It would depend on what the follow up is bout. Its not easy , I dont have her job and jus wid jmg and day to day things I cant keep up

          1. I understand that as I am also aware of your situation. However, I took all of her responsibility in consideration.. weh mi really wah seh is afta u submit yu tink to dem …..even though u NAH look nuh money …………..dem more tek yu idea and run off wid it and present it as them own..oldest trick in the book …but afta dem lock u off and give away ur ideas.

          2. Met is not really indirect but the other young lady does not want it to be publicized ….she did not contact once and after she contacted we gave her the answer to her question and she has not given any other advise and we made it clear to her that we were not looking any money from her ….

  10. Chronixx me sey straight….the man is still an up and coming artist on the rise so many “humanitarian efforts” as many put it may not be as feasible now as it was back in Bob’s time because he’s still building his own identity with the world. And not because you never heard about what he’s done doesn’t mean he hasn’t done anything. Why should he have to talk about all the good he’s done or have someone corroborate this claim just to appease some? He has every right to call out Lisa Hanna especially with the most recent text book scandal that happened under her watch….he is an ARTIST first and foremost so his job is to entertain ppl through his music and he does this as well as uplifts ppl through it…Lisa’s job is to lead a Ministry of Youth and Culture and these two functions should be weighted differently period. At least he is showing some interest in Jamaica and is mindful of his actions….can’t say the same for MANY other Jamaican entertainers….all they want to do is spew garbage onto the masses just to make a quick buck and have no regard for the aftermath that comes with it.

  11. I LOVE HOW Chronixx followers AH go een HARD pon LISA …
    As one said: ” Babylon AH USE DEM BRAIN !!!”
    Thank u selamyoga Instagram follower for POSTING What a REAL leader is and DOES.
    – REAL REVOLUTIONARIES like Chronixx, myself and thousands of others know that we DONT BOW to the system and take everything on face value, or go by pretty faces and ” soothing words.”
    Some BWOY and OMAN AH praise LISA Hamma cuz d LOOKS AH blind dem… Like d SEXUAL WEIRDO who wrote the ” disturbing piece ” pon here on jmg .. Bout wanting to sex and eat Lisa afta her ice bucket challenge ” premiere video” pon GOVERNMENT AND TAXPAYERS AND POOR PEOPLE *** TIME ***

    1. u are a supposed leader? my my makes one wonder I can’t see through your all the garbage you are spewing! Whilst Chronix have a few valid points it doesn’t obliterate the fact that we do have institutions and creative places dedicated to arts music etc, why should govt spend money to construct these spaces when ppl like Chronix will only expatriate his musical services? All I see ppl like him do is mek a bag a noise wen they feel they have a certain platform to do so. Was it you who said he is now an international figure? are u fo real? a performance on Jimmy Falon does not give him the cataclysmic fame you have accredited to him you and Chronix need to go have several seats, also, as a minister of govt there are several channels one has to go through to communicate directly with the minister thank god that social media has facilitated this kind of dialogue, Lisa lucky she answer him

  12. I DONT know if MET had a drink this morning, but it NEVA say she reach out to Chronixx many many times-
    – she says she knows the words to his songs. She AGREES a with him and then says as HE had suggest to meet.
    – she claims to have ” reached out to many youth organizations,” WE KNOW BETTER!!!

  13. And to ALL those commenters here who AH call Bob Marley name, you obviously did NOT do your research or you are not very knowledgeable about RASTAFARI , Bob Marley HAS ALWAYS TOOK A STAND ***AGAINST THE WRONG DOINGS OF GOVERNMENT**
    – bob Marley’ s music was built in firm foundation of that concept, together with the BIble,black , SOCIAL AWARENESS a and .
    – Two different generations. Two different times. ONE MESSAGE.
    There will NEVER be a next Bob Marley. He is a legend….still living internationally.
    There will NEVER BE a next Chronixx either…
    – once every SEVERAL generations comes an artist like Chronixx.
    Thus d REASONS so many greats like Shabba, Jimmy Cliff, and Otha artists such as Mavado,, Buju , had chosen to migrate.

  14. I took it as he was trying to say to Politicians let’s come together and bridge the back that has been placed between reggae music artists and government erase stigmas attached and let’s not capitalize on the music to appeal to the tourist board but to benefit our island Jamaica. Look Jamaice has the resources to survive and be led out of bancruptcy but the government is not focusing on using what we have to benefit us at all it benefits others abroad. We cannot judge his pockets or generosity because you all are just assuming as far as I can see but it starts somewhere I big him up because he has a voice and is using it to say let’s come together and talk, listen to our views and what he sees around the world in foreign lands that might benefit our country.

  15. Some people AH CHAT bout when Bob use to have people line up FI givin $$$ . WTF ?? chat SENSE. CHRONIXX NOW BUSS. Bob didn’t make money for MANY MANY YEARS. He was a struggling artist. HE WAS ROBBED MANY TIMES BY RECORD DEALS/ DEALERS , PRODUCERSS AND UNSCRUPULOUS MONEY THIRSTY PROMOTERS … Who STILL today EATS the BULK of the music industry in Jamaica’s wealth.

  16. Lisa Hanna a real politician…she is more like a Beautiful Bustamante ……But Lisa was really given a lot of power by her party to be a rival to the young and brilliant JLP leader ……….she has a very poised and calm personality real beauty queen and a di same ting shi a do fi di pnp dem …and I am not a laborite and Lisa is not a people person shi inna di wrong party

    1. U wrong she is a people person. A very very very down to earth people person. Not saying she cant do more but she is not what u say

          1. Him doe ansa di woman calls nor return them but him reach pan instagram a put up ideas he could have voiced over the phone. Dem deadly dem artiste yah das y mi nuh ina none a dem :travel
            him benz a happen doe :ngakak clown dem

        1. @real….The car really do not have anything to do with this …BUT ….if Lisa man have the disposable income to buy this car a really fi him money him do weh him want…..a nuh him one do it ….
          Lisa Hanna took a seat as a representative for the party and was elected for the Youth…..that is she should be held responsible for the youth in Jamaica on some levels….At the same time we cannot control another persons mind set …di man si a car fi a billon dollar him materialistic …him buy it ..nutten nuh wrong wid dat…yu have ppl a jamaica a sidung pon 300 acre a land just as property …yu have 28 year old a drive Range Rover in the US courtesy of their Jamaican parents …it is relative ….they spend as they like …..Lisa man the same ..He is with a politician but him free fi spend pon weh him like …

  17. CHRONIX is A HYPOCRTIE I know dat first hand.
    Its sad when di rasta youth dem use the limited knowledge they are exposed to as ammo against their own colored people, CHRONIXX has been exposed to WORLDLY cultures not ENLIGHTENED by it.
    SOMEBODY ASK CHRONIXX how much he charges his own people for a show as versus WHITE EUROPE or WHITE AMERICA??
    Put dat in yuh ganja pipe and hold a meds.

      1. Mi a talk and people think mi jus a chat…dem nuh easy dem artiste yah…singing bout politics is only fi bring likkle attention and garner fans to dem thing..None a dem nuh good not even one. Andddddddddddddddddddd nuff a dem will sponsor a bad man than fi sponsor one child so thank you Nanny

        1. Di young Rasta dem have up Lisa Hanna because her bf and his brother are allegedly developing ..Pinnacle ………..Percival Howel estate…

        2. Hehey weh u seh di ras heart ###nuh clean like a whistle him dread and terrible……………….well mi nuh really know him but him ting set a way him bus widout a pin a dat me know

  18. Big up Chronixx is full time politicians get called out on there no good deeds. Jamaica is in a deplorable condition. Give the youths a break. I’m also laughing at the government and the people who keep voting for the jokers that keep them depressed and oppressed.
    As a people it’s time to stand up for what is right. Chronixx is a true artist weh talk the truth. Big him up str888888.
    Big up yuhself Met, very interesting topic for discussion

  19. Do us all a favor Chroinxx continue to read your Gleaner and make music.
    Rasta Music vs Politics will always SELL!
    WHITE BLACK OR GREEN, or did we forget ah “REBEL” music we talking about..
    Back wid no behavior.

  20. Hate to break your hearts, but Chronixx still ah live in the colonial version of Jamaica. Not going to go as far and call him racist, but he and his crew are definitely frightened for tree huggers.
    Not everything you see is real and nothing you hear is TRUE.

  21. u know on a serious note u ppl should not believe everything unu read some of these so call artist is all about image trust me on that yes chronix is a gud artist and him one album a gwan wid some powerful words but word is wind this man dnt give weh prayers him is just all talk and a next thing mi tired a ppl a blame government fi do this and do that y dem as so call artist dnt cum together a do it fi we the ppl who mek dem where dem is now dem na do shit fi we all dem want a we money so dem is no different from the government weh dem a blame

  22. It easy fi throw out di Right Hon. Robert Nesta Marley name cah even in death Bob outshine di whole ah dem. Chronixx nuh need fi call out nobady when him an dem nah duh zero fi di youths dem. Di two side dem jus ah chat wid wata inna dem mouth wid no action. Much is expected from the artiste dem cah dem knoe hunger an sufferation. Politicians nuh care, and nothing nah guh mek dem care. Shame on di artiste dem weh can do better, but would rather sit back and chat…..:travel

  23. Met suk u mumma, di man call out Lisa Hanna bcaz she is the minister of youth & culture….. & there is nothing wrong with wat di youth say & mi sure him say him will do the 1st show FREE, Highlight dat; u fuking shit! the yute support a lot of charity, I guess u dont hav access to jamaican news. A you a act like u fasty more than everybody go push a fire truck hose inna u mumma & suck her pussssy!! left right jah soldiers a come, here comes trouble!

    1. Yes I will because fathers were not meant to suckle which is what you have been sucking. Your gag reflex good or nah? Mi talk and mi nah swallow it back because I suckle but dont swallow..Im leaving that to u since you have been dicking your throat since birth :kiss
      Bam…Here comes MET :travel

      1. wap wap wappings hey groupie bwoy cum offa Met site and guh hold Chronix locks fi him help him wash it :ngakak cause it nuh reach nuh weh yet an him a gwaan like him reach

        1. Di person seh mi gwaan like me fiesty and mi never once a fiesty wid chronixx ,Lisa shudden ansa him but him get a neat likkle beating outa wha she say. From dem start sing dem feel dem a do di most fi Jamaica and dem nuh realize seh that equates to just being Jamaican, dem suffer a form of narcissism whey only stifle the music it dont mek di music reach nuhwey because they are so caught up ina di heights a whey dem tink dem reach

      1. Since u a talk bout suck and a my madda u a lick out pan like u dont have one but a nuh my fault…put chronixx pan tap a di free venue and suck di whole ting one time..Mek sure him nuh dry heeda suck good n keep it moist dont be greedy :nerd

    2. Suh termite dem bun yuh out from unda Chronixx suh yuh ah look ah home aba yah? No need fi gi out yuh personal suckings arts & crafts cah it neva put yuh no weh. Yuh sure seh maybe him wi do di first show FREE…..uh is ah bigger fool dan yuh tink. Yuh need fi gweh wid yuh dunce mentality :bola

    3. How does lowlife like you get access to a computer? Let me guess, you are one of the guys that hang around Chronix all day waiting for the grumps to drop off his table so that you can eat…right? Telling a woman to do something to her mother tells me you grew up with a mother….group home maybe? Stop using Chronix computer and stop living off another man’s seat. Another man groupie in the making…………….

  24. It look like mi haffi go research missa chronixx…well one time mi hear jr gong seh nobody neva approach him fi do nuh job a Jamaica….and him seh maybe dem tink dem cah PAY him…………….sooo I am just wandering if mr chronixx think no none in JAMAICA can PAY him ……….he prefer to go to his #captures instead of performing for the ppl on the capture land……

  25. Met mi go a nine night a Jones town last year and the ppl dem still a talk how Bob used to take care a dem. Nuff ppl. Chronixx mi love yu music but yu must be the change you want to see. Ahoe!

  26. met as an avid reader of your blog i get what u are saying what he said is not wrong it is beneficial to both the people and the government to build venues.The jamaican government dont have to technically fund these constructions they can allocate these funds through collaborative efforts with their international partners.What he is saying is true to some extent look at it this way for years reggae artiste have said their are no major festivals held in jamaica they have to go to europe imagine the amount of profit that could be made by organisers the tourism industry and locqal vendors if big festivals had locations in jamaica.He was not at sting performing because he does not believe in the way sting show case the division of our culture which clashes i believe he said.However he was there as a patron.Chronix does free shows and charities he just does not publicizes it.What he said his true and many jamaican artistes has complained about it for years but he is the 1st 1 to call out the person responsible for that portfolio.I am a young jamaican who is tired of the way these politicians act and pilfer from our coffers with no regard for our interest as a people.What he has done is correct these politicians are civil servants we are entitled to question their actions or lack of actions.On the note of what he charges jamaican promoters well thats not comparable to his european rate by no means ppl must remember it is still is job to perform so he will charge what he is valued.This is a young man who until the overseas market acknowledge him jamaicans tuned in.He is passionate about the youths and the limited opportunities afforded to them.on this tree huggers and uptown scenarios these are his friends so whats the problem.Lets not tear down a voice that his saying exactly what many of us educated and promising youths of this land feel but applaud him because in the days when our daughters are sucking off bottles in parties and our sons are transgender in the gullies it is indeed dread & terrible

    1. Chronixx say what bout sting?? He was there until he bus big though …didnt he see the division then?? my reason to bring up sting was to show he is just like the rest….the money they ask for sting cannot afford to pay them so they dont do it but they do it fi get a bus quickly n sometimes for nothing when they are just coming out. Chronixx not different

  27. no met he was on sting for 1 year 2012 he was already a star performing on his 1st europen tour start a fyah africa and all over he was also very prominent on the local scene with hits like behind curtain.he had already decided not to do sting from he performed that 1 time bcuz of how the show was marketed fact.Sting did not have any impact on chronixx career in the bussing departmentas when he performed there he was already performing on major festivals in europe and jamaica such as robbottom and jazz and blues.

    1. So u really believe a that? He was prominent behind the scenes but it was a good forward that brought him more forward. I have no comment on the rest but that’s what they all do n say

  28. Government run the country, artist influence the people of the country. Artist blame government for their lack of reform in Jamaica while government blame artist for the content in their music that influences the people. Artist have gunmen in their camp so does the government. Problem is no one takes responsibility for their actions. It is always so much easier to blame others for mishaps. Shit been hit the fan in Jamaica decades now, but it’s just easier to blame the other person or parties. The division and classism is at its realist in Jamaica. If at the end both are fighting for our youths then what is really the problem? Give a man fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime….

  29. @chronixx u betta cease while u are at it..While i dont really know u, i love your music from what ive heard. However, I strongly urge u to be cautious. While you verbalized valid points in your convo with lisa, you were pompous and condescending. And yes, she layed your ass out flat quite intelligently too.Actions speak louder than words, mr chronixx, so do more and curse govt less. Last but not least, tell u man groupie dem, dont come back ova yah,dam brite.

    1. Real talk HC!!!!! Chronixx fi put ah serus leash pon de waste dem cah dem ah get suh passionate wid di man groupie ting mi affi wonda if dem ah real men or nah :bingung

    2. chronixx bus widout a pin nuf man born before chronixx fada a wait fi buss out a studio gate and chronixx buss…………so mi always a wait fi si who deh backa chronixx

  30. Met but u know wen I read over him really bright and condescending doah? a talk bout he’s laughing! I swear Lisa shouldn’t have answered him bout create venue in honor of music! Yes we all agree that there is much that can be accomplished with music tourism but it takes resources and furthermore as mi mention up top many of the same artiste will eventually emigrate them musical services, they will not contribute to the sustainability of such a venture even if the govt embarks on this! Many have come before u mista chronix with the same rhetoric a look a hype u and yuh groupie gal/man dem better go look supn constructive do with u pompous ass self

      1. and he actually dissed the Minister…bad move. You never know when you need help from that source. You might not like Lisa, but she had reached out to you, the artist, return the call.

  31. Met … So yuh anti Chronixx and NOT anti corrupted politicians?
    Bout ” separation of wealth and poor inequality has NOTHING to do with politicians, ”
    WHO teach u dat Met?
    Bout is d ‘ mindset of a peoplec’
    – through EFFECTIVE social programs.
    – through wiping out illiteracy and developing more trading school programs-
    – through effect combating of poverty with the FOOD CARD like in Trinidad
    – through the newly proposed grant of giving newborn mothers $500 per month for milk
    ( trini dad’s new budget)
    – through the distribution of FREE ttextbooks grants ( all kids) and laptops for all entering students at age eleven.
    – HOW she NUH move d gays in the gully that d WHOLE AH politicians and music industry and music bigs etc sleeping with in d DARK?
    What a WAYS people FORGET HOW IT GOES a in Jamaica! CHRONIXX father was an artist for over TWENTY a years and it barely feed him. Look like Met forget when u start make it in Jamaica u HAVE FI try provide fi yuh elderly parents and family and make sure dem eat a food and set up FIRST.. And try buy mama a house .

    – MET AH Gwaan lik Chronixx does not selflessly BIG UP MANY artists overseas as well as support his cohort of messy royal, proteje jah 9 an even none RASTA artist.
    WHO U NEED FI BUNNING FIRE ON iOS the greedy entertainment companies that makes Millions in Jamaica and never give back. Lowe chronixx

    1. I said to u before and I will say it again, do not misconstrue anything I have said. Also add this with it, dont ask me no questions if your approach is like this because I have not come at you for one, two its you who came at what the points I made in this very general discussion. As someone said you must be dreaming but not only that you are not reading as well. And on that note continue to enjoy your afternoon

      1. You know I will respond to your comment in detail likkle more because tweety raised similar points so I will give my opinion on all later

  32. So how chronixx naw talk say him sacrifice the next artist Bredda weh a him fren which was a betta artist dan him and tek weh him book weh him write him song Dem.. the same song Dem weh chronixx a sing yah now an a gwan like unnu righteous more dan the rest tell the ppl Dem how you just appear pan the scene and nobody still caah figure out weh you come from or who even try bring yah.. tell the ppl Dem the real reason yah rise and all reach pan show a Farrin and nuff more good artist did deh yah before yuh…. yes politicians some a Dem bad yes but unnu nuh good needa at least we all know artist weh a sing badman song we know Dem fi that a ready but yuh a the worst kind weh a try sing bout good but really a bad only who have eyes let Dem see…. pure blasphemy!!!! Go! go on go Away

    1. Mek yuh suh angry Shoota…yuh lose di likkle days wrerk fi wash Chronixx drawers dem??? Ah wah…yuh hab sleepness nights oba Chronixx but caan talk cah him nuh deal wid dem tings dere??? Yuh pain real but we kaint help yuh oba yah.

  33. @Shoota, your vocabulary is very limited and you need to find something more constructive to say other than “SUCK UNU MADA” Because its beyond juvenile. Grow up, you dunce dumb bell, learn to reason like an adult with sense..And when you can, then you are allowed to come back OVA YAH. UNTIL THEN, GUH CLEAN CHRONIXX DUTTY HOUSE OR HOG PEN, OLE MAN GROUPIE. I KAINT WITH YOU, YOU ANGER ME WITH YOUR ILLITERATE ASS…. :marah

  34. I am (Highly Concerned) that u & MET fi go suck out unuh mumma…. reason u rass, when I & I a say something positive to help with the upliftment of jamaican people or black people & some lil careless people weh dem on website a chat shit bout what a man not doing & a get backing…. there is no point of reasoning left; suck out unuh mumma now!! Try tell me what is wrong with what the youth is saying, then you guys can talk to me. dat wuz a lil reasoning for ya all… lol!

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