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  1. Looks like Macka a lose her hairline. Result of nuff lacefront and weaves.. Even glue. Macka cut everything off and start from scratch. Make a nice expensive wig with bangs feh rock so you can treat you edges with Jamaican castor oil. You can mix it with Shea butter even better. Do that and trust me your hair will grow back. This hair pic is not cute and I’ve seen your hair look better

  2. She needs vitamins like Boitin and water and her edges will grow back. Plus as woman get old there hair thins as well so this might be as also. I don’t think she has to cut anything off.. Two weeks of biotin 5000mcg and she will look better..

  3. Hairline? I swear de baldness exceeds the “hairline” de oman bald headed from the hairline (-.5) all the waaaaaaay back.

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