1. Been away for almost a year…
    HI MET
    LOOKS LIKE I AINT MISS SHIT first post I see is TC and she looking well lets say MATURE… HBD Youngblood

  2. Happy Earthstrong to the Lady herself Ms Champion. This pic is no doubt one of the older ones. She is still beautiful but this picture is absolutely stunning. God’s richest blessings. Learn from your mistskes and start to invest in something you can benefit from later on down the road. Big up TC

  3. Now MET mi did expect more of a homecoming party dan dat..
    You forget me deyah from Day UNO. ok kook it was Month 2 …
    When we did ah bun Kartel and Tusan, LUBBBBBBIEEEEECCA, mi want at least a balloon and a horn.

      1. lol, don’t stress, mi ah spoiled brat.
        mi ah try an attempt to catch up.
        Love di new place, it very user friendly.
        Proud of you

  4. Happy Birthday Tracey :newyear ……mi leave out di Champion cah dat was in yuh past and ah present we ah deal wid. Anyway, weh nuh dead yuh caan call it duppy ….suh large up yuhself cah dere was ah time wen yuh hold di spotlight an mek nuff gyal leave early :ngakak

  5. That’s a old picture of her she don’t look like that any more I saw her lastnight her face look tired and drag Out she need to stop run down people baby father and stop lie cause him don’t want you old bat b***h Botox a kill you face leave people baby father alone you f**k out dancehall from young blood days till now every man you see you want tracy you not a nice girl u f**k all a you friend them man how sick it that Thomas be careful so soon want f**k you from you nice lady are she want take her from you tracy u is a old pirate

  6. Mi luv dat pic of Tracey. U look like di Tracey mi remember from dem party pics and videos back in di day. Yawdy man….doe do har dat. Lol. She come a long way an she is a Veteran over here. Lol. Plus she still look nice…..u just see di age likkle more prominent pon har yah now but she can still moggle wid. She can still tek a money man tings. Lol. Happy Birthday yaw sexy chicken TC.

  7. I’m not a partygoer amongst these dancehall helbrity(sp) but what & how did she caused other female to leave early what was she doing in the spotlight soh?

  8. Happy Birthday Tracy :beer:
    That’s a very nice pic. I remember one time (around early 2000) Tracy was at one a Jagga B dance in Jamaica inna a yellow dress, and shi STOLE the spotlight from all the females dem, even her friend Ms Jag.

  9. @anonymous 12:14 Some gyal go a party thinking dat a dem one look good and a tek life. When dem see others looking betta dan dem an getting more attention and the camera man tek 50 pics of the spotlight stealer and not them…..dem get uncomfortable an leave. Dwllll. Dem cannot tek di pressure. Some women are like dat fi real dem tink dem hot but dem still insecure. So ladies like Tracey give dem headache an yuh know headache plus alcohol an loud music nuh gree…..suh dem have to cry cree and flee. Dwllll

  10. It deh a road stink stink seh Mr Harde sen one 2015 Range pon flatbed dung ah Ms Champion new work place…..but yu didn’t hear it from me.

  11. @Met, cho bloodclaat!! A wha do willie man???…A suh dick money tun-up, till Tracey get early chrismuss gift?? chaaaaaaa!!!..Me nerves!!!!!

    1. Ahh you Cita ah talk bout!! The ones who reach for the nearest exit when the Champion arrives. Head hat yuh! Stress tek yuh instantly. 60 or 61 the Champion is still happening.

  12. Which part a tracey a 40 that old bitch pass 40 long time from back in a the 90s me a hear bout tracey and now me in me mid 30s so she can not be 40 and another thing tracey did you retire from whoring yet , she should a been have range with all the pussy she sell over the years , she did own range already and the bank take it back tracey go retire now

      1. And as she should Quen Quen…any man weh rate ah ooman should lavish her with very nice things if she’s deserving of them….Quena, great gifts such as?????????????

  13. Raatid Quena. Yuh know a mix mi mixing dem up. Mi did tink is Willie obsessed wid The Champion…..but my badddd. It’s Dick r Harde. Dwlll…..Sorry Willie. @Jamaican Princess. ….is what Tracey do yuh. She lick food outta yuh mout or a dick outta yuh hole??? Smh. Unu good sah. Whore or Choir girl….sell pussy or sell bibles…..She look good and she was running dancehall with her sex appeal and fashion for a looooong time. Go dead now. Kmt

    1. :ngakak Mamacita ah dem same so-called young gyal deh used to leave di scene pon ah rapid when di Champion mek har entrance :ngakak Years later dem still ah suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mi waan knoe why she ah suggest retirement tuh Tracey…cah di only throne weh she qualify fah ah di one inna har apartment.

  14. Lol Tracy a how much man you a f**k now damnnnnnn you bad and you still can’t breed can’t turn a hoe into a house wife

    1. And sometimes you can’t turn housewives into hoes; some ah unu boring inna bed like…and that’s why the man dem guh link girl like Tracey the Champ…hush ya

      1. Ah true Yeppy, nuff ah dem breed an affi guess an spell fi find out who ah di puppa, or breed fi hold man an it nuh wrerk. Tracey still ah gi dem high blood pressure and palpitation….:ngakak

        1. Dese bitches always coming with that “can’t turn whore into housewife” June Cleaver bullshit…unu tan deh!!!…suh housewife ano whore tuh??…same ting weh Tracey duh behind closed doors, housewife nuh dweet tuh?…unu come again wid summen different man…

        2. Lame like!..dem woulda rather greet them husband inna knee length dress and rollers inna them dry head insteada kitchen apron, high heel pumps and no brazier and panty…#2 leading cause of divorce…lame sex…Tracey, gwaan chu ya mumma…just stay clear of my man and we good… :nerd

  15. Yawdy a dat mi say too. Years later an dem still a suffa from Traceyitis. Goodly one a dem who smile wid di Champion when dem see har too. Cause dem bitta like dat. Kmt

  16. @Cita, not even cinkle-bible bitta like dem. Cause a di fuss ting dem ago cuss di uman bout she caan breed, like a she mek harself..Nuff a dem breed and dem is NO mada at all..DAM DAAG SHIT DEM, SOME A DEM BREED AND STILL A RAFFLE BELLY, UNU STINK LIKE LIKE, LOWW DI UMAN. Its been years and she still a give unu heartburn.

  17. Highly….some a dem a surrogate. Cause dem only carry di child but dem is no mother. Kmt. Dem need fi loww Tracey cause Tracey nuh see dem all now. She’s a hoe. She’s a mule. She’s a dutty sell pussy dance hall skettel…..yet she a give dem headache. Den what if she wasn’t all of that….What if she was a nice sweet innocent christian girl…..dem woulda end up pon 6th floor. Kmt.

  18. International whore tracey not giving no one heart burn she f**k out dancehall nobody no grudge har fi har dun out hole, tracey me see you a alantic city years ago with a white man and me just could a tell say a pussy you did a sell

    1. Talk di truth an free yuh mind cah Tracey ah stress yuh wid har look good self. Nuh worry bout di mileage pon har hole, cah she still in demand. Memba seh if yuh decide fi sell pums hunga woulda kill yuh. Gwaan guh read di medication label good pon di nitroglycerine pill dem weh docta gi yu fi chest pain. Ah nuh Tracey fault why yuh nuh tan good.

  19. Anon @ 8:21pm, she still a bloodclaate give u agida cause a di same tiad sell pum-pum argument u deh pon..My gurl buy some tums or di purple pill nexium, it will ease u heartburn. U bitta bad.


  21. Blessed Birthday Ms Champion! Don’t know her, but I see her when I travel to NY or Florida. Regardless of her age, she is stunning, exotic and beautiful in my opinion! Bless!

  22. All of you who are cursing this lady should be ashamed. My God in heaven you guys sound so hateful. God is love.if you love God then you have ought to be spreading positivity. she might have not lived a perfect life and made mistakes and poor choices but who are you all to be judging and disecting the woman’s life. My God heaven have Mercy fathet God.

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