Subject: Prostituting jamaican butch community

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i live in Florida and for years i have been traveling to maxfeild in Kingston Jamaica and pretending that i am rich in order to have sex with the young butch community and prostitute them to other American men. i want to confess because it has been year that i have been doing this i even have pictures and videos to prove what i am saying is true. please help me clear my heart and come clean to these butch.

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  1. God have granted you full access to him through the blood of Jesus. You don’t have to confess to no man woman or website in order to be forgiven. You are tink you smart (in my Dutty Berry voice) DWL MET please to suppress whatever so call evidence this sender might have.

  2. You a confess or you a inform bitch? Are these pics you claim you have of you doing the BUSH or what?? You sound lonely now, wah happen you mouth can’t handle the sucking no more?

  3. This bitch need to go jump off a building. Yuh didn’t know that was wrong from the beginning .. Aint nobody prayin for yur azz yuh pray for yur self. And come clean to these girls yuh a demons go seek help..

    1. Amen! Yu a man or rass oman, Jamaican or Yankee? How yu fi a prostitute out butch to men? Fix yu story and as sexy sey go kill yu self.

  4. Senda… man! First,.. what do you mean….
    Yo know wha, mi not even ago comment. Because If I do, I would be buying into the Fukkry!

    Real Talk 😡

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